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Europe » Italy June 21st 2010

I know reading the title may seem daunting to you now, but as I sit in berlin´s JetPack Hostel (minus the jet pack) watching a Jet Li movie in German it will not be as overwhelming as that, I promise this post will be short and to the point with some puns, as yall might be expecting, in here. First off, there was Rome, where unfortunately, James Hunter McCoy Haisten and this Fisser wolf pack managed to miss each other by mere minutes. When it comes to speaking about Rome, I feel like Forrest Gump. We were on our feet most of the day, but Brandons used to that-working the streets and all-constantly seeing sights. We arrived and started the day like most of our days, missing a walking tour, so we decided to buy a ... read more

Europe » Italy June 14th 2010

Baby birds, really quickly these are the pictures from Cinque Terre that we have on this memory card. Don't get down and sad but get glad that we got delayed at a train station with a really slow computer that crashes every 10 seconds. Also, there are more pictures for those who wish to see them but it takes far too much time to do this. I hope everyone is looking at these and making this blog and yourselves a national phenomena. Enjoy, Boats and Hoes... read more
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Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre June 12th 2010

First off baby birds, I would like to address some things that just came to my attention that may make this one of the best days of the trip. Before going backwards in time with the delorean and the doc, lets take a minute to talk about what just happened in sports worldwide. We watched the opening game of the world up in Munich in beer gardens which was amazing. But I woke up this morning as excited as a mouse who just stole some cheese or peanut butter from a mouse trap and got away scott free and then told his other mouse friends and was thrown a parade. The Amerrrica vs England match is of course what I am talking about then I got slammed when I read my email, the comment from Patrick ... read more
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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken June 8th 2010

Baby Birds, I have somehow put you aside and have neglectedyour needs to hear from us and for that I apologize. I know your yearning and reliability on us but I just like to push the limits. Last time we posted we were actually in Interlaken but if you read and you better have, with some waffle fries, we were actually in Interlaken. Currently, we are in Roma and have been walking through fields of wheat leaving the ranks of slave to one of the most beloved pair of brothers in rome. But back to the topic of this post, Interlaken. All we can say is that the Fisser Brothers got their adrenaline fix there but are starting to get the itch again...So back to the adventure, we arrived in Interlaken, population 5290, according to lonely ... read more

Well here we go again, quick overview of this blog post: Pictures and our day in Marseille. We went to Marseille in between Barcelona and Interlaken (where we are posting from now) for one night as kind of a stop over. It's right on the coast as well and had amazing views. Also, quick Fisser Fun Fact, we saw the prison where the Count of Monte Cristo was based off of for all you fans of that. We ate like kings for the night we were there eating bouillabase (sp?), its a dish that has soup where you put bread in to soak it and a whole lot of fish comes on the side and you put that in the soup and create a big mess if you are American and have never eaten it before. ... read more
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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid May 30th 2010

We finally found out how to post pictures here in Switzerland, so I hope you enjoy, I know it would have been much better to read the blog with pictures but that would have taken too long to post and we know how anxious yall get waiting for our blog posts. Alright, another little snag, we have too many photos so we are going to post another one with pictures. I hope you baby birds appreciate us taking time out of our European trip to share our adventures/extravaganza with you.... read more
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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid May 26th 2010

Fellow travelers, blog followers, and of course our baby birds, We are currently in Marseille at an internet cafe with everything in French and a European key board but that never stopped MacGyver so it won,t stop us. We made it to Madrid with no hiccups but finding our hostel there was riddled with confusion. Somehow we walked into one asking where Miguel Angel was...and some may call it luck, we call it Fisser intuition...the hostel we stumbled into was our hostel. Ended up finding the only irish pub in Spain and listening to Now 11 Cd full of American great songs. recap: we met a security guard in Paris who said spanish women were the best in Europe. Brandon and I talked to him, Mack thought he was trying to rob us. Present day: Brandon ... read more

Europe » France » Paris May 22nd 2010

Baby Birds- We are trying to do this in the midst of the champions league final so we will keep it short so we can enjoy the atmosphere: Here are Paris Pics. Boats and Hoes. Go Bayern... read more
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Fisser 033
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Europe » France » Paris May 20th 2010

At first when I decided to travel to Europe I was a wolf pack of one, then I told my brother and thought could it be? Yes it was, the wolf pack was now up to two. Then James Hunter McCoy Haisten (Mack) was informed of the plans and he said he might come. I did not get my hopes up because they have been shattered too many times, but I thought again...¿could this be the third member of the pack? Yes, yes it was. But a sad day had crossed. Early on the 19th we had to part ways with the final member of the wolfpack, we were headed to (and are at) Madrid and Mack was headed to Nice. We parted with our signature jumping high-five, of course stalling a bit in mid-air for ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 18th 2010

Here are some long awaited pictures Baby Birds. Boats and Hoes... read more
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