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15th August 2017

What an adventure, thank you for posting! The read is fantastic (that's oddly weird) and feel that I am reading one of those romance novels that our cousin, Guinevere, is addicted to.... I can only imagine how much fun you both are having! I LOVE the pic of Lauren and the nose pic, classic. This baby bird is tweeting love songs to you both... Here's to being the best you can be tomorrow and the day after that..... xoxox Kristen
11th September 2015
Fisser 044

Boules ? Boles? Balls?
They still do this?!
From Blog: Pics we Promised
11th September 2015

Pls send pic of tatoo
16th July 2012

So glad you all survived the bulls. You now have bragging rights for life!
13th July 2012

Really Doug no pics?
Hola! Thanks for the updates....this mother eagle appreciates it! Make those memories! Love y'all!
12th July 2012

Show them how it's done, Doug!!
From Blog: Portugal Dos
12th July 2012

I expect topless photos and don't be so cheap go buy a dam cable or card reader to get the pictures of the camera
From Blog: Portugal Dos
12th July 2012

Balls Deep
It's like your talking in dialect with lots of inside jokes, but none the less keep the info cumming and it's no surprise Triple D will put lots of strange things in his mouth
From Blog: Portugal Dos
10th July 2012

a boom boom boom
I see that either the alcohol, keyboard, or a combination of the two is interfering with your typing and sentence structure abilities. I also see that the oyster shucking skills acquired at whole foods has paid dividends. Please give Mack an "oh boy" for me when he rises, along with a spark or 5 to keep his narcolepsy at bay... Hope you guys have the running shoes and hair gel ready for the running with ye old bulls! Be safe and make sure to stretch (that comment is mostly directed at the wild card). Cheers! Brandon
From Blog: Portugal Dos
10th July 2012

Triple D did a great job proofreading
Look forward to some pictures and screen blowing tales in the future
From Blog: Portugal
7th February 2011
Photo 22

revolution steps, that smelled like a bathroom
29th June 2010

Don't forget..!
Ran out of things to say about the Cinque Terre!?....Lets not forget your almost tumble into the ocean at sunset whilst you two were trying to get the best possible photos, or the crazy Canadian girls who consumed about 6 litres of wine between the three of them and proceeded to dance like crazy people at Bar Central or the two Australian girls who almost got away with being American for the night- if only I could remember which sorority I was in! Glad you guys are having fun!
23rd June 2010

I am still reading!!
I am still reading..... I love it, I can't wait to hear more of it.... it should be a song, like the countyr song! I have been following and love all of the photos..... What happened with Katie? What is a Celmson girl? Should I be afraid? Love you guys!
22nd June 2010

Krakow girls as nice as advertised? In the friendly, help you accross the street way of course... I'm still reading faithfully...I appreciate the shout-out... Hope Brandon is still " O-man"-ing it and I hope the leatherman is still going strong... never leave home with out it
21st June 2010
Photo 17

The adventure on bikes begins
this is the beginning of our adventure on bikes
15th June 2010

exciting times!
Hi Sons! I want to do Europe like you pros! Will you two be our tour guides? Hope Brandon's tailbone is surviving. Daddy knew you would be thrilled about the news about the college football happenings. Here's to a fabulous last week! Love you, Mommy
14th June 2010

I enjoyed your Fisser photos! Looks like a cool little city to visit. My blog is looking for travel photos, reviews, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Heather :)
1st June 2010

That is all I can really say, WOW!
31st May 2010

hey guys, where are you heading in Switzerland? Look up George and Kristi in Zug.
31st May 2010

Amazing Adventure!
Hello Sons~ I appreciate you taking the time to keep the blog updated! Fabulous pictures....wonderful writing and the best part, you are on the adventure of a lifetime and having a great time! Did Brandon get a leatherman? Love you!!!!!
30th May 2010

Young Ladies
Two handsome men = ladies chasing, where are the pictures, don't be shy.
29th May 2010

Fly Fishing
Sounds like you found the pot of gold, enjoy.
28th May 2010

Love the update! Thank GOD for your Fisser instincts your Mother taught you!~ Sounds like you are having the time of your lives! If you are in one place long enough let me know and I can send Brandon a leatherman, ha! Thanks again for keeping all of us baby birds fed....I appreciate it! Love you, Mommy
25th May 2010

How is it going?
Hello Brandon and Matt~ How is the adventure going? Are you still in Madrid? It is suppose to be wonderful... your blog is encouraging me to do Europe with you both as my tour guides. Hope you are keeping a journal of all your favorite spots. Continue to make heart warming memories and give God the glory! Love you Lots!!!! Mommy
24th May 2010

I have a feeling today is going to be a great daaaaaaaaaay (Instant classic!!! - Matt you will enjoy this one)
From Blog: Pics we Promised

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