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9th September 2023
St. John Baptist

St John the Baptist
Absolutely stunning. I have posted this in TB's "Cathedrals, grand churches, mosques & places of worship" thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.
4th September 2023

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Thanks Tracey, love your dialogue. Also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gorgeous Portuguese tiles on either side of the gargoyle.
From Blog: Sintra - Day 2
4th September 2023

Please be careful in Porto. I had my back pack 'picked' - money, cards, passport ALL GONE ! I did not know that all the 'friendly' people milling outside the cathedral were gypsy pickpocket gangs working in tandem !! So watch your surroundings VERY CAREFULLY. The police told me that gypsies are a major problem & they hang around all the tourist spots. So please take care.
From Blog: Porto - Day 1
1st September 2023

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I am quite envious, Tracey. I just LOVE trams. I try to ride trams wherever I find them & take a photo of me beside or getting on them. I enjoyed your description of the 'Wild ride'. Keep having fun you two. Cheers
From Blog: Lisbon - Day 9
1st September 2023

Oops, Portugal
Just noted that I erroneously referred to our adventure in Spain when, of course, we are in PORTUGAL!! What a terrible mistake to make, the Portuguese absolutely HATE being confused with the Spanish. The trams in Lisbon are a bit like miniature W class trams. So sad that our classic old W class trams only run now on the City Circle route … and then only sometimes. Apparently driver shortages prevent Yarra Trams from providing a reliable City Circle service. The crazy little trams here have so much character!!
From Blog: Lisbon - Day 9
26th August 2023

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Another AMAZING adventure. Thanks so much for sharing, Tracey & Bernie. Your commentary is fabulous, Tracey; it brings so much life to your story. I LOVE it. Cheers.
From Blog: Lisbon - Day 4
27th August 2023

Thank you
I write from the heart and often refer back to our travel diaries to help recall the memories. Photos are great at reminding us what we SAW, but the diary is a must for helping us to recall how we FELT. Happy to share and great to hear that you are enjoying Spain along with us. What’s next on your list?
From Blog: Lisbon - Day 4
25th August 2023

Missed the tart photos!
Hi to you both. I am enjoying the blog as always, good old armchair travel while I am not going very far at at the moment. Confined to home with respiratory issues, it is good to have a distraction from my woes. I was impressed with the number of Portuguese Tarts you both put away but no photo of the evidence. As you know from your gelato images, delicious treat images are usually the most popular photo of any Facebook post you can do, forget the crown jewels or incredibly ornate palaces and coaches. A plate of cakes gets the most enthusiastic response I find haha! At least then I know someone is looking. Anyway, keep the stories and pics coming, I will be watching out for your blog with great interest. Love Janet
27th August 2023

Two little piggies!
Sorry to hear that you have a respiratory ‘thing’. We seem to have dodged a bullet and haven’t come down with the bug that the family on our flight had. It’s reached the stage that if we do get ill, I don’t think we can blame the flight, it will probably be riding the trains around Lisbon? The tarts were DELICIOUS and … it HAD been a long time since breakfast ha, ha. Next time we have pastéis de Belém I’ll see what we can do about photographic evidence. It was only later - after we’d scoffed the lot - that I thought we should have photographed our first Portuguese tarts in Portugal. 💜T
24th August 2023

Looking forward to reading more about your latest adventure. I do hope you have a great time.
From Blog: Dubai to Lisbon
23rd August 2023

When long haul is a long haul
Been a while since I have done the long trek to Europe and hearing your description does not have me racing to buy my next ticket. YES people are stupid and can't seem to read boarding passes let alone so stupid that they can't manage to sort their seat together with their minor children. Can't help but wonder if the later were a deliberate ploy to rid themselves of the resposibility for at least a few hours though. Glad to hear you have finally landed and kicked it off with paella and ice cream. Perfect! Enjoy.
From Blog: Dubai to Lisbon
29th June 2023

Birthday wishes
Belated birthday greetings Tracey. And many happy returns too. You are having a lovely trip to celebrate. It was my birthday with a “0” on Tuesday. Since then I have been embarrassed by my friends broadcasting my news on the tram, and today my aquapilates classmates sang happy birthday so the whole pool could hear. Enough now!
30th June 2023

Happy milestone birthday
Sending you belated birthday wishes for your Oh! Birthday. I hope you had a marvellous day and didn’t die from embarrassment with friends broadcasting your news. What a cheeky bunch! I do seem to recall that there were a few of us with birthdays about now. I sent Trevor Welgus a birthday text this morning as his birthday is today. 💜T
16th June 2023

Welcome back travelers!
It was so good to read your entertaining and informative commentaries once more and admire the stunning photos too. I particularly love the photo of you with your new friend Tracey. I hope you are both well and enjoying being back out on the road again. I had not realised Wagga Wagga held such interest so I think maybe it is worth a road trip for the Morrisons some time in the future. Your guide will be invaluable for this purpose. I am keen to see that Glass Gallery, it is something we both really appreciate. If you haven’t been before - the Gordon Studio Glassblowers at Mornington Peninsula is worth a visit and they do have a viewing area to watch the art being created as well as a beautiful display of their wares. I look forward to the next instalments for a dose of great armchair travel. Lots of love Janet (direct from Cobble Cottage Haworth)
From Blog: Wagga Wagga
17th June 2023

Hidden gems
Hi Janet, Great to hear that you are now settled in at Haworth for the more relaxing part of your holiday. You have certainly packed heaps into the last few weeks. You two have given us some ideas for future visits to the UK. Although we have already been to a couple of places, you have certainly highlighted destinations and activities previously unknown to us. I think nearly everywhere has its hidden gems. I only realised last night that the Australian Fossil and MIneral Museum is in Bathurst so we managed to fit that in this morning before leaving Bathurst behind us. It can be hard to find out about ALL the sightseeing opportunities that are available when you are on the road. Despite the internet!! 😆💜T
From Blog: Wagga Wagga
15th June 2023

I hope you have some nice, warm days for your trip. I remember staying with some relatives on their farm in Culcairn many decades ago. I'm sure I must arrived at and departed from the Culcairn railway station. I even briefly went to the Culcairn school with my cousins. Happy travelling!
17th June 2023

Hi Joy, lovely to hear from you. I am happy to have triggered some childhood memories for you. A train trip to Culcairn to visit with your cousins sounds like quite an adventure! We have been lucky with fine and sunny weather so far.
10th December 2022

Good to see the usual great photos. You are packing a lot into this trip. Hope you will have time to visit one of the glaciers.
10th December 2022

Only a quick trip this time
Hi Joy, this was mainly just a quick trip to catch up with our friends who used to live next door to us before they decided to retire back to NZ. We do plan to go for another trip (soon, hopefully?) to explore the South Island in more detail. So … no glaciers on this occasion.
5th December 2022

LOVING your road trip, Tracey. It's on my list to plan a road trip around NZ. Perhaps you can guide me when I come to planning it ? ps Where's Steven ???? Not photobombing any of your photos !!!
5th December 2022

There HAS been a photo of Steven Seagull
You must’ve missed Steven who featured in our blog on the 29th of November. We spotted lots of gulls when we were at the seal colony at Kaikoura.
27th October 2022

Fantastic photos. Such a fantastic trip
23rd October 2022

Hi Tracey Since retiring I have only travelled within Aus. Mainly due to a couple of health setbacks and Covid as well. I think I have left my run too late now. I love to hear about other peoples’ travels though and enjoy some of the great documentaries on tv. Your current trip sounds really adventurous: especially the risky infrastructure, food and transport! The photos are great. Cheers, Joy

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