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5th April 2022

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Thanks for your photos, Tracey. I went on a tour there last November because I could not get any overnight accom. You were very lucky & I love your sunset shots (which I didn't see).
28th March 2022

Hi Tracey and Bernie i am enjoying your blog about south australia especially when you were in Kadina , Moonta by great grandfather on my mothers side were incharge of the mines up there and also on my fathers side they were railway men in
worked for the railways in Peterbough there is even a street named after them (cotton st )
21st March 2022

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Nice photos. I would NOT have tried that rusty step ladder either !!
From Blog: Whalers Way
19th March 2022

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Another destination deferred from my planned 2021 SA road trip. My 'Shark dive experience will just have to wait. But you have shown me there is more to do in Port Lincoln, so I may plan to stay a bit longer. Thanks Trabern's.
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18th March 2022

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I am SO ENVIOUS. You are enjoying the exact same road trip I should have travelled last August, on my way to a dive with the sharks out of Port Lincoln. Thanks to covid I now have a credit to meet the great whites another time - YET to be decided. Thanks for 'plotting' my trip for me and giving me some additional sights to see.
15th March 2022

Another interesting adventure
Great to see you are travelling again Tracey. Great photos as usual. I always learn quite a lot from your blogs. Love the swimming spots you found too. Interesting that Cape Spencer (and presumably Spencer Gulf) was named after Princess Diana’s ancestor. I hope the rest of your trip goes well. Cheers Joy
14th March 2022
Long way back to Port Germein

Impressive images
As usual I am enjoying your blog and the wonderful images accompanying your words. The storm images are spectacular! I can imagine how strange it must have looked from your vantage point. I was intrigued by the tree in the road. I can understand any reluctance to remove that beautiful old tree, but I hope there is not too much through traffic at night! These historic townships are a joy to a photographer. It is always a delight to find old buildings whether restored or falling to ruin. They tell a story of what was before. I am looking forward to hearing the continued tales of your travels. Love Janet
13th March 2022

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Thanks Tracey & Bernie - love following your journey which I should have done last August, BUT had to cancel. Looking now at 2023. Take care.
15th March 2022

I’m sure you will get there eventually!
I think we have all had to be very patient about making and re-making our travel plans to try to fit around the restrictions that have been in place. Hopefully things are starting to get back to being a bit closer to normal nowadays.
8th March 2022

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LOVE touring with you. My road trip to SA had to be cancelled last year (I was going to Port Lincoln to dive with the sharks) so you are both travelling the path I had planned to do. Now looking at 2023. Be safe 'roadies'.
15th March 2022

COVID has a lot to answer for!
I imagine that like us you have been very frustrated by the limits that have been imposed on our ability to travel in the last two years. Thank goodness things are starting to get going again. We were excited the other day to be in a car park in a South Australian National Park together with NSW and Queensland registered vehicles!!
2nd March 2022

Congrats on your retirement, Bernie!
It seems so long since we rode together on the Bike and Barge trip. Nice to hear you are out and about again. Winter here in Canada. Between the weather and the pandemic, we haven't been doing much. Planning a weekend in Jasper National Park in the spring. Hope to be able to do some biking then.
1st March 2022

Hooray to new adventures
Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences as you enjoy exploring new sections of our beautiful country. Paul and Paula crossed the SA border yesterday too so maybe you will cross paths along the way. I am not sure where they are going specifically but they are also doing a bit of a road trip. I saw two photos of that border sign yesterday. It seems we all get a little excited at the prospect of travels!
15th March 2022

Definitely more travellers these days
It certainly seems like people are keen to get into SA. I am aware of quite a few other Victorians who have just been, are here at the moment or are planning a trip soon. As it turns out, with the rain up north, South Australia has been a much better option for travel. There has been a weather alert today about flash flooding in Broken Hill where we are planning to be at the end of the month. Hopefully not too much damage has been done??
11th November 2019

Newcastle to Blue Mountains
Oh dear...why didn't you drop in on the way??????
11th November 2019

Flying visit to Newcastle
Hi Gabriel and Yin, we were in Newcastle for such a short time and we were travelling with friends which made it a bit awkward to catch up with Bunnik’s friends in the area. As we said to Gloria, when Bernie finishes work and we can travel to Australian destinations at our leisure we’ll be in touch if we’re passing through Newcastle. I hope you are both keeping well and enjoying holidays in exotic locations. Our next trip is a short one to the Sunshine Coast in Feb and a cruise from Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap in October 2020. Bernie plans to finish work around the end of May in 2021. ?T
16th August 2019

The usual high standard!
Hi all. Enjoying following your travels and loving the brilliant images shared here. You have such a great eye for light and perspective. Stay warm! Thanks for sharing
From Blog: Canberra
18th August 2019

Glad you’re enjoying our travel tales
Hi, hi, I’m surprised you have had time to follow our current travelblog as your own holiday has sounded very busy. We have seen in your posts that you and the girls have packed a lot into the last few weeks. ?T
From Blog: Canberra
13th August 2019

I'm reading your blog on the Campbell's,
I'm reading your blog on the Campbell's, very interesting, I am doing the family tree and came across some useful info. Thanks for sharing :)
From Blog: Clan Campbell
18th August 2019

Happy to be of assistance
I’m glad that you found our post about tracking down Campbell graves in Scotland useful. If you think we might be able to fill in any other gaps let us know. Happy ancestor hunting. Regards, Tracey and Bernie
From Blog: Clan Campbell
10th August 2019

Hi Tracey & Bernie, I love driving the East Coast. One holiday (BR -- before retirement), I took 6 days to drive to Brisbane (inland route), then 8 days back down the coast stopping at every beach I found - I'm sure I missed my calling as a 'Beach Bum !! Like you I stopped at Coffs BUT, unlike you, I took a room at the pier pub for just $20 !!! It was a basic bedroom with share bathroom, BUT I just LOVE staying in old pubs. Besides there were only 2 of us there. I was very happy. Does the hotel still take guests? See how many OLD barns/sheds you can find while meandering 'off the beaten track'; the more dilapidated the better. Cheers
10th August 2019

Old Sheds
There are lots of old sheds about, but often they are a bit difficult to photograph with either no place to safely stop or too far inside paddocks to photograph well from the road. I am too chicken to trespass into farmer’s paddocks in case they seem me and chase me out on their quad bike?! If I ever finish photobooking our holidays I might set myself a photobook ‘project’ like old and dilapidated sheds of Victoria. ?T
5th August 2019

Another trip
I always look forward to your travel blog entries and Bernie's photos. Hope you're all happy and healthy.
10th August 2019

Hi John, I (finally) photobooked our cycling holiday last year. Bernie’s 50th Birthday trip completed just in time for his 57th Birthday! That is sill one of our best holidays. Glad you are still enjoying our blog. Maybe this year’s will inspire a trip to Oz?? Cheers, Tracey
3rd September 2018

Or how about diverting to Diego Garcia. You were practically over it when you had to make the diversion. On the other hand the passenger would have had a difficult time finding a commercial flight off that island! I've enjoyed following you tours of castles and manors. I plan to visit some next spring, some of which were owned by ancestors.

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