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Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 4th 2012

When you get to Guangzhou in Guangdong Province, ask anyone over there if they know Da Mo Cho Si (Da Mo Patriarch or Bodhidharma). Most of them knew him. In Guangzhou, there is a big temple built just for him. In 1998, I was there and saw a statue of him in a single shrine just for him. Last year I revisited Guangzhou, I almost could not find him, because Guangzhou has change tremendously, a city so modern, from two lane roads, has become four, lots of new buildings, mainly shopping complexes and office lots. The old China is hidden behind the modern city like the giants over shadowed them. Those days, all Jade vendors displayed their jades all over the pavements or five foot path in every corner I went through, jade shops were then ... read more
Da Mo Or Bodhidharma
Hualin Temple, Guangzhou
Da Mo Or Bodhidharma

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pangkor Island September 2nd 2012

Captivated By Four Reasons. This Pangkor Island Beach Resort was here way back approximately 20 years ago. It was once known as Pan Pacific Hotel, not until few years back they had changed the name which I think this new name suits the presence time. They have their private white sandy beach that I don't have to walk for a mile to reach the waters. It is clean and well taken care of. I walked from my room to the lounge that lead me to the Hornbill Restaurant for breakfast, I can see their staffs were busy doing their jobs given respectively, the pool side, the lounge, the beach, recreational booth, restaurant and the reception area. They always greet the guests as they dust, wipe and arranged. Their smile and grins always made me replied the ... read more
pink glow sunset
pink glow sunset
pink glow sunset

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pangkor Island September 1st 2012

It was a busy morning for me, as I had to attend to my guests at the breakfast terrace Pangkor Island Hornbill Restaurant, Pangkor Island Beach Resort, Perak. Good breakfast served. The crowd had a marvelous time and was very surprised and attentive especially for the children when we have the some unexpected guests arrived at our table. It was the Hornbills (Anthracoceros albirostris). Some guests even questioned the waiters, “Do you rear these birds? ". On YouTube, they were described as “brought in" from the Borneo Islands. To my knowledge, there are 10 species of Hornbills in the state of Perak as compared to the state of Sarawak, whereby Sarawak claimed the slogan as “The Land of The Hornbills” in which Sarawak state has only 4 species in its name. So I don't think it ... read more
hornbill *
hornbill with cherry**
hornbills came for breakfast****

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu August 25th 2012

This blog is from year 2011. I have revised and added more facts. The older I get, the mature I am, looks and in thoughts but the memory is still good. So I pulled this out from an old folder thought this might be a good topic to share with all of you. My first visit to Kota Kinabalu for the Pesta Ka’amatan was in 2011. And this was my very first visit to the Borneo Island too. Sabah is the start- off that year and I want to share this with all of you about the harvest festival and introduce some indigenous groups in Sabah with photos I am happy about. I have always wanted to visit The Borneo Island, particularly Sabah, where I love to see the many cultures all under one roof or ... read more
murut tenon 4
Bobohizan Priests 2
ranau 4

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore August 22nd 2012

Walking back from the restaurant, after a hefty meal, decided to take a walk down the streets of a small Indian vicinity, where I could see many shops, busy with people at the last minute shopping for groceries, getting their SIM cards, having a treat of Pani Puri by the five foot path whereby I have no guts to try, banana and corn sellers, and the rattan mat makers which I found it most interesting and unusual because this is supposed to be a cottage industry product. I thought BIG when product like this comes with skill involved. They have a canvas over their heads on the five foot path, making money with no rental incurred, working from morning till night, through rain and shine, having all three meals at the same place, just simply marvelous ... read more
the norm and the unusual clientele

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Thanjavur August 20th 2012

Standing right in front of the Great Temple of the Empire Chola, I could see this is very old; it has the rustic ancient architectural design, high walls on both sides, with the only huge high entrance I know just below the Gopuram. The Gopuram has got nine layers of magnificent carvings of Great Gods of Hindus. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, The Destroyer. This temple is named Brihadeeswarar Temple or is also known as Rajarajeswaram Temple, The Imperial Chola Temple built by Raja Raja Chola I in the 11th century, 1010 CE. It is situated on the south end of the Kaveri River in Tamil Nadu. It was the Vijayalaya (850-871 CE) who had defeated the Pallavas, Pandyas and the Muttaraiyas that paved the way for the Cholas to rule this Uraiyur region. ... read more
Brihadeeswarar 2
Brihadeeswarar 3
Brihadeeswarar 4

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodaikanal August 18th 2012

Whenever I have an assignment bringing tourist to Batu Caves, I tried to elaborate more when I gave commentaries on Hinduism and Batu Caves as a whole story which gives me pleasure to do so. After I have learnt from tourism school , my own research from the internet, visited Batu Caves frequently to ask around the Indians about Batu Caves and Hinduism which somehow has thicken my knowledge and making my story more interesting when I gave my commentary. There is this part about Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati decided to test their two sons, Lord Ganesha (Elephant God) and his younger brother Lord Murugan (The God with his peacock). Lord Shiva held a Golden Mango of Wisdom in his hand and told his sons whoever circles the world and return first to his ... read more
palani 2
palani 3
palani 4

Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi August 17th 2012

As soon when I came out from St. Francis Xavier church, I turned right and walked about 10 minutes, I finally saw the fishing village. This whole area is known as Fort Kochi. Very shady, many tall tree that umbrella the whole area giving the best shade ever on a sunny day like this. What attracted me most is the “Cheena Vala”, the Chinese Fishing Nets. The fishermen were friendly, invited me aboard their platform, having photos taken as I stood sometime watching them do the job, how the mechanism works. The fascinating thing being on board the platform is that it has a great view, good breeze and imagine myself stood above the great Arabian Sea was something I never imagine. But I did not mind the fishy smell that surround me. History wrote it ... read more
cheena vala 2
cheena vala 3
cheena vala 4

Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi August 16th 2012

From Kochi city to Fort Kochi was quite a distance for us. My driver lost the way to Fort Kochi. We had to make some stops, asking directions and it took us some two hours to finally get into Fort Kochi. We started with St. Francis Xavier Church which I found it was actually built in year 1503 AD. It was built with wood and later it was rebuilt using stones and roofed with tiles in 1516 AD. Vasco da Gama the Portuguese navigator with his colleagues, Pedro Alvares Cabral and Alfonso de Alberquerque came to Kochi in the year 1498 AD making Kochi an important trading port in India. Vasco got the piece of land from the Rajah of Kerala thus naming the neighborhood, Fort Kochi. He built this church in dedication to St. Anthony; ... read more
St Francis Xavier Church 2
St Francis Xavier Church 3
St Francis Xavier Church 4

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore August 13th 2012

Years back in 2003 I saw this wall poster of a white Lord Shiva statue in one of the Kodak Shop in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur. It was an amazing picture I ever saw and I asked the owner of the shop where about is this place. She said India. I don't even know this God at all or his name so it was kind of difficult for me to search him in the internet those days. I shelved the whole idea until in 2005 I decided to visit Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur only then I recalled and asked the Indians around who actually he is. I have constantly wanted to know him, doing researches on him, Indian friends of old and new like to tell me stories of him. The more stories I hear the more ... read more
Lord Shiva 2
Lord Ganesha
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