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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ayutthaya July 1st 2012

Ayuthaya is not as busy as Bangkok, even though Ayuthaya was once a capital to Siam. I expected a more lively and vibrant city during the day as well in the nights, bustling traffics and neon lights everywhere, full of activities, people everywhere but none all I could enjoy to see. Of course, much of these came with disappointments in my great expectations. But it was peaceful, the people are friendly and a good place for a mild relaxation. Places filled with people are mostly at the temples. Do the Thais go to the temples every day? I believe they do. They respected the Buddha as much as they respected their most loved King in their country, King Bhumibo or was it the other way round....hehehehe...its the same. Having breakfast from the hotel restaurant, ... read more
Wat Mahathat 3
Wat Panan Choeng 1
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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Nakhon Pathom June 24th 2012

My Thai friend (Mr Chat) arranged a van from a tour agency to take me around in the western part of Thailand. I went to the Rose Garden in the morning, had my lunch at one of the local coffee shop before heading for the Wat Chedi. My Thai driver is very kind and friendly, on the highway he showed me an arch indicated in Thai which I do not know how to read, asking me if I would like to visit this place. "Temple, Temple" he pointed excitedly, but what temple could that be, a narrow road that leads to only he knows what was in store in the village. Then he said, "Hanuman Temple". "Wa Lau Wey!"(Hokkien version for WOW!)....I have never seen a Hanuman Temple before, despite my second trip to Bangkok, it ... read more
Wat Srisathong 2
Wat Srisathong 3
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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 18th 2012

I am always excited when I get to go to the Floating Market in Ratchaburi Province (2nd trip). When I stepped on the boat crossing from the modern city to the backwaters of the villages, it gave me a sense of old and new in just couple of minutes snaking the old canals in a speed boat was quite a thrill, joy to my eyes. It never gave me a boring day. I get to witnessed people washing pots and pans, man sitting on the bridge trying his luck to catch some fishes for his meal, floating houses of old (very old) and new houses. Some houses are beyond repair, I can see that they have made some counter measures to hold the wooden house from collapsing into the river. Bustling boats, big engines and smaller ... read more
Damnoen Saduak 2
Damnoen Saduak 3
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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 8th 2012

Ancient City (Muang Boran), Samut Prakan, about 33km from Bangkok. Featured 116 replicas of traditional heritage of the present and old ruins of Temples, Palaces, Floating Market, Villages from different states of Thailand, Artcrafts, Artifacts, Buddha Statues, Sala of 80 Yogi, Thailand's Royal Barge and Monuments from various countries; Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Burma. The Ancient City spanned about 320 hectares of land. The founder is an eccentric Thai millionaire, Mr Lek Viriyaphant (1914-2000). It is amazing to see such great outdoor museum of this size. I should say, this is one of the great wonders ever achieved by one great man with unselfish thought. He did this for Thailand and for tourists who knows about it. It is worthwhile visiting this Ancient City, brought back good memories. Golf carts and bicycles can be hired ... read more
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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands June 5th 2012

God is fair. He gave Malaysia a beautiful mountain range, Titiwangsa Mountain Range with a 130 million year old forest carpeted on the spine of the Peninsular Malaysia. Here I am going to share is about the people involved and the crops on this fertile highlands, the Cameron Highlands, North East of Pahang. Founded 1885 by a British surveyor, William Cameron. Cameron Highlands is from 1200m-1800m high. Temperature from 15C-25C. Ringlet, Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Tringkap, Kuala Terla, Kampong Raja and Bertam Valley make up the rest of Cameron Highlands. J.A. Russels, the one person who has the love of business, started at a very young age, making successful in every business he undertakes. He has rubber estates, coal factories and the biggest business venture of all is the "BOH Tea Plantation (1929), that stretches from Habu ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves June 4th 2012

Thaipusam festival is grandly celebrated in the Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia. It is usually celebrated in the Tamil Month of Thai, the end of January or mid February. Thai and Pusam refer to a star at the highest point during the festival. This is the time when Lord Murugan became enlightened and his mother Lord Parvati came to him with the spear Vel to fight the demon Soorapadman. Hindu devotees will walk 14km from Lord Mariamman Temple in Jalan Bandar, together with the chariot. The journey starts in the morning and reaches Batu Caves in the late afternoon. Most Hindus will walk barefooted, carrying a pot of milk or placing the pot of milk on their heads. The repayment for the vow must be fulfilled when one made a vow the year before. They said, if ... read more
Thaipusam 2
Thaipusam 3
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Asia » Indonesia » Bali June 3rd 2012

It was a short trip. Five days were not enough to see the whole of Bali. I managed to cover a few important places as quickly as I can, the ones that draws tourist like a magnet. Kuta was just like any cities in the South East Asia but I particularly like the ones like Ubud Terrace Paddy Fields in Tegallalang Village, Ubud Town and Uluwatu(Ulu is Heart, Watu is Stone). Monkey Forest Temple was scary because of the wild macaques that constantly eyeing for your spectacles, anything you are holding for a quick grasp and my shoulder was made a standing block for them to hop on-hop off when one macaque was chased by a fierce one. The classical Barong Dance in Batubulan Village and the Kechak Dance in Uluwatu are my favorite cultural dance ... read more
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Asia » Laos » West » Vang Vieng June 3rd 2012

Vang Vieng, small riverside town in the Vientienne province, four hours drive by bus, you get to see no high rise buildings, single stories to three stories the most. Most shophouses converted to coffee shops, restaurants, motels, guesthouses, massage parlors, clothes, souvenirs, internet cafes and accessories shops. There are also pillow-filled restaurants known as TV Bars. Hospital is nearby. There are so many to brag about, I give good credit for their natural surroundings, beautiful karst mountains, the Nam Song river and many natural caves to dwell about like the Tham Phou Kham cave(Buddha Cave), Tham Jang Cave(Elephant Cave), Tham Nam Cave (South Cave) and Tham Hoi Cave. We did all in one day. Crazy as we are(John, Jo, Lai Chin and Suit Fong), we were drenched, dirty with minor cuts on our four limbs. Later, ... read more
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Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang May 14th 2012

We left Xiangkhoung soon after breakfast, we went up to the intersection on the mountain, Phou Khoun, a small little town where you can see two rows of wooden shoplots, many Hmong, Laos and Hmu ladies selling vegetables, you also get to see tourists making a lunch stop and to ease themselves. This intersections is actually a cross road to Vientienne, Xiangkhoung and Luang Prabang. To reach any of these three destinations, you need to stop at Phou Khoun. Remember to bring your own lunch. After lunch we headed towards Luang Prabang. While going down the winding zig zag road , it began to drizzle. I noticed our driver was tired and drove very fast to finish his job in Luang Prabang. The 4 wheeler skidded, making a 180 degree turn. My two lady friends right ... read more
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Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane May 13th 2012

1545, Vientienne was once known as the administrative city, The Kingdom of Lan Xang (millions of elephants). Believe to be 1000AD. The Siamese colonised and ransacked them in 1828 and the french helped Laos to regain their capital after that. Todate, the population in the city is about 210,000. Population of Laos is 6.5 million. Language spoken: Lao, Thai and French(majority) Some said Vientienne is a sleepy city, some said Laos is a communist country. I said it is a peaceful country. Vientienne is a dragon awaken from his dream. No highrise, rambling collections of villages, modern houses and walk-up apartments, people tend to their own daily activities, no traffic congestions. Vientienne is moving on its own pace. Slow and Steady. They do not have to rush for modernisation. I think this is good. It was ... read more
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Lao Beer

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