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Asia » India » Kerala » Thekkady August 8th 2012

Ever since I have watched clips of India in the Lonely Planet, I was amazed by this classical cultural dance known as Kathakali Cultural Dance performed by actors in colorful make-up, costumes and their tradition culture. The thought of this constantly rolling in my mind that I told myself I have to see this great performance. At least this once in my life time instead I saw this twice in two straight nights. On the first night I was in fourth or fifth row and I was not happy because I could not take good picture, so I booked for the second night to have the middle seat on the front row, being the only Chinese in the theatre sounds like President Mao came to see the show. Kathakali Cultural Dance originated from Kerala state, India ... read more
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Asia » India » Kerala » Thekkady August 8th 2012

It was 3.00pm standing at the ticket counter, awaiting the permission to visit the artists behind the stage. Listen to the pouring rain was not what I need this moment. I was worried my appoint with the actors will be rejected but they were kind enough to allow me to go in. The man told me to wait and he walked to the theatre. Twenty minutes later, he called and showed me the backstage. I met Mr. Shiju Kumar. I could instantly recognize him without his make-up and pointed at him, “You are the hero with the green face”. He gave a great smile, we shook hands, chat awhile and he took me to the back stage to meet the other actors. The changing room is small with all the costumes hanging on the ... read more
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Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin August 5th 2012

I came to witness a courtyard where candidates came to sit for their exam yearly in hoping to be a well known scholar in China. It was a big hoo-haa in China those days, when one is regard as a Noble, rich and famous, an important scholar to help the King and the country. How the Chinese in ancient times fare their exam? One can imagine the times in China were not easy to pass the exam. There were many candidates struggling very hard year after year to be a scholar. I have watched many Chinese movies; I asked myself, “Was it like this in the old China?” I have seen poor little rich man paid their way to be a scholar, another side of this, a poor fella with difficult life tried to feed his ... read more
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Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin August 4th 2012

We were one of the first few to have arrived the theatre. This theatre resembles the times in Rome during the Roman Empire where once Julius Caesar took the stage, “Romans Romans lend me your ears”. As usual, my wild imaginations took control of me sometime but mostly not at the right time. Ahead of us it was pitch dark, the only area with the lights on was where we seated. I could see more and more people filling up the seats. I was a bit curious what was about to happen. Soft Chinese music began to fill the air, singers began their song and came running from behind us. Stood in front, welcoming us with their happy folk song. They were so stunning, clad in different costumes and headdresses to represent their ethnic and cultures ... read more
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Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin August 2nd 2012

This was an amazing cave I ever seen. The Guihai Stele Forest showed us the inscriptions from the past, The Sui Dynasty and The Tang Dynasty. This Guihai Stele Forest is located in the city itself. It is at the Longyin Cliff (The Dragon's Eye Cliff) of Seven Star Peaks. The Guihai Stele Forest Cave is displayed as part of the tourist attraction in the Seven Star Peaks. These inscriptions are of ancient rock inscriptions and carved stones tablets (Steles) which are found in the Guilin region. In the beginning of time of Sui Dynasty, it became customary to carve inscriptions onto the natural cliff faces. During the Tang Dynasty more officials and scholars came to inscribe more inscriptions on this wall. They came with many Chinese calligraphies of different style of writing. Different strokes and ... read more
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Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin August 2nd 2012

The Crown Cave is situated in Yangshuo, Guilin. It is 29km south of Guilin. The name Guangyan was given because of the gleaming lights in the dark pitch cave. The length of the cave is about 12km, only 3km of the trail is developed and open to public. An underground river contained below the cave that leads out to the River Li. They said it is like a river that flows into the hills, hollow on the inside, one can hear the sound of the water dripping from the stalactites, echoes of tourists, coolness of the air, fresh mineral water that taste sweet. We had to queue up at the station awaiting our tickets to have a ride on a two-seat car with a gear to accelerate (no speed limit) on the railway track into the ... read more
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Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin July 30th 2012

Here I am the one place I have heard of in my younger days and finally get to visit. Guilin is a place where most Chinese from other countries have always wanted to visit besides the Great Wall of China. It was always the next choice. I don’t know why. Ask the elderly Chinese. Maybe it is the lure of the Guilin Mountains. I actually got a free trip to Guilin. It was my job that made this possible for me. Though it was a short trip but it was worthwhile. I did not actually look at the dates and time to see Guilin. I worked and enjoyed at the same time. Guilin is not as busy as Beijing or the famous Shanghai, a medium size city with not so busy streets and crowded city. When ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi July 23rd 2012

On a narrow bumpy road and full of uncertainties as we snake through further, we wasn't sure where the driver was taking us. He told us we are going to a tiger temple and I was thinking "Another Tiger temple?" We gave him 2500 baht for the transport and to visit Tiger Temple and The Bridge on the River Kwai but did not expect he came up with one more attraction Kanchanaburi could offer. He said this place has no real tiger, but the temple itself is named Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Ser), which was built not long ago. A beautiful hidden temple nestled on the top of the hill, golden shimmering reflections from afar, as the afternoon sunlight shines on the Tiger Cave Temple. Surrounded by hills, a river and the green patches of ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi July 22nd 2012

This was never in my travelling programme when I planned to visit Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi. The driver took us to this quiet place, surrounded by greens all over, very hilly, with broken walls of the ruins that stretches quite a distance as we drove silently into the Muang Sing Historical Park. We soon reached the main temple, it was awesome, brought me back where this place once must be a busy happening place back in the 1157-1207, Lopburi period, with Khmer architectural designs, that shows the power of Cambodian has actually marked their colonization to this western part of Thailand. This park was declared National Historical Park in 1987. The place was damped after the morning shower; weather was good, cooling, never expected rain in this part of the year. It was a pleasant day. ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi July 9th 2012

Yes, from TV to reality. One evening in year 2005, after taking care of my mom's needs, I was watching the National Georgraphic programme with her before we have our dinner. As usual, National Georgraphic has been known to produce amazing documentaries in which my mom and I enjoyed most. She loves animals and it was a pleasure on my part to relate the stories to her. That evening, it was about the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. What amazes me was the fact, the elder monk, who suffered cancer had to find a secluded place far away from the exotic city he came from, a place where he could find peace to heal his illness. I felt sad for his health but I felt great with happy tears when he took care of a tiger ... read more
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