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1st December 2019
Terry all pinned up in a sari

You look lovely in that sari Terry! I'm so happy to hear it held together for that long :)
1st December 2019
Terry all pinned up in a sari

Thanks so much. It was almost like a second skin—bound to me until it was time to shed it.
29th November 2019

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17th November 2019

More wow!
Ceremonies, dancing, food, colors....more wonderful adventures in your journey. I love reading about them and seeing the photos. Travel on, Traveling Terry!
17th November 2019

I just love the invitations you get Terry! They lead you on the best adventures :)
18th November 2019

I seem to stumble into a lot of them, too!
29th October 2019

As plans go...
I'm very curious about the warning from the priest. I adore monkeys, but the macaques in India were particularly I can totally understand your hesitation. I fell in love with the green mango with salt and chilli snack in Thailand - but I have to wash off about 50% of the salt first :)
3rd November 2019

Priestly warning
I was curious about the warning also! I don’t think it was about monkeys. As for the mango, the salt completely overpowered any flavor from the mango, which was about as hard as a rock!
25th October 2019

Juvenile delinquents
Monkeys may be cute, but they are really just furry juvenile delinquents. And I think monkeys around temples are bolder, probably because they figure not one will hurt them.
25th October 2019

JD Monkeys
Yes they are deities here. People feed them also. The population at this temple seemed to be way out of control.
15th October 2019

Thanks Terry for sharing. I love reading about your travels.
13th October 2019

I laughed out loud at this! I'm half Tamil but I don't speak the language... however I do know some swear words, and I think Anand might have thought Okra sounded a lot like 'Otha'! I'm so glad he felt comfortable enough to tell you :)
13th October 2019

Essential knowledge
Ren I’m so glad you know the proper form of the swear word so I can get it perfect next time!
9th October 2019

Trusting the Process
...of travel into who-knows-what. Another great adventure, Terry. I felt like I was in the bus with you. So much great description. I really enjoyed the "man noises" coming from the crowd of card players. Travel on! And thanks for recording it for us.
10th October 2019

Man noises
I almost wanted to join the card players and make a few noises too. Thanks for riding along, Vicki!
5th October 2019

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3rd October 2019

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30th September 2019
Out the Front Door:  cow butt, motorcycle, auto rickshaw .

I love this typical scene...
One of our hotels in India (in Mysore) was in a small local neighborhood, and the houses had a very similar look and feel to this housing development. Even though it was a hike to get anywhere, we really loved and valued the experience of being able to walk around freely and absorb the locality. Hope you can win over the two snarly dogs too :)
30th September 2019
Out the Front Door:  cow butt, motorcycle, auto rickshaw .

So True
Sometimes I think I see a totally different side of India when I live in a place like this for awhile. People emerge as individuals, each with a story, and I appreciate the diversity and sharing that inevitably happens.

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