Las Penitas

Published: January 31st 2012
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Last night at the island the night guard didn't show up until late (around 8:30) The sun goes down early so it's dark around 6:30 and you need electricity ie: power, lights They have solar panels and have power all the time from the panels, however it has been broken and the part coming from Miami has not yet arrived. So the night guard starts up the diesel generator when he shows up and we have power for a few hours. Anyhow dinner was no problem. I had ordered earlier and only ordered cabbage salad. I can only take so much grease, which all of what the food is, good but prepared in grease. The cook doesn't get in until after I get up in the morning so I usually just go in the kitchen house and start the gas stove and heat a pot of water for my instant Sanka coffee. I'm quite proud of myself for not having burnt down the place. I was pretty certain it was gonna happen sooner or later. Let's just say it wouldn't pass ANY type of inspection at home. I then saw all the grease everything is cooked in. Oil everywhere, and cardboard boxes etc under the gas stove. Even the gallo pinto (rice and beans are greasy). I'm also glad I cant eat dairy or eggs. Not that the eggs were ever stored in the fridge but its pretty damn hot in there and outside and of course i mentioned no electicity which means no refrigeration...right? Not that whatever the dairy stuff on the shelf was ever in the fridge to begin with. Anyhow they already think I'm strange when they see me going back and forth from the beach to my cabana, all giddy and smiles, with my handfuls of shells everyday, So ordering just cabbage and carrots for supper they just rolled their eyes at me. I'm sure had I said, fry it por favor, maybe they would have nodded in approval of my dinner selection. Again with the waves waking me a few times in the night and i could see s few times the watchmans flashlight pointing around. Poachers take the turtle eggs and then will try to resell them back to reserves etc. Apparently they will still hatch. But it brought me to the thought in the middle of the night what happens if poachers do come? Does he have to sick the dogs on them, does he have a weapon? I was hoping for the later. I went with that idea and it helped me fall back asleep. Then up early to pack. Line up my shell collection and decide which of the extra pretty ones are lucky enough to get chosen to come home with me. Poor Eden, they all go in her 'beach' themed bathroom. Good-bye to my friend pappas (means potatoes) the only cat on the island. Then horse and wagon down to the water then motor boat to the main land where I caught the local bus to Las Penitas. Only 20 Cordoba (Nica currency which is a little under a dollar)The place here is nice. But again, I am the only guest! Not that it is a big place or anything. Only a few Cabanas. How many times did I say I wanted to be totally alone? I hope not too many at this point. Travelling alone is nice yes, but after a while total seclusion is enough. The beach here is much the same as the last. Lots of shells and all to myself. I would be more surprised to see a person on the beach at this point then to find an unusually rare shell or message in a bottle or something. Above my hammock outside my cabana is a papaya tree with fruit hanging off of it. However, it doesn't look ripe yet. If it was there would have to be a shake down. There is also a huge painted lady butterfly, the kind that looks like it has large eyes on the wings ( i think that it is what it's called, Eden learned about that when she was in grade 3) to ward off predators. It isn't going anywhere. It is stuck trying to get out by the bathroom window. So I'll wait unil my camera is charged and get a good picture before I help it out. Just deciding if I want to go to Leon tomorrow and see some actually people and have a tour of the old town or go to on a mangrove canoe ride through the nature reserve or Mombotombo up close, or if father away is good enough for me.
I guess I'll see when I wake up. Either way I'm gonna have a great sleep. I can only faintly hear the ocean waveshave this place has windows with these fabulous wooden shutters on them.


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