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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal December 17th 2011

Notes: Exchange Rate was P40 for $1AUD Vince says: We have been back home in Brisbane now for about 2 years so decided it was about time to get our butts back overseas as adventure was once again calling us. We knew we wanted to do a big trip in SE Asia in the years to come so weren’t too keen on seeing anything that we knew would feature in this extended trip. So it was actually Suz that came up with the idea of the Philippines. I sound surprised because, well frankly at the time, I was! Suz doesn’t plan, she has no interest in planning, she prefers to fly by the seat of her pants and let me do all the planning, as I love it! So for her to come up with this ... read more
contents of backpacks
35L packs
our room at White Beach

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Clapham October 17th 2009

So our final stop on this One European Summer was back to Amsterdam, but this time with Furby in toe. We dropped Furby in the middle of the city as he was keen to get out of Jonesy for a while and head to a backpackers. Between you and me though I'm pretty sure he just wanted free range of the coffee shops and red light district... oh well whilst in Rome! Suz and I went back to the camp site that we had stayed in previously just on the North edge of town. We hung around for a few days mainly hitting the coffee shops with Furby and getting our daily feed of Febo. Not a lot of culture happened over these last few days. However we did manage to catch up with my 'third ... read more
enjoying the canal sunshine
dinner and drinks with Kate and Corey
The Church with Scott, Em, Nov

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 9th 2009

Our little travelling party of 3 arrived in Berlin late Monday afternoon to the closest campsite…..30 minutes from the centre. It was ridiculously cold and we finally came to the realization that in the last 2 weeks temperatures had dropped so rapidly that although our “one summer” adventure continued, the summer part was definitely over. We blasted the heater and not an hour had passed when it suddenly stopped (this was not the first time though, as we had experienced this in short bursts previously!). We all panicked thinking we were going to freeze to death if the heater had broken. Luckily for us, that day the van was warm so we were ok for the time being, but come tomorrow we all prayed that heater would be on again. As usual that evening we had ... read more
Checkpoint Charlie
Berlin street side
Vince standing across from the Berlin wall

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Auschwitz October 4th 2009

After packing up (which took forever in a slightly hungover state) we were in desperate need of greasy food! We made it onto the highway where we saw a glimmering sign, which was like a mirage in the desert, reading “K F C”. As we came so close to this glorious little find we veered off on the road, only to realise we had taken the wrong exit and were headed onto another highway. Tempers roared as Vince swore like a trooper and yelled in pain at the hunger that was fuelling his rage. After driving for another 20 minutes (in the wrong direction mind you) it seemed like a lifetime until we finally made it back to the start and into the KFC. More drama followed as we entered the KFC with not a skerrick ... read more
Chilling images of the surroundings
Inside the Auschwitz 1 camp
Signs and towers warning of death if you try to escape

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town October 1st 2009

Sunday morning we started the drive to Prague. It was quite a way to go in old Jonsey so for the sake of him and our boredom levels we decided to break the journey up and sleep at a roadstop that night. Monday we woke up early and continued our drive. As we crossed the Czech border it wasn't border control or signs that alerted us to the new country but the horrible bumpy roads! As we made our way to the campsite we bounced and jumped and banged in pot holes that littered every inch of the roads. After going on the longest wild goose chase due to never ending roadworks, finally we made it to the campsite, only to see that it was closed for the year and when we checked the GPS we ... read more
The intricate clock
Stunning street scape
The astronomical clock up close

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 26th 2009

We drove for about 3 hours on the Monday night to get some of the chunk of the 5 hour drive to Munich out of the way. Come Tuesday morning we left early to drive the last 2 hours so we could get to the airport before Furby with a big warm welcome for him. Typical Murphy’s law the only times we have deadlines to get to places we are held up by a massive traffic jam. We edged through the traffic oh so slowly and finally when it cleared we bolted to the airport. We arrived at the airport with 35 minutes to spare - pheww! So we casually went to check where the arrivals were and it was then we found out Furby’s flight had already landed! So off we bolted again, scurrying to ... read more
Anyone for VERY  large weiner or schnitzel?
One of the many beer halls
Oktoberfest pin up girl he he

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 22nd 2009

We said our very sad farewell to the beaches and headed off to Budapest, Hungary. Thanks to a hot tip from two of our great friends from the Croatia sail we got into Budapest Friday night and parked in a fantastic central spot in the city for free! We set up as much as you can when you’re free camping, had a wander around the streets to stretch our legs and settled in for the weekend. Saturday morning we jumped on the metro and 4 stations later we were smack bang in the heart of Budapest. Our first stop was to find a shower! So off to a local hostel we went and used their facilities to get ourselves fresh and ready for the day ahead. It sounds funny but hostels really don’t mind, and for ... read more
suz at the buda castle
a view of pest from the buda castle
vince at the wine festival

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split September 11th 2009

We found a nice big campsite about 10km outside of Split. Our pitch was located right next to a very calm and shallow bay. We spent the next 2 days catching up on some much needed clothes washing, going shopping in Split Centre (for my upcoming birthday presents and cake!) and also catching up on skype. Friday 28th August was my birthday! I awoke to a fully cooked hearty breakfast from my lovely wife, complete with a beautifully presented set table including a central floral arrangement (well a single flower and some shrubbery in a plastic cup) and folded napkins. Suz had gone to a lot of effort with what she had to work with! After devouring almost three pigs worth of bacon it was present opening time. A brand new t-shirt and a nice new ... read more
my hand made birthday card (leaf)
mmmmmm b'day cake
WOW check out the size of that Lobster!

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 26th 2009

We touched down in Milan and picked up Jonesy after his lonely 2 weeks sitting in the airport carpark. It took us 4 hours to drive to Venice where we found a quiet free camping spot for the night (there was no point checking in to the camp ground as it was already 10.30pm after all). The next morning we hit the camp site, set up, and then caught the 11am ferry across to Venice proper. Our first impressions of Venice were everything you would imagine, picturesque canals, old-world bridges and charming shops down every lane and around every corner. After checking out St Marks Square (San Marco Square) we caught another ferry down the Grand Canal and got off at the famous Pont Rialto (a beautiful bridge spanning the Canal). From there we lost ourselves ... read more
Arriving into the canals of Venice
San Marco Square

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 13th 2009

We checked in for our flight with Sleasy Jet at around 10am. After their usual delays, we were finally lined up to board the fight (i swear i’ve never been on an Easy Jet flight that is actually on time)! As we were standing in line I saw another couple that looked like our kind of people. Mid twentyish, friendly, trendy, fun (you know everything we are hahahahah!!). Before i continue I would like to explain to you a thing we were taught and so now refer to as “couple flirting”. Basically it seems couples (generally the girls do it more!) suss out other couples, how similar they are, if they look like they want to be friends etc. After weighing up whether or not the other couple makes the cut, you position yourself so you ... read more
Ancient Roman Forum
Temple of Haydes
Vince overlooking Athens

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