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13th June 2010

Hey, thanks for checking on the Fire King for me! You just never know where you might find that fine china!
13th June 2010

Looks like it was worth leaving at 5:00 AM to have a few hours in Girona. Seems like like the Catalan speaking people spread to some of the most picturesque places in Europe. Can't wait to see your pics and read about Sardinia.
7th June 2010

Another Gem of a Find
What a beautiful little town. Quaint or picturesque just doesn't do justice to describe it based on your photos. What a great way to spend the weekend. You'll miss these jaunts when you return to the States so enjoy!
28th May 2010

It sounds like the lobster stew indulgence was worth it, not to mention the terrifc views each place you eat seems to have. Run into many British tourists lately?
27th May 2010

You've got to love a culinary tradition where even the chocolate desserts have a connection to pork. It seems like you've picked the perfect time to visit - beautiful weather, few tourists.
From Blog: Cala en Bosch
26th May 2010

What a lovely island that I would know nothing about if you hadn't traveled there. That's a great photo of you and Alex. Is the body under the altar in the Cathedral a statue or is it an "incorruptible" body of a dead saint?
25th May 2010

Ditto what Mom wrote
I don't get the English/Irish tourist thing either. We'll have to add Menorca to the places to visit list.
25th May 2010

Everything looks incredible! What a wonderful life you have in case you don't realize it!
24th May 2010

So glad you're traveling again so I can get my daily food/travel blog fix. I seriously have to get to Barcelona soon, but I'm no longer sure if it's for the Gaudi architecture or the pork. Have a glass of Cava for me.
24th May 2010

Oh, no, a tiled snake!
Oh, Jeff, I miss you already! On quick glance at the first photo in this blog made me think you had a huge snake behind you!
20th April 2010

j aime tout de cette ville
j aime cette ville du fond du coeur
28th March 2010

Hey Jeff, I really enjoyed your Austria post. I have always wanted to go there. My blog is looking for good travel photos. If you have time, email us some at or check us out at Continued fun on your travels, Heather
28th March 2010

The Torte looks incredible!
25th March 2010

Glad to hear you're not letting blisters get in the way of sightseeing, eating and drinking. You make your family proud! You've whetted my appetite for travel to Germany.
24th March 2010

What a bizarre little country
24th March 2010

I agree that the memorial to the Holocaust looks truly lame. The kartoffelkuchen looks very appetizing; is it a coincidence that the Polish word for potato is kartofel? The beer you're drinking is inviting; if I were with you, I think I'd even have one!
23rd March 2010

Ach du Lieber!
Looks like you're having a great time in Berlin. Are you enjoying the switch from gallons of wine to copious amounts of beer? The photos are great and the sites so historic. There was a recent article in the Chicago Tribune Travel section about the lack of promotion of German tourism. Seems like the Germans are still a bit self conscious from the war. Have anyone mistaken you for a native yet? Your grandfather's ancestors (my side) are from Bavaria, the very Catholic part of Germany. The fried herring with potatoes and onions look zer gut! I hear the night life is amazing as well. Maybe you'll get a chance to check it out in the next few nights.
23rd March 2010

Looking Good
You look incredibly handsome and happy! I'm enjoying your blogs and feel as if I'm traveling with you!
21st March 2010

fajne zdjęcia...
...jednak, czemu Ciebie na nich nie widać..;(
From Blog: España verde
19th March 2010

You're so funny!
I laughed hysterically when reading this blog. When Uncle Ray and I were packing to go to Riviera Maya I felt certain that our luggage wouldn't be lost, so I didn't pack toiletries nor underwear in our carry-on bags. Of course, upon landing in Mexico, we were told our luggage was never even placed on the plane -- but would arrive in a couple of days! Uncle Ray's solution was to wash our underwear in the bathroom sink every night and use the hair dryer to blow it dry! You could try his solution, or try the old American Indian solution which is to: "Wash in stream. Dry in sun."
18th March 2010

What an incredibly amusing entry! I found myself laughing out loud. And what a gorgeous place!! Hopefully you got past the trauma and are enjoying yourself (and were able to buy some underwear).
18th March 2010

Great posting!
I'm really enjoying reading about your travels! What amazing experiences you're having! Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great posting!
18th March 2010

The coastline looks like New England!
18th March 2010

The Fulbright Life!
I'm not acquainted at all with Santander. What a beautiful part of Spain - great photos. The conference should be a blast if you don't sleep through it from all the wine.
15th March 2010

Oh, Jeff, at first glance I thought you were eating some kind of worms! Then, I read your blog and realized how wrong I was! Enjoy Santander. I've heard it's beautiful.
From Blog: La Calçotada

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