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24th April 2018

Cards 4 Glory?
What a wonderful history of your card playing days ! And now you can continue the 'good fight/flight' - aka Trans Tasman Challenge. Hope you can bring those 'Ashes' home this time. Thanks for sharing Tracey; I do love your blogs.
24th April 2018

National Geographic exhibition 50 greatest photos etc
Hi Bernie and Tracey - saw the National Geographic Exhibition when it was in Tasmania a couple of months ago - agree it is full of wonderful pictures and the back storyies are fascinating. Enjoy your trip.
24th April 2018

Wishing you a happy holiday
I hope you have a great NZ holiday. I have fond memories of working for a time on a tobacco farm near Nelson. Lovely scenery and sunny days in that part of the world. The aviation museum looks very impressive.
24th April 2018

Go Gaffneys!
We're barracking for you in the Bolivia Ashes - bring that trophy home! And enjoy the sightseeing too. Lovely to read about your latest travels while I'm stranded at home dreaming of holidays.
28th March 2018

Yayyyy, I saw Steven!
So, Steven found you on Kangaroo Island ?!#$?? And he brought all his 'bros' to the pelican feast too! Clever Steven. Great photo Tracey.
28th March 2018

Sorry Bernie but those photos of your 'Dune landing' are HILARIOUS. But it sure looks like fun.
28th March 2018

But where's Steven??
So much still life (lighthouses, flowers etc.) BUT no Steven ! $#@! Love yr commentary Tracey. When r u due home? I've just got back from Myanmar.
28th March 2018

We are home
We arrived home on tthe 17th of March so our (mostly) South Australian adventure was just a short one. We fly to NZ on the 21st of April for a flying one week visit with our former next door neighbours. Myanmar must have been amazing. Fabulous that you are still enjoying your travel adventures!
28th March 2018

Robe coast.
Are you sure that's Robe??? Coastline looks remarkably like the London Bridge area of the Great Ocean Road?!? Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy your blog; gives me ideas for future 'Great Escapes'.
28th March 2018

Definitely Robe!
It’s “Doorway Rock” near Cape Dombey in Robe, South Australia ... and, yes, it does look very similar to Victoria’s “London Bridge” on the Great Ocean Road!
16th March 2018

Can’t be a coincidence
Fascinating to see a possible family connection. It is hard to imagine there isn’t a link to your family with such an unusual name. I have never heard the name Hurtle before so unless it was more common in days gone by, the chances are there is some relationship there! Can’t wait to hear what you find out.
10th March 2018

Enjoying the tour!
Sounds like you are having a great trip with lots of beautiful sights and some unusual ones too. The whale carcas was a bit of a surprise. Loving the pics and commentary as always. We have only been to Kangaroo Island for a day trip but it looks like the island stay is very worthwhile.
5th March 2018

So you guys are travelling again! Enjoy Tinus
5th March 2018

I had a laugh. Voice recognition software has a way to go yet! Impressive silo art, I’m inspired to go that way to Adelaide next time.
4th March 2018

Telling a story
Beautiful pics as always, they really tell the story of your trip. It is amazing to go off the beaten path and visit some of these country towns where time seems to stand still. So many amazing historic buildings out there. Looking forward to more sights on your trip. Tracey, I hope we get an opportunity to catch up on your return, time just slips away...will have to make a date when we get a chance! Enjoy your adventures together xx
6th December 2016

Wearable wow factor
Phil and I saw a display of wearable art at Seattle and I think it may well have been from the Wellington competition. There was a group of Bizarre Bras on show. I loved it. Jill and I are keen to visit Wellington at some stage and could be tempted to go during a time when this show is on if it fits in with other activities. Your photos are great. Classic cars are very photogenic!
27th November 2016

Worthwhile side trip
Looks like a very enjoyable and worthwhile tour with those bonus experiences on top. Love the photos as always. I guess the hard part is choosing which ones to add to the blog when you have taken so many. The lighthouse is very unusual but makes for an interesting pic. Looking forward to the next instalment of your adventure! Xx
26th November 2016

Wharariki Beach
I think I know why you chose to visit here ~ it's the main picture when I turn on my computer!! There it is - the identical scene but with a lithe young lady running across the sand. I had to leave a comment on this page because your next blog did not allow any commentary !!?? Love yr blogs and intend on following you there in about 18 months. So I'm intently taking note of the places u r visiting. Ciao
27th November 2016

What a coincidence ...
... that you have Wharariki beach as your screen saver! It would be nice to visit when the wind is not blowing quite so ferociously. I have just 'quite published' the last entry for our South American holiday. This means that you won't have been emailed a link, but you can always scroll back to all of our earlier entries if you are interested. The last couple of entries are pretty boring though as they only record our trip home. 💜T
22nd November 2016

Beautiful NZ
Thanks for sharing your adventure to NZ. Isn't it wonderful to have friends to visit in countries around the world? I hope to visit NZ perhaps in 2018. I've already planned my trips for 2017, so NZ will have to wait - sadly. Have a great time and be safe.
27th November 2016

I hope we continue to travel as much as you!
I'm impressed that you are already planning your holidays for 2018!! Having committed to buying a more expensive home in the northern suburbs our travel plans for the next couple of years have been reigned in a little. We have also been a bit stressed on this holiday about having put our dear old girl into kennels. I think any future plans might be on hold until she is no longer with us. 💜T
22nd November 2016

Enjoy your reunion
sounds like you are having a great time so far. Wonderful to have a reunion with Sandra and Robin knowing how much you have missed them. Lots of news to catch up on. Local knowledge is always helpful to enhance your travels. Say hello. I hope they are enjoying being back home again and that the move has worked out well. Your Wellington travelogue was very informative as I haven't been there before but would love a visit in the not too distant future. Keep enjoying your holiday. I look forward to hearing more! Love Janet
27th November 2016

We packed a lot into a day and a half!
I think Wellington probably needs a little bit longer to explore properly, but we managed to fit quite a few things in to our short stopover. Have since learned of the World of Wearable Art show that takes place in Wellington each year in September/October. I have to talk with Kerry about coming over for that one year. 💜T
19th November 2016

Writing two trips at a time...
thanks for being committed to completing your blogs!
27th November 2016

Thanks for the encouragement!
I have just quiet published the last entry of our South American adventure. Now I just have to catch up on New Zealand! And, one of these days, I would like to follow your lead and copy all of my long hand travel diaries into blogs. You know, one of these days when I find myself with nothing to do, ha, ha.

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