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13th March 2022

How can you explain the concept of food baffles?
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14th March 2022

food baffles
Hi, I think your comment is rhetorical, so I won't try to respond in any way. But if there is a question you want me to answer, perhaps you can give a little more detail in your question so I understand better and can respond. Thanks for commenting!
From Blog: Food Baffles
22nd February 2022

these blog get me back to the old days of kerala,these are the days people were young and fun hawaiistore
18th March 2020

Great story
What a good job...Hope you'll be able to bring him to see him!
19th March 2020

Indian Street dog in Aztec?
Thanks Jim. Don’t know what will happen. But it’s all for the best. Maybe he’ll bless the perfect Indian family.
24th February 2020
Terry and Buddy out for an evening ride

I'm going to edit that and say 'both your faces' :D
23rd February 2020
Terry and Buddy out for an evening ride

Awww that face!
This is the most adorable thing I've seen in a long time! x
23rd February 2020
Terry and Buddy out for an evening ride

Adorable Face
My face or his? We look kind of similar I think. Thanks for your comment!
23rd February 2020

Buddy Love
Terry I read this post with such mixed emotions. Regardless of how the story ends, Buddy knows he is loved and that is everything! He had the most beautiful eyes. I'm not sure if you've seen an Australian Kelpie - there are many similarities to Buddy. We have two red and tan Kelpies, and Buddy could easily pass for a cream Australian Kelpie cross :)
23rd February 2020

Australian kelpie cross—from now on, that’s his breed—if anyone asks. Thanks for your comment. Mixed emotions indeed. I could hardly write the piece.
22nd February 2020

Showing love to the lowest of the low, a street dog will, I believe...
cause some people to stop and reflect. One of the elders in our church is a vet, and he is going to India to take care of animals there. How a society takes care of animals is a reflection of how they take care of people. Thanks for writing about you and Buddy!
23rd February 2020

This boy is still so trusting and friendly despite the life he’s had on the street. Thanks for your comment.
22nd February 2020

The heart of Buddy
Lovely story about your connection to the amazing Buddy. He is a very lucky dog, indeed. I hope you find a happy place for him.
23rd February 2020

Thanks Vicki. Two hearts. All about two hearts.
30th January 2020

Hang in there Terri. I'm praying for you and for Buddy too. Could he have a sponsor in the states? Is there a Soi Dog foundation there? They rescue dogs in southeast asia. Thanking of you and missing you. Kristie.
31st January 2020

Thanks so much Kristie. I’ve tried a couple routes for support. It seems that much more effort goes toward helping the “pedigree” dogs. I did contact one rescue organization a couple times and received no response. Could be back to the streets for this boy. I’m trying to get him stronger so he has a chance in his old home neighborhood.
29th January 2020

Thanks so much for caring...
and I wish the best for you and Rescue Dog.
29th January 2020

Thanks. We need all the supportive energy we can get!!
28th January 2020

On a more serious note
The dog story is good, but it got me thinking...the dogs I have had...and it's been a few always liked grain and milk or almost anything with milk...your dealing with a upset stomach too...something to try anyway...have fun! jim
29th January 2020

Buddy seems to like curd on rice, a popular food for many dogs in India. With added benefit of no lactose which could upset the tummy. But I’ll give anything that won’t make him puke!
28th January 2020 dog food in India!
28th January 2020

Dog food
Yes there’s dog food. So foreign to a street dog, though, so must be introduced slowly. Also the kind for sensitive stomachs is very expensive even for me!
19th January 2020

So Sad!
Such a heart-wrenching story but so beautifully written. I wish there were more people in the world who loved animals so much -- there's so much neglect and cruelty! I hope that someone in India is loving and caring for Buddy as much as you did.
20th January 2020

Thanks for your kind words. Yes abundant neglect here for animals, yet there are many who care also but are not sure what they can do for the thousands of homeless animals. One animal at a time I think.

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