Very hot here

January 29th 2012
Published: January 30th 2012
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Tonight is my third and final night here at the Surfing Turtle. Last night again the waves woke me up twice. I'm not complaining like it's a bad thing that's for sure. Just so loud it takes getting used to. Like one of those sound machines on high volume that you can't turn off. Was so hot today I'm sure plastic would have melted in the sun. The sand walking to the water burns your feet so you have to run cause the flip flops hold the sand in. A couple showed up with their dog and the dog wouldn't go with them, it was too hot on her feet. They coaxed her over and she yelped all the way it was burning her paws. Once you get near the wet sand your okay, dry stuff you can't lay on. Was too hot to do much but relax and nap, and nap and nap again. Went on my seashell treasure hunt and around 6pm sat in the sand and dug my legs down in. It's not too hot at that time but still very warm. A nice spa oven sand wrap while I watched the sunset over the ocean.


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