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12th March 2016

Where's Meredith!
We keep hearing about Meredith, but no pictures, just a small request. Enjoy, wherever you are off to next. Am enjoying the blog greatly.
10th March 2016
Tracey's hummingbird

Fabulous shot.
That's a great photo Tracey. What a fantabulous day! Surely the Gods of the Inca's were smiling on you both.
8th March 2016
Machu Picchu classic view

Machu Picchu
Gotta agree great place...great shot!
8th March 2016

Altar of the Sun
So happy reading about your visit to Machu Picchu. So many memories resurfaced for me. I'm wondering if Tom's ashes are still where I put them - in amongst the rocks of the quarry with the best view over the ancient ruins. I even had a small reed cross to mark his final resting place, which one of the children made at the school where we volunteered.
6th March 2016

I'm loving every minute of your touring in/around Cusco, it's bringing back so many good memories. Were you told that Saqsaywaman is pronounced "sexywoman"? Certainly helped me to remember it. Simply LOVE your panoramic photo of Cusco. The day we were at Cristo Blanco it was very dark and overcast and we couldn't see much of Cusco at all. You had glorious weather. Hope the remainder of your trip stays like this. All that flooding I mentioned is in the south of Peru so you should be safe. Cheers. Caroline
6th March 2016

Jacks Cafe
Tracey, some of your descriptions of things, such as your lunch are just so funny!
5th March 2016

Altitude of Cusco.
Hi there Tracey & Bernie, so good to see familiar scenery thru your camera. I loved Cusco. I was in the region for a month as a volunteer and was in & out of Cusco nearly every day. What does surprise me though is the problem you're having with altitude. I was warned about this and it was recommended to chew coca leaves or coca lollies [which are quite nice], but I didn't have any problems at all while I was there and, as part of volunteering, I was daily up into the mountain villages working with local communities. I walked nearly everywhere and was never worried with altitude. Perhaps I was just lucky because I never needed coca to help me either. Enjoy Cusco; hope you have sufficient time to explore the side streets and appreciate the shops and the wonderful locals dressed in traditional costumes who parade around usually with a baby alpaca on a lead like a dog. Of course they are doing it for the money that 'happy snappers' like me pay them for an iconic shot! I hope you also catch some of the religious parades which seems to happen daily in the centre of Cusco. It's a very colourful and vibrant city. Enjoy.
4th March 2016

Hope you are rested
Sounds like quite a pace you are also setting in that heat. I couldn't manage that unfortunately but am content with the armchair ride. Your blog reminded me of a couple of stories. I once went to Sydney with my friend Mikki and her friend Di, both nursing sisters. Di was stopped going through security after screening because she had an assortment of scissors and artery forceps in her handbag, some even in the lining of her bag! Must have had 5 or 6 items. She said she was always going home with them in her pockets and threw them in her handbag. I was amazed that she simply forgot they were there! Your discussion re seating on the plane also reminded me of a time when we boarded to find someone had taken one of our seats and refused to move. The guy told us that he and his wife wanted to sit together. I pointed out that this meant that we could not sit together despite the fact that we had actually been allocated those particular seats and were also husband and wife. Phil relented and sat in the other row without talking to any staff. Fortunately it was only a short flight, perhaps Phil wanted a rest, haha! The man ended up being very nice and I did feel sorry for them in the end as his wife didn't speak any English. Still the irony was not lost on me. You must be loving the architecture, different textures and a new landscape to explore. When you are looking for photographic moments your eye is checking it all out. I wonder how many you both take each day? Hope you managed to get some rest before the next full day of activity. It is just as well that you have been shepherded around at times so you don't have to waste too much time getting orientated to airports etc.
2nd March 2016

Severe weather & flooding in Peru.
Hi guys, you may already know but the weather looks extremely bad in Peru for the next few weeks. Hope your adventure won't be ruined by bad weather. You'll probably escape the floods if you're going to Cuzco. Bon Voyage. Caroline
4th March 2016

We've Ben lucky with the weather
We has some rain yesterday, but an absolutely perfect morning this morning to climb Huayna Picchu.
1st March 2016

What a voyage.
Thanks for sharing the Galapagos Tracey & Bernie. I've only heard from people who have been there for only a day or two whereas you've been blessed with more days and more places visited than [I've been told] usual! And you were lucky with the weather too. Looking forward to hearing about your next port of call. Caroline
28th February 2016

