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Europe » France » Paris May 18th 2010

Sorry for breaking the Tim Tebow promise as early stated but man was that internet machine terrible to type on, it was like typing from a pay phone. Anywho, the trek from Brussels to Paris did not go as planned. Where to begin, where to begin...well first of all, we were told in Amsterdam that we could just hop on and off trains, not the case. We had to make a reservation for the hi speed and leave it to Beaver (Brandon...and Mack...and Me) that we did not make any reservations. So, we were left taking local trains and of course nothing goes right again. It just so happened that the train schedule we were given was for Monday not Sunday, and since we had to switch trains three times we were stranded at the first ... read more
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Europe May 17th 2010

Well, the internet is not loading our we will tell you hungry baby birds where we are at. Currently: Paris; Previously: Brussels. Good day. Still hungry? Well, this internet machine is like an 80s computer that takes up an entire room and is mechanical like the "machines" we have seen window shopping sex shops, not to mention terrible to type on: thats what she said. Anyways, i know you are all starving for info, we left Amsterdam for Brussels on a local train, arriving in Brussles, we again got lost. But lucky for us no one spoke english, so Brandon busted out some sign language and we found our way to the van gogh hostel, where we were greeted with a sigh of remorse. Dont worry blog followers/baby birds we only stayed there one night ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 13th 2010

Sorry for all of the spelling and gramatical errors, we did not proofread. I am so sorry I let all of you down, I feel ashamed and a little bit dirty. I promise, a Tim Tebow promise, that I (and Brandon who is right next to me but didn't point out any of the errors) that this type of fourth grade prose will never ever happen again. Once again sorry. Boats and hoes.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 13th 2010

I know everyone has been longing for us to post something, dying everytime you log in and see that nothings been posted. Well baby birds, I am here to feed you. We arrived in Amsterdam on the 12th of May, right away we were lost. We didn't know what we were doing James Hunter McCoy Haisten ran away from an alarm in the airport cause us to be arrested...just kidding the latter part is not true. However, he did have some difficulty buying a ticket from an automated dispenser, in fact we all did. Once we got our tickets we blindly hoped onto the first train we saw, first class of course, heading the wrong way. Anyways that was the first hour in Amsterdam. We found the flying pig, our hostel and our home, right away ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth May 10th 2010

Well hello everyone, It is our last night in the great state of Texas and America. We are all packed and ready to head to DFW at 10:30 but thought we would enjoy a Heineken and the Lakers game. We just wanted to get our taste buds ready for Heineken in its home: The Netherlands. Brandon and I don't know what we are getting ourselves into...but we like feels good... like warm sake after a long know what I am saying. Boats and Hoes, See you on the other side... read more

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