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May 9th 2012
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31st August 2011

I had mixed feelings while driving on the way to Batang Berjuntai, Selangor. An Indian friend invited me to a Hindu celebration in which I have never seen or heard before. But he warned me that I will have to witness some goats head being chopped off as a sacrifice offering to Lord Muniandy. 40 goats altogether. Expensive for a goat. It cost RM300-450 per goat. The name of the temple is Sri Muniandy Swamialayam. I tried not to attend but my curiosity just couldn't leave me alone. I went with a pounding heart as I got nearer to the temple. So many scary uncertainties crawling into my head. Will I faint when I see a goat's head chopped off? Will i cry with fear? I just do not know what to think at that moment nor where to turn to when that happen. My friend kept telling me to get ready with camera, in return I gave a weak smile.

Prayer started. Everyone went to the temple except for me, I stood far away near the kitchen. I saw some Chinese and Sikhs attended this ceremony. They also brought goats as offering. Interesting. I thought
Sri Muniandy Swamialayam TempleSri Muniandy Swamialayam TempleSri Muniandy Swamialayam Temple

Many did not go out to witness the killing. This is the interior of the Temple.
it was meant for the Indians only.

As the Guru came out, gun shots fired in the air to ward off evil spirits, it also act as acknowledgement to carry on with the ceremony. he carried a 'parang' ( a Malay word) a kind of chopper usually to open up coconuts. Goat after goat he chopped the heads off, with blood all over him and his followers, come to think of it he really looked professional. I could smell blood all over the place makes me want to vomit. But I felt sad.

The heads were placed in front of the temple, whereas the body goes to the kitchen. All the helpers in the kitchen are all men. Well, it is known to the world, men are better chefs. Don't you agree? Ladies please don't comment on this.

After killing the last goat, I decided to leave. My friend came to invite me to have lunch in the short while, I told him I am not free, I had an appointment. Instead, I had vegetarian on that day.

This is a norm to this group of Hindus. Not all Hindus practice this offering of goats head
The GuruThe GuruThe Guru

He is the chosen one. His face is covered with blood. Loof at the 'parang'.
to the Gods. I have seen many offered milk, flowers and incense in other festivals and I believe its their tradition they have to follow that their ancestors has passed down to them. We have to respect their culture, customs and their beliefs.

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Curry MuttonCurry Mutton
Curry Mutton

Temple Chefs at work. Curry Mutton for lunch.
Sri Muniandy Swamialayam TempleSri Muniandy Swamialayam Temple
Sri Muniandy Swamialayam Temple

The Hindu Devotees were waiting for the Guru to start the prayer
Crossing the Red Sea?Crossing the Red Sea?
Crossing the Red Sea?

Goat's blood on the floor
The Guru's BlessingThe Guru's Blessing
The Guru's Blessing

This is to appease one's heart from the Guru's blessing
The OfferingsThe Offerings
The Offerings

The Offerings for the God
The ButchersThe Butchers
The Butchers

They hired people to do this job

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