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5th October 2019

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3rd October 2019

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30th September 2019
Out the Front Door:  cow butt, motorcycle, auto rickshaw .

I love this typical scene...
One of our hotels in India (in Mysore) was in a small local neighborhood, and the houses had a very similar look and feel to this housing development. Even though it was a hike to get anywhere, we really loved and valued the experience of being able to walk around freely and absorb the locality. Hope you can win over the two snarly dogs too :)
30th September 2019
Out the Front Door:  cow butt, motorcycle, auto rickshaw .

So True
Sometimes I think I see a totally different side of India when I live in a place like this for awhile. People emerge as individuals, each with a story, and I appreciate the diversity and sharing that inevitably happens.
24th September 2019

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Nothing like driving into oncoming traffic to get your blood flowing! I must say, your driving partners have a weird sense of humor... Looking forward to your next adventure:-)
29th September 2019

Blood Flow
Yeah, a little too much flow for me. Actually this is a typical maneuver, usually done on roads where drivers aren’t traveling so fast, and only for very short distances. thanks for the comment, Roger!
23rd September 2019

Yay you survived!
Lovely photos. Enjoying your blog as usual. Have fun.
24th September 2019

Thanks for the comment, and thanks for coming along Lynette!
20th September 2019

Staying Alive
I love the great stories and fabulous pictures ... so stay ALIVE ! I would advise taking a bike, but that didn't work out very well either . Be safe.
20th September 2019

Still alive
Thanks for the comment Fred. Something tells me I have many more rides ahead of me. And I’ll be alive for all of them.
20th September 2019

I think those beautiful multi-colored horses protected you.
20th September 2019

Horse Protection
No doubt, the horses called and then protected me!
10th September 2019

Auroville residents
I had been really looking forward to chatting to some residents - there had been a suggestion of this, but for reasons no one could explain, that didn't eventuate. I was, and still am, quite curious amount communities such as this. If we return to that part of the world I hope we can explore and get a better understanding of it :)
8th September 2019

We visited Auroville but unfortunately most of it was closed for a holiday or occasion, and the impression I left with wasn't hugely positive. I couldn't quite get my head around the Matrimandir - I just couldn't get the imagery of a huge gold golf ball out of my head :) I would have loved to experience the inside though... 'until someone belches, or sneezes, or farts' Hahaha :D
9th September 2019

Getting to Know Auroville
I know what you mean about impressions of Auroville. It’s not really meant to be a tourist destination, and it’s difficult to get to know the place with less than a two weeks’ visit. Last January I spent most of my time getting lost on the roads and retracing my path and trying to find the cafes hidden among the trees. This time I know more about the roads so I can find places more easily. And the golf ball is rather strange. Aurovillians are free to visit in the afternoon for hours a time, but visitors can only stay for about 20 minutes initially. But well worth the extra time and effort to get inside. Hope you have time to linger next visit and get more of a positive feel for the place!
7th September 2019

Wow...from the peace of the golden dome to the scary fury of the storm. Some of these photos looks very Meow-Wolf-like. Fascinating. Hope your phone did survive.
9th September 2019

Auroville Contrasts
Hi Vicki, thanks for the comment. Yeah you never know when you’ll find a car stuck into the earth or a huge rock with a big hole carved out of it, perfect for framing portraits of people. Art is everywhere, and it’s not conventional at all. I think my phone survived, just a few slow functions now. Or maybe it’s just me. I think I’ll go for another sound bath this week, but this time I’ll bring my bicycle light! thanks for traveling with me, and your comment! T
7th September 2019

I am still surprised that the whole world is your home and that you still enjoy traveling! Good for you.
7th September 2019

Never done traveling
Traveling seems to be embedded in my DNA. I’ll continue as long as I can! Thanks for the comment, Joan!
7th September 2019

So long ago!
1974! You were a sojourner even back then. We met probably in 1979 and I enjoyed our early friendship. Thank you for sharing your story here.
7th September 2019

Young sojourner
I was young and bright-eyed and naive way back then—and I’ve carried a lot of that enthusiasm forward in my travels. Thanks for the comment Alan!
7th September 2019

Auroville looks like an amazing experience!
7th September 2019

Yeah, you can make it really amazing if you want it!

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