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13th July 2019
Mango and charcoal gelato

Living the life
I'll pass on the motorcycle ride but yes this looks fantastic. I'm glad you didn't wake up the dog! and... love the backroads of dirt. Be careful.
13th July 2019
Accommodation you could stay at forever

Peace and Serenity
This looks fantastic.
13th July 2019
Mountain top farming

A beautiful country. You make us want to go back. Had to laugh at your bliss of the air conditioning. So many miles so little time.
13th July 2019

Call Alfredo
Sounds like a great trip. We may need to call Alfredo and follow in your footsteps. Love hearing about the tribes.
13th July 2019

We loved the Philippines and would love to go back
We did not visit this area. .... so we must go back.
11th July 2019
The most iconic image of Sagada

No matter where one is from this looks like a place where silent reflection should be the only sound.
9th July 2019

K2 Hostel
Hi Guys- how did you book a room at the hostel? Thanks'Gill
9th July 2019

We didn't
We just turned up. It's busy but its a massive Chinese affair so likely usually have a bed, That said with that many people staying there it must be possible to book in advance as not all could be walk ins
27th June 2019

The Mighty Manila
We stayed 4 nights and really enjoyed the city. Rich in history, warm people and nice day trips close by.
27th June 2019

Classic travel journeys
You traveled amazing highways and scenic dirt paths. Your love of dangerous road and mighty mountains world wide have made for fantastic blogs... and life experiences. Life is not about gathering things but those amazing experiences that no one can take from you.
28th June 2019

Wise words
Those are wise words indeed MJ (and the first part very kind!)
27th June 2019

Slow travel
Ugh, 6 hours in a slow taxi. Glad your new friend was in the back seat with you. You continue to see all those small amazing backroad towns. Bravo.
25th June 2019

Stone cities
The history of civilisations of antiquity I find exhilarating. China has so many ancient civilisations where evidence is here and there. I have seen evidence of the Shang in Henan and Sanxingdui in Sichuan Provence (Bronze Age). Do you know the civilisation in Xinjiang that built this stone city?
26th June 2019

Good question
That's a good question DD. The info we got there just talked in Dynasties (as the Chinese tend to do), so we only know it dates from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). Tashkurgan has an interesting history have been the Captital of Western Regions at one stage and a kingdom of the Pamir Mountains at another. The name Tashkurgan means "Stone Fortress" or "Stone Tower" in the Turkic languages, a nod to another part of its past.
25th June 2019

Thanks Ladies
Really enjoyed your Pakistan blog.
19th June 2019

Trust issues
We certainly understand your hesitance to trust. Sounds like things are going well. Hope Marie's stomach is ok for the remainder of the trip.
18th June 2019
The highest road border crossing in the world,

High in China
Glad you have another boarder crossing under your belt.
18th June 2019
The highest road border crossing in the world,

That's the special moments
that we all love :-)
18th June 2019
Hitching a lift to the border

Love your stories
What a great trip.
18th June 2019

Creative and artistic
Beautifully decorated. Very cool.
16th June 2019

Crossing the border
Definitely one of the most arduous border crossings I have read. This pic sums it up nicely! Luckily I was not with you, as you probably would have been arrested.
18th June 2019

Very true
haha how very true Dancing Dave!
12th June 2019

Fabulous pics of gaudy trucks lined up at the Pakistan/China border. Must have made your sojourn in Sost quite surreal. I've posted some of your pics in TB's "Follow that Road" thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.

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