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3rd September 2018

Or how about diverting to Diego Garcia. You were practically over it when you had to make the diversion. On the other hand the passenger would have had a difficult time finding a commercial flight off that island! I've enjoyed following you tours of castles and manors. I plan to visit some next spring, some of which were owned by ancestors.
31st August 2018

Travel Agency - Triaz
Thanks for sharing
25th August 2018

Wish I was there with you.
Loving all your 'blogging' Tracey, and the photos are wonderful. Such an unusual trip; definitely off the beaten track. But where's Steven?? Haven't seen him in a photo for some time. Thanks for sharing journey with us.
22nd August 2018

Stunning gardens
Hi again. What a fantastic location you have chosen for your getaway. Love the colourful garden displays, and the half-timbered houses are delightful. Hope you continue to enjoy exploring and make the most of your last few days before you head home. I am feeling much better today, Phil too so now I need to work on getting more active again. The cold is a bit of a disincentive though! Luckily we soon have a weekend in Nelsons Bay to defrost temporarily!
From Blog: Shrewsbury
21st August 2018

Love the photos, looks like you have seen some varied sights along the way and much to delight a photographer’s eye! I could not have gone along that viaduct!
20th August 2018

Why is the Seagull called Stephen?
20th August 2018

Steven Seagal - long term family joke. Cheers
19th August 2018
It’s very really great information for becoming a better Blog.You become a idol for me.You always change my the Way of thinking.Your way thinking is Really amazing.Thanks
19th August 2018

Old Rufford Hall
You guys have been watching too much 'Escape to the Country' Looking for your dream retirement home? 😅😅 Your new friend Stephen, very cute 🐦
15th August 2018

Loving your photos, these are nice photos Bernie and Tracey, love this type of country. Glad you got your train ride, you may remember our train at Romey Dymchurch came off the track, so we really didn't have more than 5 minutes
13th August 2018

English Heritage
I loved using our Overseas passes! We only had a 9-day pass, so we got our money's worth after two visits (Whitby Abbey and Clifford Tower). My favorite stop of them all was Wardour Castle in the south, not sure if you're headed that way. I found the staff at English Heritage to be unbeliveably friendly and chatty - loved it! I have always wanted to see Conisborough Castle and now I really want to!!!
13th August 2018

Love the photos as usual. There are so many heritage properties within easy travelling distance of Stalybridge. My favourite so far is Brodsworth Hall - very impressive. Best wishes for the rest of your trip
10th August 2018

Love the UK
Was in the UK for three weeks this June - had only ever visited London previously - and was blown away by the beauty of the scenery and magnificent buildings. Love your photos!
9th August 2018

More traveller's tales.
I really enjoyed your trip to Kangaroo Island Tracey. You certainly do get around the two of you and I love reading through all the notes and viewing your great photos. Keep them coming so I can LIVE your travelling with you [in spirit].
9th August 2018

Hello Stephen!
Kangaroo Island is another place I have on my Bucket List. Thanks for sharing your traveller's insight and observations Tracey. Loving your photos too, as always. AND it's SOOOOO good to see Stephen again !!!!! [lol]
9th August 2018

Away again ??
Thanks for sharing Tracey. I'd love to do a 'Great Houses of Britain" tour one of these days; even thought of following the places where the Antiques Road Show is broadcast. Your photos are wonderful as usual. Cheers
From Blog: Brodsworth Hall
8th August 2018

Your article is fabulous got to know so many things about this place. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Keep it up
From Blog: Brodsworth Hall
6th August 2018

Heated toilets ...
Yes that toilet water is heated - and VERY freaky! I remember Daniel and Bridget both telling us it was heated when we passed through in 2007 - we didn't believe them until we felt for ourselves! Maybe that's normal water temperature and they cool it everywhere else???
From Blog: Up, up and away
26th April 2018

Centre on NZ.
How fortuitous that the weather cleared for you at the top!! Love the photos you took. You must have been so happy with the view after walking to the top. Hope to visit NZ soon.
26th April 2018
Miyazu Gardens

Hello from Dunedin
Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time with your friends and exploring NZ. We are here as well and look forward to getting together when you return. Love Robyn and Ian
26th April 2018

Nice Gardens
Yesterday it was aviation museums, today gardens - what is next? Lighthouses? Archaeological sites? I am getting jealous. Good luck with the Bolivia.

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