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Asia » Laos » East » Xiangkhoang May 12th 2012

Xiangkhoang, on the north east of Laos, border to Vietnam. The capital is Phonsavan literally means "Hills of Paradise". Its original name was Muang Phouan. A population of 37,000. Its lush green forest, with pine trees everywhere, rugged kartz formation, valley with plenty of rivers, caves and waterfalls. People are friendly, mostly agricultural and livestock. Peaceful and breathtaking. People have other names for this place. I called this place, The Swiss of The East. About two kilometres from the town, there is a plateau which was named Unesco World Heritage. It is the Plain of Jars. It is about 2500 years old, a megalithic archaelogical landscape, scattered at the low foothills and uphill valley. The archaelogists has discovered prehistorical burial artifacts and human remains. There are about 400 jars discovered this moment. In the morning, we ... read more
Swiss of The East 2
Swiss of The East 3
On the way to Phonsavan

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur May 11th 2012

I have not been to the Maha Vihara Buddhist Temple for the past two years. I am either on assignments or just plain lazy(my second name). Usually in the month of May, Vesak Day is celebrated grandly throughout the world, particularly in Malaysia. This Maha Vihara Temple has confidently celebrated this festival since the day it was open some 50-60 years ago. Many Buddhist do throng to this grand festival to pay respect with various offerings, to receive blessings on this day and to volunteer community service. So, I decided to go this year. It was on the 5th May 2012, reached there at 5.00pm. Prayed and continue with my I walked the street outside the temple where there are 26 floats awaiting to make the journey with the devotees. The call to start is ... read more
Monthly Life Liberation Group
Monthly Life Liberation Group

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur May 11th 2012

KLTGA celebrated 46 years anniversary yesterday. This was the day , Diana Lee, Teh Lai Chin and my goodself went round scouting tourist guides in town, places of interests, where you have no trouble looking for them. We were distributing goodie bags to KLTGA tourist guides, small token for tourist guides from other associations. The KLTGA was so kindly to draw out a thousand ringgit for Diana Lee to buy all these gifts. Diana Lee is one of the driving force in our association. She bought the gifts herself, she drove us around scouting for the tourist guides on duty. We laughed at the thought where tourist guides may run away from us, thinking we are the enforcers giving them a hard time, looking out at their working attire and conduct while on duty. No!!!, we ... read more
Tourist Guide
Tourist Guide
Tourist Guides

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Kuala Selangor May 9th 2012

31st August 2011 I had mixed feelings while driving on the way to Batang Berjuntai, Selangor. An Indian friend invited me to a Hindu celebration in which I have never seen or heard before. But he warned me that I will have to witness some goats head being chopped off as a sacrifice offering to Lord Muniandy. 40 goats altogether. Expensive for a goat. It cost RM300-450 per goat. The name of the temple is Sri Muniandy Swamialayam. I tried not to attend but my curiosity just couldn't leave me alone. I went with a pounding heart as I got nearer to the temple. So many scary uncertainties crawling into my head. Will I faint when I see a goat's head chopped off? Will i cry with fear? I just do not know what to think ... read more
Sri Muniandy Swamialayam Temple
The Guru
Curry Mutton

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