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17th November 2016

Stay safe!
If you're still in Wellington, take care and stay safe down there! (GeoNet is a good resource if you're wanting to keep tabs on things)
3rd August 2016

Glacier views
I love these photos of the glaciers! Beautiful quality. Very atmospheric.
30th June 2016

Hi Did you use the ships tour or an independent tour guide please ?
30th June 2016

Ushuaia Tours
The tour was booked through the ship's booking service because it was very difficult to find / contact alternative tour operators. Hope you enjoy your time in Ushuaia.
11th May 2016

Your travelblog
Hi Tracy and Bernie - I've thoroughly enjoyed following your South American journey - brought back so many memories of my three months there in 99. Your photos are fantastic and you sound very pleased with how it has all gone. Enjoy your week in Patagonia which you will also love I'm sure. Cheers, Sue
29th April 2016

That bird cannot be real!
It seriously looks like a fake - particularly with that beak that looks inflatable! Great shot :-)
13th April 2016

Amazing adventure
Yes it sounds like you still needed the Alex Lloyd ear worm for this day, not the dreaded Evita one. (One of my least liked film experiences ever when I was wishing for the heroine to just die so we could all go home!) After a number of annoyances the visit sounded truly memorable with lots of different facets to the experience. There is little man made that can eclipse the power of nature for visual beauty and delight! And when you add some interesting little critters to the mix it just makes that whole experience so much better. But I do feel sorry for you when it comes to making your photobook. It is going to either be one very expensive huge monster or you will go through massive torture choosing which great pics to put in or leave out. Good luck with that, can't wait to see the final product to show off your photos brilliantly.
10th April 2016
Pink Tree

Stunning pics
They are really fabulous, I love these images. Well done! I really can't wait to see photobooks when those projects are undertaken! But you will have a lot of trouble deciding which ones to feature I think. How painful it must have been to have those embarrassing people in your tour group! Everyone desperately holding in their thoughts about that arrogant and offensive behaviour. But not wanting to be aligned in any way to them!
5th April 2016

Worth the wait
The photos were well worth the wait, the Penguin pics are brilliant. Hard to imagine how anyone could be disappointed with the numbers, they have been watching too many docos and need to go further south I guess. When the photobook is finally being produced it will evoke such wonderful memories of your adventure.
5th April 2016

Cape Horn
Yes, you were really lucky with such mild weather rounding the Horn. When I did it [2013] the seas were quite rough and the Horn wasn't nearly as clear as it was for you because of the sea spray. You certainly have experienced some wonderful weather for that part of the world. Glad you're home now BUT I'm off tomorrow night for 10 weeks so we'll have to catch up when I get back end June. Ciao
4th April 2016

Hummingbird photo
Tracey, I really like your shot of the Hummingbird in really trying conditions! You have caught the wings perfectly. I'm happy to award you the Gold Medal.
4th April 2016

I'm pretty happy with the shot!
Hi Leo, welcome back! I hope your holiday in Africa was fabulous. I'm definitely pretty happy with my humming bird photo. There will be more birds and other wildlife featured soon on the blog now that we are back home and Bernie can use the desktop computer to upload the photos. I hope you still have the 16th in your calendar to catch up? 💜T
27th March 2016

Hey, I was there too!
Hi Tracey, looking at the photos Bernie took - they could be mine! I was there in March 2013 and absolutely loved Ushuaia. We had an 'Indian summer' that week and it was 14 degrees the day we left for Antarctica. I sincerely hope you get well quickly; you must be feeling like a caged lion couped up in your cabin. My o/s adventure starts on 7 April in Cambodia, then India [8 days], Jordan and Holy Land [3 weeks], then on to France. We train from Paris to Lourdes for a couple of days then on to St Jean Pied de Port for the start of the Camino. We are not walking the whole way, just the first couple of days and the last 8 days [we're bussing about 500km due to time constraints; Vicky has a wedding to get to in Philippines]. From Santiago we go to Finisterre, then Fatima. We had planned to travel back to Paris for about 5 days but now, with the threats of more terror attacks, we've decided to spend those last days in Spain. We'll decide where while we're in Portugal. Who knows, Portugal might be too nice to leave. I still have to get back to Paris because my flight is from there on 20 June. Cheers & thanks for your good wishes. Caroline
27th March 2016

