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I just graduated from Texas Christian University and my brother recently graduated from Arizona State University and we decided to backpack throughout Europe for 6 weeks. We only have an arrival date and a departure date, everything in between will simply be a phenomena.

Europe » Italy » Campania » Positano August 21st 2017

So I may have lied a bit to all of you blog followers. I promised a more in depth post about the rest of our experience in Florence and to get you up to speed on our Positano living. However, there is just too much to go over. So, I made an executive decision to cover the highlights and upload new pictures in this post. You're welcome. One second as I go back to my previous post to see where we left off... got it! So quick recap of Florence is in order. Day 1: arrive, check in, eat and then explore. Ended up at a great bar recommended by Tara (a work friend of Lauren's), who studied abroad there, right across from the Medici Chapel (San Lorenzo area). They start happy hour appetizers around 18:00 ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence August 17th 2017

I'm going to make this quick as I am enjoying this Italy trip with my beautiful wife. However, I know some of you just cannot wait to hear from us and our adventures. We are in Florence and immersing ourselves in the Renaissance! I have even began to wear tights. I've attached a few a photos of our trip to the Academia and the Ufizi. After touring the museums, Lauren has decided that she wants to dedicate the rest of her life to sculpting. As she told me, "seems pretty easy". Of course, she always has had a willing subject (me) but can be commissioned to do other work. Any who, we'll catch you baby birds up later on all the adventures but in the meantime enjoy the pictures!... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice August 14th 2017

Baby birds!!! By now you are full-grown adults but I still feel the need to feed you every now and then. I hope you don't mind, nay, rather enjoy this little feeding. The wife, Lauren Fisser, fka Lauren Shoemake aka Shoe, agreed to travel with me for 16 days across Italy. The trip started normally with us racing each other to see who could finish two beers the fastest at the airport. Of course, I won but Lauren was glowing and in high spirits. I hate to have a flashback already but I need to for what I perceive as a great story. As Lauren and I were waiting in line to print our boarding pass for our connecting London to Rome flight, past security mind you, at a majestic place called "American Airlines Customer Service ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 17th 2017

Baby birds, it's been a long time. A lot has happened since we last talked. And when I say a lot, I truly mean a lot. I (Matt) got married to the love of my life and bought the perfect first house with her and our two chocolate labs. We are both developing in our careers etc. blah blah blah. To update you on Brandon, he is still...well Brandon. But the real reason for this post is to announce my upcoming travel plans with my wife (Lauren): we will be celebrating both of our birthdays in Italia. You may have been wondering what that void has been in your life for the past five years and I am here to tell you, that void will be filled. I'll fill that void...nay WE'LL fill that void with ... read more

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona July 15th 2012

Sorry to leave you in that suspense. We met up with Mack Haisten again in Barcelona and so you can infer, or deduce if you are Sherlock Holmes, that when Mack ran he survived. Also, I have to say it since I know Mack´s co-workers are reading this, the things I said in the last blog entry were slightly false, he is a good guy and a hard worker...when he wants to be. I feel like the entire point of this trip was the encierro and this blog is a tribute to it. We decided to awake at 530 since 1) we have never seen the running live and 2) we have never seen the running live. We arrived at the course around 630 and picked our spot on Estafeta about 300 meters from the bull ... read more

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona July 13th 2012

Alright baby birds, I can hear you chirping for more feeding all the away across the pond. So I am here to silence you for a bit. First off, I want to say I hope my buddies, one Joshua Raymond McNamara, wedding tomorrow goes well and she says I do, if she says I don´t meet us in Barcelona. I will say this post is occurring in the wonderful streets of Pamplona where the sangria flows like Niagra Falls, if you could drink all of the falls in Niagra. But before I speak of the wonders of this morning, I must talk about our "One night in Madrid". You might want to actually grab a glass, or better yet, bottle of Spanish vino because this blog may be somewhat long winded, "but I will make it ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 10th 2012

My old friends, my old baby birds, I am glad you are still folwing as umique as this blog is. I also understand ending a sentence in a prepositieon is not phenotically corect. Everyone was doing handstands and showíng their balancing skills, Doug lasted the longest (thats what she said) and I, as luck would have it, also got poopped on by a large pigeon but it is all good because being pooped on is considered good luck. oh my goodness, Doug is trying to type right now, and I realize I might not be the most exotic typer but I am doing the job. Triple D has been silenced. Lisbon hsd treated us right, and there are mant picrtures to attesrt to that pouintt. Mainly, MACK AND bRYce HAVE PASSSED OUT BUT dOUG AND I ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 8th 2012

alright, We arrived in Lisbon in one piece...well somewhat as Bryce was lost and incomplete without a retro 80s Chicago Bulls hat. But I will tell baby birds this is unprecendented as I am typing around 4 am with one, "Teach me how to Dougie" Doug proofreading this, so if any mistakes occur it is completely on him. Anywho, we are safe in Lisbon as long as ´Mack avoids streets with any cars in the street because he just walks across like any other gypsy. One James McCoy Haisten is by far the most American of us, which puts us to shame at times. As he escalates his voice and points indirectionally, we all feel less American. As I have stated before, Bryce,s rhetoric has saved us, mainly because no one speaks Portuguesue but they they ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley June 12th 2012

Alright ladies and gentlemen, or should I bring it back to calling you baby birds, I am going to stick with biby birds. It is time I introduce the next expedition: the Western Conquest of Europe (including the running of the bulls in Pamplona). Along for the ride or run, making up wolf pack numero dos, if you will, is (drum roll please) one Douglas Duffey. The man from the Northwest bringing the talents of oyster shucking, snow shoeing, leaf raking, and most of all navigating oceans will be vital in this expedition. There will also be Bryce Stirton all the way from the only state to look like a kitchen appliance, Oklahoma. Bryce's bravery and most of all ingenuity will cause us to somehow outsmart the large angry bulls we are running away from with ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków November 18th 2010

Alright baby birds, by now I have shoved you off your nest to fly on your own but it is time, finally I finish this blog and I hope you still are hungry. It has been awhile, I know but life gets busy once back in the states but do not fret, I drank my favorite Chianti from Italy (straight out of the bottle) to relive what it was like and the mood we all shared in this wonderful blog. To recap (I know I dropped the ball on the timing) we have not yet discussed Prague, Krakow, Berlin and the last leg of Amsterdam and I must warn you that my brother across the country (in Arizona) will upload all these pictures this weekend, if he is a man of his word. So to preface, ... read more

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