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Vanessa Wilson

Central America Caribbean » Nicaragua February 5th 2012

Written Feb 13/2012 So my trip has ended and now as I am here at home with this crappy snow falling, I guess I should finish this blog and post my pictures. My trip ended with another sleepless night at the hotel in Managua. It was Friday night and somewhere down the road was obviously a big outdoor of dance party. All night right all you could hear was music and the DJ yelling in Spanish. When I left for the airport at 4:15 am this was STILL going on. Nuts! The driver was late for picking me up to take me to the airport and I was already pissed at him, (Jose) the same guy that was supposed to take me to Granada and then switched with his brother, so with already two sleepless nights ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Nicaragua February 3rd 2012

Granada So amazing wish I had another few days to explore. There is too much too do and see that you can't do it all in one day. Went to the market in Masaya on the way to Granada. It is in the remains of what looks to be some old town square. Not quite sure as the driver didn't speak a word of English. The driver/guide that I was supposed to go with arrived here and said that his brother was taking me instead. Seems as though that always happens here. Everyone has a brother that ends up doing the job. Anyhow the market is huge. And very cheap as far as arts and crafts go for tourists. The farther you get into the market the cheaper it seems to get. However, it is like ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Nicaragua February 2nd 2012

Very quick recap way too much to write and I am not feeling well. Leon- amazing old city in rubble. Did tour, glad I did. Saw art school where they try to teach young kids to paint and music and I believe some English. I saw cathedrals. Won't name them all. Went to a fort out if town where the dictator government of 40 years took people to torture and murder them. The last tortures took place in 1979. They took us on top of the fort as it is kinda in a hill, we didn't go in, they took us to see the beautiful view as you can see all of Leon and the Volcanos from there. Our last stop was another place where the dictator took people to torture them. They now have it ... read more

Just a quick note. Came to Leon today and stopped in to an internet cafe to use a real computer. Only have a few minutes on this as I have to catch a tour of the History and Revolution in a few minutes. It is in English. I thought it is better to do that than wonder around the city not knowing anything as not many speak English at all and definately no signage in English. I really think that they have not seen to many red-headed blue eyed people here as I feel like I am being constantly started at. Another traveller mentioned to wear a hat keep my sunglasses on. I do know how to say Espousea es Canada now. (sp?) But I think the most dangerous thing around here is still the crossing ... read more

Last night at the island the night guard didn't show up until late (around 8:30) The sun goes down early so it's dark around 6:30 and you need electricity ie: power, lights They have solar panels and have power all the time from the panels, however it has been broken and the part coming from Miami has not yet arrived. So the night guard starts up the diesel generator when he shows up and we have power for a few hours. Anyhow dinner was no problem. I had ordered earlier and only ordered cabbage salad. I can only take so much grease, which all of what the food is, good but prepared in grease. The cook doesn't get in until after I get up in the morning so I usually just go in the kitchen house ... read more

Oceania January 29th 2012

Tonight is my third and final night here at the Surfing Turtle. Last night again the waves woke me up twice. I'm not complaining like it's a bad thing that's for sure. Just so loud it takes getting used to. Like one of those sound machines on high volume that you can't turn off. Was so hot today I'm sure plastic would have melted in the sun. The sand walking to the water burns your feet so you have to run cause the flip flops hold the sand in. A couple showed up with their dog and the dog wouldn't go with them, it was too hot on her feet. They coaxed her over and she yelped all the way it was burning her paws. Once you get near the wet sand your okay, dry stuff ... read more

Well I wanted beach, hot, sun and all alone. Ask and you shall receive. I can't describe how beautiful this country is so far. Landed in Managua the capital city. Nicaragua is the safest country in central America. However they say the roads are dangerous. Yes I can see why, not because of speed and congestion like I thought. It was slow driving, dogs, bikes, cows, horse drawn wagons with loads of all sorts of thing, trucks with people piled up on top, and even horses roaming randomly about. I can't believe all the horses roaming everywhere like they belong to no one. So strange. Eden's mouth would drop open. Saw Mombotombo from the air as we came in as well as on the way to Poneloya, however you can't really not see it. It's huge ... read more
Veiw from my Cabana
Most of pictures are of the deserted beach

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