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Europe » Italy » Liguria July 29th 2009

Two things we first noticed about Italy, a) the terrain is extremely hilly (Jonesy’s nightmare) and b) the tolls they charge for using the motorways are extortionate. After emptying our pockets of what Euros we had left, we arrived in Lerici only to be turned away from the first campsite that we came across. Thankfully they did, as we then went to a beautiful campsite on the top of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. We also had access to a private swimming location..... where the sea lapped up against a rocky outcrop. Not only that but also a small sandy beach with crystal clear waters was a small walk away. We spent 3 nights here in total soaking up the small town atmosphere within the Italian Riviera, swimming, sunbaking, and relaxing after the past couple ... read more
View from mountain over Lerici
Lerici town at night
Gelati in Vernazza

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Benicasim July 20th 2009

We arrived in Benicassim slightly worse for wear, still feeling the affects of our massive night with the gang in Pamplona. Upon arrival at the Benicassim Festival campsite we were greeted by the most useless staff you could ever imagine. Trying to get directions to where the campervan section was, was like pulling teeth. Even the “information” booth had no idea. After many failed attempts at finding where we were to set up camp, we came across a security guard who finally knew what was going on. He pointed across the dry, baron, hot, dusty land to a wide open field and advised us that this is the campervan site. We had never seen a more desolate piece of land in our lives. Plant a few cactus and imagine tumbleweeds spinning over the ground and the ... read more
Silent Disco - yewwww!!
View for the ballet on top of the tractor
Trolley travel

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián July 12th 2009

We arrived in San Sebastian on Monday the 6th July to some dreary wet weather..... most unexpected on our Summer European Trip. After attacking the mountainous road that lead to our campsite, we set up and chilled out for the afternoon, eagerly awaiting Scott and Emma’s arrival from Belgium that night. We waited and waited and waited until eventually falling asleep. Scott and Emma turned up at around 1am after a nightmare 12 hour drive. Scotty had also been the victim of an unfortunate mud slide knee to the left eye incident only the day before at the Rock Werchter festival they were attending. Making the 12hr slog that more difficult with clear vision from only one eye. But nonetheless they arrived safe and sound, and after exchanging a few stories we all hit the sack ... read more
Man shot, with a dude we met in San Seb camping Ground (Mike)
Emma and her Pinxtos
Smash em up Scotty....

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 5th 2009

As predicted we arrived in Madrid to a very warm welcome.” Spicy” i believe was the word we used for the last 6 days in Madrid. Temps were very similar to Brisbane summer but damn the sun really had a nasty bite to it. Especially seeing as though we were actually camping 40km out of Madrid in the desert! Yes literally in the desert with huge rocky mountains right behind us. Therefore it was scorching during the day at the campsite but extremely cool at nightime - great for sleeping! The campsite was dead for most of the week but come the weekend it was packed. There were heaps of young people there but unfortunately none that spoke English that we could party with! However, late Saturday night three Spanish amigos arrived right next to us ... read more
Plaza Mayor in centre of Madrid
Suz and the bulls after a little embarrassing moment....sorry can't be told on public blogs
Statue at the entrance to the Royal Palace

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 29th 2009

We drove into our campsite about 30km North of Barcelona on Tuesday the 16th June in the arvo. We went directly poolside, then bulked up on a “home” cooked meal and had a good sleep, in preparation for our “perfect” day planned in Barcelona on Wednesday. Wednesday morning we woke at 6am to leave by 7.30am to ride about 1km from the campsite to the train station for a nice air-conditioned ride into Barcelona. We arrived in Placa de Catalunya (main centre of Barcelona) and headed straight for our first perfect stop.....freshly brewed coffee! After sussing out the tourist office, we had our plan mapped out for the day. We headed down Las Rambla (the main outdoor shopping road - like London’s Oxford Street I guess!) and into the delectable fresh food market. Seriously Brisbane needs ... read more
Suz practising and wishing she could go to a big Spanish carnival
Vincey outside the market
Seafood anyone

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice June 14th 2009

Nice beaches are beautiful..... shame about the stones though! But the crystal blue waters more than make up for this. After training it into the city centre we headed straight for the lookout, Mount Boron, we managed to miss the bus by seconds from the city and the next one was in an hour, so we decided to walk it, with a finishing hike up the many stairs. But the views were more than worth it, as you can see from the photos below. We ate our packed lunch up the top, precariously perching our butts on top of quite a high wall...which to Suz’s amusement made me considerably uneasy. I think I may be developing a fear for heights in my old age. We trekked back down and headed to the Aldstadt (old town) to ... read more
And again
Enjoying the view from up high
Beautiful water

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice June 12th 2009

So the next stop on our one summer journey was meant to be the gorgeous Switzerland. It took us about 6 hours to drive a mere 100 or so kilometres mostly thanks to more frustrating driving through a major city to find a park near the tourist office so we could then locate the closest camp ground to town (for some free parking antics). Finally we found a park near a camp site only to be told to move on by an arrogant ghetto looking group of males proclaiming “this is my street and I’ll call the cops if you stay”. SO we had had enough and decided to move on! Bern was out the window as we were more then p*#sed off with the whole day and situation. After reviewing the schedule that Vince had ... read more
....and those!?
......oh s*#t!
passed a beautiful lake at sunset along the way

Middle East » Turkey June 9th 2009

As we climbed the mountains into the Black Forest we were stunned by its beauty and clearly so was Jonesy as he overheated and stopped midway up the mountain to take in the views himself - hahah! Great start hey!? Even better was that something was leaking from on the roadside Vince got down and dirty under the car. Vince taste tested the suspicious fluid and came to the conclusion that the sweet nectar was most likely water mixed with anti freeze in the oil. So after tirelessly working on pulling the rock shield away from the base of the engine, Vince was filthy hot and frustrated due to a single stubborn nut and bolt not coming undone. Before too long the mystic powers of fate brought a kind German cyclist to Jonesy’s door step...for ... read more
Schiltach views from our lunch bench
Under the grandstand cooling down at the F1
worlds biggest cuckoo clock #1

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Koblenz May 31st 2009

So we are currently in the car driving from Heidelburg to the Black Forest, so just an update on the last few days in Germany. Our first stop in Germany was Cologne, or Koln as its said here. We arrived there at 2am in the morning, after the horrid fridge day we just wanted to get to Germany so we drove late at night after dinner and a rest. We had 1 full day in Cologne, first stop was the Schokoladen Museum (aka Lindt city yummm!!) The museum part was kind of boring but the Lindt factory part was great! Not enough taste testing if you ask me, but the smell of the Lindt chocolate and watching the lindt balls/truffles being made was agony - pure chocoholic nightmare! Got some pics for you too Dad - ... read more
Lindt bunnies
Giant lindt ball
Koln Dom

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 25th 2009

Well we certainly have some catching up to do then - yes Laura we know, you keen subscriber you!! heeheh...... we have since travelled through the Netherlands and are now free camping outside a camping ground 5km outside of Cologne (or Koln) in Germany. First stop was Den Haag, quite a large city about 2 hours south of Amsterdam. We drove around for about 2 hours trying to find a camping ground so that we could free camp outside of it. The most frustrating driving time we have had thus far. The GPS simply couldn’t take us where we needed to go, and with me driving, and Suz in the passenger seat.... well need I say more....? women and maps!!? Ha ha. We finally found a suitable camp site only to be told by our first ... read more
Escher Muesum
Escher Muesum
My new shoes

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