First class wildlife photography
Thanks for sharing those beautiful wildlife images. There is something so special about seeing wildlife in the natural environment. Even without the photos it is a memory to be treasured in your mind's eye. But it is also really wonderful for the armchair travellers to see a little of your once in a lifetime experience!
27th February 2016

Full on
Enjoyed reading about the start of your adventures. The tortoises are fascinating creatures and it seems such an unusual environment to see them in. Sounds like an excellent outing. It was interesting that the immigration official was able to use humour on you. I was under the impression that we have to take care not to joke with people in this role when entering a foreign country. Seems it is OK to give tourists a bit of a scare though!
26th February 2016

Loved your writing
Laughing out loud at your funny details of what could be an awful day. Can't wait to see Stonehenge. Thank you!
26th February 2016

Loved your writing
Laughing out loud at your funny details of what could be an awful day. Can't wait to see Stonehenge. Thank you!
24th February 2016

Happy traveelling
Looking forward to reports of your latest trip, especially photos from the Galapagos. Hope you have a great time, Joy
22nd February 2016

Quick question is Meredith's surname Wyles and does she come from Adelaide?
From Blog: In transit
23rd February 2016

It's a small world
Yes and yes!!
From Blog: In transit
22nd February 2016

Have fun
It's 16 yrs since my 3 months in Sth America but it seems like last year - you will have a fantastic time. Wishing you a wonderful wonderful trip and looking fwd to hearing all about it.
21st February 2016

I was there too!!
So surprised I didn't see Bernie @ White Night [lol !!!!!!]. This was my first time and I was really surprised that, after all the build up, there was a distinct lack of light projections in the CBD. Even Flinders St stn was not included; it was just lit up as it normally is at night! It was quite an experience though walking down Swanston St with thousands of people and NO trams or other vehicles. One night of People Power! It was a long walk from Fed Sq to Exhibition Blg but well worth it to see the Aboriginal themed light projections bring our iconic blg to life. Then it was the long walk back thru the crowds to where I got a park opp Rod Laver Arena. Wasn't I lucky? I've put my photos & videos on fb if you feel like a squiz. Take care. Looking forward to travelling "with you" thru yr blog.
21st July 2015

Great commentary.
Thanks for the update Tracey, glad you're back - so are the 'children' too I bet! Tom and I went to Patmos from Samos [where my daughter was living back in the late '80's] and visited here as well. Isn't the history just awesome? The Greek islands certainly are very scenic. When's yr next great adventure?? I'm currently planning a trip to Cambodia next April [with Heather, Vicky & Dorisi]; after which Vicky and I are travelling on to the Holy Land via India. I have such a strong feeling that if I don't see the Holy Land soon then maybe I'll never get there. The threat of IS is soooooo menacing and real. My daughter is not happy with my decision at all; she considers the area is far too risky to visit. I'm going regardless. C u soon perhaps? Would you like to join our walking group? - Thursday usually.
21st July 2015

worth the effort
Looks like you were rewarded well for your exertions!
13th June 2015

Hi Steven 'siglets'
I am full of envy, your cruise is taking you to some beautiful places in the Aegean. Of course all accolades to the photographer/s; great job. Love the photo of Steven's little family; I was wondering what had happened to him [lol]. Waiting eagerly for the next phase of this wonderful adventure. Caroline
13th June 2015

Historical Knowledge
Hi Tracey and Bernie, It astounds me the mount of historical knowledge you two have in your heads! Hope your trip keeps going well. Love, Cheryl.
1st June 2015

hardly snappers!
I can't imagine anyone describing you both as snappers rather than photographers, you go to much greater lengths than the average person to get your images, and are rewarded well for your efforts. Lovely pics, even the iphone one has come up well. I love the Whitby abbey photo, very atmospheric. No mention of Dracula in your blog, the Whitby folk love to play up that connection. We visited there with Jill and Trev, my aunty Ann and friend Kath in 2008 and made the same observation about that poor statue. They must clean it regularly otherwise it would be a lumpy encrusted mess by now! We were on our way to Durham to visit my cousin and family. I phoned him from that spot to make arrangements to stay that night because there were no vacancies anywhere in Whitby that night due to a festival. I had a very long conversation with a man who didn't deny being my cousin or express surprise to any of my conversation, before I realised it was a wrong number. The person just went along with everything I was saying, didn't even seem concerned that 6 people were coming to stay with him. How bizarre! Glad to hear that you have had a giant Yorkshire pudding. Too bad about the meat but as long as the yorkshire was good we wouldn't have cared. Our niece Kim can't wait to meet us over there and will be searching out Yorkshire puddings high and low throughout her visit.

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