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5th October 2014

Hoi An
Loving your SE Asian blogs and the photos in this one just remind me what a pretty and colourful place Hoi An was. After reading about your experiences with tailored clothing, was very glad I didn't go ahead and order a suit there after all though I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. Look forward to reading more about your adventures, take care and enjoy!
4th July 2014

you guys are finished with dentists and doctors poking you with prickly objects! Sounds like the 3-day Ha Long cruise was the way to go, nice shots. Glad you enjoyed your time in Ha Noi & Ha Long, hope you have a great time in Laos!
20th June 2014

Good job guys!
Excellent adventures and nice photos. Look forward to following along...
2nd July 2014

Thanks Nanci
Glad to hear you enjoyed the blog.... Its at that 3-4 month mark now where we all know it starts getting harder and harder to keep the blog updated, but we are trying! :)
18th June 2014
I want to ride my bicycle...

What a fantastic place and great blog! Love this picture too.
2nd July 2014
I want to ride my bicycle...

could be me entire trip favourite photo also!
Thanks Andrea... Hope the Aussies treated you well on your African overland adventure! Im sure they were always polite and introverted! :)
18th June 2014

Great Post!
You guys captured Hoi An so well in this post. We found oursleves nodding at both the photos and writing and laughing at the "atrocious singing". It was great meeting you guys - enjoy the rest of your travels!
2nd July 2014

Glad you loved Angkor as much as us!
Doing awesome at keeping your blog updated, well done! It seems we did the same elephant mahout training as you guys and stayed at the same park and accommodation as we saw your name and signature in the guest book. Pretty funny as you were there only a week or so before us. Luang Prabang blog is next on our list! Safe travels, can't wait to see where you ended up after your Hoi An rental ran out.
11th June 2014

great fun
keep safe and keep up the writing I am loving it totally envious love ya both
2nd July 2014

Well hello there stranger
Now I have your email address Ill send you an email on the latest.... send me one back!
24th May 2014

Ah HA!
You DID put the photo of the ant in the teeth in - I just hadn't seen it. Great post guys.
22nd May 2014

Happy anniversary!
Looks like you had a fab time cruising through the Mekong! And what a great way to spend your anniversary! And what can I say... gotta love the coconut candy - addicting! ;) Hope you'll enjoy yourselves in Hoi An as well. We loved its atmosphere and above all - its food! Cao Lau recommended... yum! All the best for your anniversary! Loved the photos!
2nd July 2014

Thanks Anna
Thanks for the anniversary well wishes! I think we overdosed on coconut candy, quick ill in the stomach at the thought of another one for a few weeks after. :) The Cao Lau was absolutely amazing, especially the street vendor stuff. Cant wait to try a few recipes out at home. It looks so simple! Has to be all in the sauce.....
22nd May 2014

cruising can tho wearing con las & eating coconut candy
It sounds like your anniversary was wonderful and so different from anything you have done before. I agree you will remember it for the rest of your lives. What an experience. You are winning me over with your stories of Vietnam, however, can't say the same for you know who??? Your favourite spot on the boat would have been mine too. Enjoy every minute. xxxxx
2nd July 2014

I don't believe it...!?
Surely the whole eating dog thing would win him over though right! ;)
19th May 2014
Window of emptiness - S-21

Fantastic photo!
I didn't see this wall/window when we were there...but I think I was a little overwhelmed so probably shut down a bit.
9th May 2014

Great and informative post - we look forward to talking with you about Cambodia on Sat night!
30th April 2014
I see you - looking into the beautiful big eye of a local Samui elephant

Ko Samui
Love this photo. Glad you had a good time. Must admit I had to laugh at your description of the beach entertainment and dogs. Great descriptions. I guess you picked the best spot and they wanted to join you. Keep on with Happy travels.
9th May 2014
I see you - looking into the beautiful big eye of a local Samui elephant

ele eye
yeah, although not an original idea, I have seen many elephant eyes and have always loved them..... glad we captured such a detailed one also...
29th April 2014

Beach etiquette
That always happens to us...people have the WHOLE beach to sit on and they come and sit right on top of us. There really should be mandatory beach etiquette lessons or guides distributed to people going to beaches!
9th May 2014

beach etiquette
I know right! You would think they would leave at least a 200m radius clear!? ;) One time in Greece, we were sitting on the beach and a bloke literally walked behind us ON TOP OF our towel, not around it, but on top of it. I almost knocked his block off......
29th April 2014

Relaxed to the max!
Sounds like a totally chilled out break (until the travel details!). Loved the food photos but was disappointed there weren't any sneaky pics of your two beach buddies :)
9th May 2014

2 fat ladies
ha ha. Yes we were going to put a photo up however we thought it may be somewhat inappropriate!? We have plenty on the iPhone though.
28th April 2014

Koh Samui
Very descriptive writing Suz; sounds like you 2 have had a wonderful time and I can't believe how cheap everything is. Sure can understand why folk want to travel o/s to south east Asia and not in Australia. When I compare what you are spending and what it cost us in Tasmania, there is no comparison.
9th May 2014

se asia travelling
For sure the dollar has its advantages, but it's the different culture, environment and food that really draws us here. Such beauty all around... Gonna have a lot of photos to choose from for our walls when we are home!

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