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Asia » Nepal » Gokyo Lakes March 14th 2014

12-14 March Days 8-10 Machherma(4470m) to Gokyo(4790m) via Gokyo Ri(5360m) to Dragnag(4700m) We set out from Machhermo after less than an inch of snow from the night before. The weather is clear and sunny and the clouds don’t set in until around 3pm today. The first 45 minutes or so were straight up hill again and then the next 1.5 hours were relatively flat. At this point we reached the river and a series of quite steep climbs up slate rock stairs that took around another hour. Then it was a 45 minute slog through snow to reach Gokyo. Suz and I were both feeling pretty flat today. It was probably our worst day yet in terms of our mind set, right next to day 1. I think the altitude is finally starting to catch up ... read more
red sunset Gokyo
Everest and Lhotse from Gokyo Ri
rock pyramid

Asia » Nepal » Dhole March 11th 2014

8-11 March Days 4-7 Namche Bazaar(3440m) via Khumjung(3780m) to Phortse Thanga(3680m) to Dhole(4110m) to Machherma(4470m) The weather today is pretty consistent with the trip so far, clear and sunny in the morning, but cold, it heats up at around perhaps 9am, and by about 10.30am the high peak clouds start rolling in, obscuring our view of the mountains somewhat. With the clouds comes the chilly winds. However if you can find reprieve from the wind and sit in the sun somewhere protected, it is possible to strip down to a t-shirt, well for me maybe, Suz maybe not so much. The first part of the day’s trekking involved a steep climb directly out of Namche up stone steps and through juniper bushes. It was then about an hour until we reached a magical location, my favourite ... read more
run down little stone shack
our favourite spot
yak having a rest

Asia » Nepal » Namche March 7th 2014

5-7 March Days 1-3 Lukla(2840m) to Pakding(2610m) to Namche Bazaar(3440m) It was up early to travel to the Kathmandu domestic airport with our guide Prakash (pronounced pra-kas). We arrived at 7.15am to commence the lottery that is the flight to Lukla. There are so many weather factors that can determine if you will be flying that day or not. In particular clouds, fog, wind, snow, and rain. Today it happened to be quite windy up at Lukla so flights were being delayed. Our flight ended up departing at around 10.30am, flying with Tara Air on an 18 seater twin prop sky bound tin box. The flight went without a hitch and lasted around 30 minutes. There was a bit of sway coming into Lukla from the wind, but the views of the Himalayas were stunning. Stepping ... read more
Everest with the clouds
nepal door

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal March 4th 2014

exchange rate $1AUD = 87NPR We departed Australia from the Gold Coast flying the no frills Air Asia. Our departure was made a little unpleasant thanks to a grumpy old customs lady that thought that if she explained the tax refund scheme rules louder and louder each time that we might understand what the hell she was getting at. Ahh love, why not just try saying it different next time as opposed to yelling it. The flight to KL was around 8 hours and went by quite quickly. I’m reading “Into Thin Air”, all about the 1996 Everest Disaster where many people were killed after being surprised and trapped by a raging storm, just to get me in the mood for our upcoming trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC). Surprisingly the Air Asia food was actually ... read more
father time
prayer wheels
once beard trim please!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Lutwyche February 2nd 2014

So just a few short weeks now until we fly out of Australia on our "yet to be named" 12 month trip. We thought of a great name for the trip about 4 months ago and we can't remember for the life of us what it actually was.... So hopefully it will come flooding back sometime soon. I've got lists upon list upon lists around the house and work at the moment. That would be my anal retentive Virgo gene coming out in me. But hey it pays to be organised when you are packing up your life for 12 months and hitting the road. I've got packing lists, to do lists, and then items on the to do list have sub to do lists. But we are both progressing through them well. It's incredible how ... read more
dolled up for our 30th party
the 30th cake
looking stunning and glamorous for a work christmas event

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane September 15th 2013

(a few more photos of our time between trips) We learnt a lot about how to travel sustainably from our 6 months “One Summer” van tour around Europe in 2009. I remember we went hell for leather in our first 6 weeks, so excited were we by the prospect of finding out what was just around the next corner that ultimately we forgot to stop and smell the roses. Reading our European blogs back over, it is quite easy to recognise the traveller’s burn out that we endured. We re-evaluated the way we were travelling a few times during our 6 months, and I remember at one point in Nice, France, we were close to packing it all in and returning to the UK. Thanks god we didn’t. I have read a lot of Travel Blog ... read more
Oh sh1t!
3 generations

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane September 15th 2013

(a few photos from our time between trips) When someone asks us why we want to go, well the answer is really quite easy…. Because the time is right! At this particular point in our lives, well the fact is that our lives couldn’t be any more perfect. We love each other dearly, we have a beautiful personal relationship with our 13 year old best friend, our dog, Bailey, with whom we are forever chatting to, we have a comfortable house in the heart of a gorgeous city, Brisbane. In fact, lying on our 3 seater couch, relaxing, watching television, Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong with any luck, with just the 3 of us in the room, is by far and away my favourite spot in the world. Our careers are really booming as well. Suz was ... read more
strike a pose
odds on favourite

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 2nd 2012

I write this blog almost 18 months after arriving home from Hong Kong, so am relying on my memory along with our photographic record of events. We took little to no diary notes during our 10 day stay. Something I now wished we were more diligent with at the time. I remember arriving into Hong Kong on the airplane and gazing out the windows at the lit skyline, it was late in the night on New Year's Day. We were both excited to be here in this international metropolis city and to the new experiences that it may bring with it. We grabbed a taxi to our hotel, we were staying at the highly recommended Lan Kwai Fong hotel in the middle of the bustling area of Soho. It was quite expensive at around $200 per ... read more
Awesome street food experience at temple night street markets
our favourite restaurant
view from the peak

Asia » Philippines » Boracay December 29th 2011

I must pre warn you that this blog is full or ranting and raving.... it is quite a negative blog, however wanted to include it as a) it happened.... and these things do happen on the road whilst travelling, to everyone, it’s not all beer and skittles b) we wanted to remember this day and be able to look back and laugh, because at the time it certainly wasn’t a laughing matter for us! The plan was to stay in the Philippines until the 9th of January and we had already pre booked flights from Cebu to Manila then onto Hong Kong from there. Flying back from Hong Kong to Brisbane via Manila and Singapore on the 12th of January...... Man how plans can change sometimes It all started back in Dumaguete. We hadn't packed any ... read more
a meal on the run
Time to party
Suz busting some moves

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor December 22nd 2011

I forgot to mention in the last blog that one of our big regrets was not hanging around longer to coincide with the whale shark snorkelling tour. But don’t worry we'll be sure to get back one day to tick that one off the list. Today was Suzanne's birthday, and was probably one to forget really as the entire day revolved around travelling from one place to the next, we caught the tricycle to Moalboal and from there a non-air conditioned bus down south to Bato. We then rode the ferry across to Dumaguete. We arrived at our accommodation for the night, and it wasn't at all pleasant. Although the good news was that there was no sign at all of the damage from the typhoon, and it didn't interrupt the tourist trail and infrastructure at ... read more
little catapillar wrapped in a sleep sheet in Dumaguete
our typical meal location at coco grove
just laze the days away at coco grove

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