Glad to read that you still have a sense of humor given your illness...
I hope you get well soon. I've been tempted to take the same cruise for some time, but an reconsidering...I get sea sick easily.
4th April 2016

Don't underestimate the effectiveness of sea sickness medication
Hi Bob, we were travelling with quite a few people who thought they were mad taking the cruise because they are sea sickness sufferers, but they all found that they were OK as long as they took 'Kwells' on the very few days when the sea was a little bit rough. A nurse travelling with us also recommended putting cotton wool in your left ear - something to do with the effect that has on your vestibular system - and those who'd been feeling a bit queasy also found that helped. I brought all my sea sickness tablets home with me as I didn't suffer from any sea sickness at all ... just some pesky gastrointestinal bug! I think you need to be much more worried about the germs being shared around the ship than sea sickness!! Of course you can also fly into Patagonia and drive around. We've just arrived home from a seven day add-on that we did in Patagonia where we travelled between El Calafate, Puerto Natales and Punta Arena by bus. We did day trips to the glaciers from El Calafate and a day tour of Torres Del Paine National Park from Puerto Natales. All that will be blogged about in due course. Cheers, Tracey.
27th March 2016

Better days
It has been some time since you went through all that suffering, I hope you have had better health since then. It is hard to soldier on with all manner of symptoms, each day looking for a way to compensate for a variety of symptoms. On our European river cruise I visited an 'apothecary' at practically every stop for a different remedy each time to beat one ailment or another. The joys of traveling en masse! Looking forward to some positive signs of improved health in the next instalments. Xx
27th March 2016

I feel so sorry for you Tracey.
What a terrible thing to happen to you. You, the intrepid traveller and all-round health nut!!!! Lucky Bernie is not as 'sown & out' as you are. At least someone is taking the pictorial record so we at home can enjoy your adventure. Punta Arenas has a mausoleum which looks like a smaller version of the mausoleum 'city' in Buenos Aires. Now that's a whole day trip on its own. AMAZING place. Get well quickly Tracey. It's a long way to go to then miss out on enjoying the trip. Thinking of you as I get ready to 'do' the Camino. Out walking every day for at least 2 hours trying to build up my stamina and prepare my feet for the 'torturous' paths ahead! Have already popped several blisters and reading up on other peoples experiences in Northern Spain. Wish me luck. Caroline
27th March 2016

Good luck on the pilgrim's trail
Thanks Caroline for the commiserations. I'm much better now, but it was very frustrating to be crook ... I'll be thinking of you and your poor feet slogging along the trail in France and Spain!! When do you leave? Bon Voyage. 💜T
23rd March 2016

Thanks for the photos
24th March 2016

Sorry for the delay
Please see also blog entry for 9th March for a photo of Meredith on the bench outside her cabin on the Lower Promenade Deck
22nd March 2016

Soooooo happy to see Steven again. Did you both miss the little blighter?? I don't expect he'll follow you down south, but you never know; weirder things have happened. You both sound as if you're having a really good time - hope your cruise goes better than some others which have returned to port with 1/2 the passengers ill with food poisoning; another one reported just today! Cheers
21st March 2016

Welcome back to land!
Lovely to be getting your updates again. You are making us very envious. It sounds like a great trip - as long as you continue to steer clear of any serious cases of the dreaded TD. I await further updates with baited breath! We leave for Singapore on Saturday, and will be sweating in Sri Lanka when you're coming home. Hopefully we'll have wifi access so we can read more while we're away! Looking forward to catch up in about 1 month to debrief on both our trips. Keep travelling safely :-)
21st March 2016
Baby Slings

Welcome back
Nice to see your blog back online, no doubt we will see some more entries in quick succession. Love the photos as always!
15th March 2016
Tracey's hummingbird

Excellent photo of the Humming Bird
Hi guys, it's been a few days since we have had a post, anyway hope all is well, the trip sounds like only for the adventurous, I think we will enjoy the trip by reading about it. The photo of the Humming Bird is very good, that would get you an Honour award at our camera club. Will be in Melbourne in May, catch you later. Cheers Wade and Val.

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