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May 12th 2012
Published: May 12th 2012
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Swiss of The East 1Swiss of The East 1Swiss of The East 1

Beautiful Mountains, Beautiful Shades
Xiangkhoang, on the north east of Laos, border to Vietnam. The capital is Phonsavan literally means "Hills of Paradise". Its original name was Muang Phouan. A population of 37,000. Its lush green forest, with pine trees everywhere, rugged kartz formation, valley with plenty of rivers, caves and waterfalls. People are friendly, mostly agricultural and livestock. Peaceful and breathtaking. People have other names for this place. I called this place, The Swiss of The East.

About two kilometres from the town, there is a plateau which was named Unesco World Heritage. It is the Plain of Jars. It is about 2500 years old, a megalithic archaelogical landscape, scattered at the low foothills and uphill valley. The archaelogists has discovered prehistorical burial artifacts and human remains. There are about 400 jars discovered this moment.

In the morning, we went to the market, met some monks in safron robes, collecting alms and food. Such practices can be seen in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. They are known as the Theravadas. Self Cultivation. They are allowed two meals a day, breakfast and lunch by 11.00am. By noon, no more meals except drinking water, light soya drinks, milk or bean (blended)
Swiss of The East 2Swiss of The East 2Swiss of The East 2

Beautiful Landscape

Best time to go is in the rainy season, sometime in September to December.

The common indigenious people are the Hmongs. There are Thais, Chinese, Viets and other indigenious group that I have no record of.

Additional photos below
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Swiss of The East 3Swiss of The East 3
Swiss of The East 3

Early morning mist settled on the mountains
The Safron Robes 1The Safron Robes 1
The Safron Robes 1

street after street, house after house, they chant, in the hope someone will offer them food
The Safron Robes 2The Safron Robes 2
The Safron Robes 2

devotees offering alms and food
The Safron Robes 3The Safron Robes 3
The Safron Robes 3

The curious one
Working GirlsWorking Girls
Working Girls

Farmer girls on the way to work. This is the road to the Plain of Jars.
On the slope of the hillOn the slope of the hill
On the slope of the hill

trying to get the calf moving
Plain of JarsPlain of Jars
Plain of Jars

From a distance, I see light
Plain of Jars 2Plain of Jars 2
Plain of Jars 2

The height is just below my jaw
Plain of Jars 3Plain of Jars 3
Plain of Jars 3

Plain of Jars 6Plain of Jars 6
Plain of Jars 6

only the lonely under the tree with the jars
Plain of Jars 7Plain of Jars 7
Plain of Jars 7

hotelier leading us out to main entrance
At the market 2At the market 2
At the market 2

family together, woman look on
At the market 3At the market 3
At the market 3

behind the greens

13th May 2012

Lovely Photographs!
They capture and convey the landscape, people and practices of Laos. Look forward to seeing more blogs from you!
13th May 2012

Thank you
More to write about with pictures, Vientienne, Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng coming your way. Glad to have met you on the social media conference in Kuala Lumpur recently. You are a great blogger.

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