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14th April 2012

Thanks for 'Merħba lil Malta!'!
I'm rather new here and haven't read very much. But Jeff, Your entry is what I think a such post should be. First of all it's very artless, unsophisticated - the text is informativ and detailed but flows so simply and naturally. It's just delight to read it: 'A fan of the entertainment selection', 'Food was edible', 'checked in for my Air Malta flight at abandoned ticket counter' 'This luck means disaster will certainly come on my way home'. Short and clear without any irony though with elegant nonchalance. Envy it! Good luck in Malta and elsewhere! From the British HotelFrom the British Hotel From the British HotelView across the Grand Harbor of the Three Cities an
14th April 2012

The Getaway
Hey! Got an e-mail that you had updated your blog and I am so glad you did. Malta looks amazing! So beautiful and peaceful. I really want to go. Carly Rae playing is a good omen for the rest of the trip :) Have fun with the tweens and you better bring back one of their well-known falcons.
26th February 2012

How fun it was to read your travel blog again! The sites were gorgeous, the food looked delicious and the blogging most entertaining! Can't wait until your next trip!
24th February 2012

Need more photos
What? I was hoping for a photo of the "crazy lamb" statues and the psycho waitress -- although the photos you posted are wonderful!
23rd February 2012

"I'd like to be back in San Juan" -- with you -- although I do "like to be in America!"
22nd February 2012

Pleasant Surprise
What a wonderful way for me to start my work day -- reading your blog! It made me smile.
22nd February 2012

Looks fantastic, Simone - and I don't even like seafood! Take a picture of the gift shop so I can see what I want you to buy me. Would love to see more of the hotel, too.
18th February 2011

Information on Andorra
Hey, My name is Katie and I am trying to do a research project, for my college writing class on Andorra. For this project, I need to find someone who has lived in Andorra and ask them a few questions about the area, and other things of that nature. If you could help me out, that would be AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks, Katie
13th December 2010

Absolutely Adorable.
You...are absolutely adorable! I can't believe you are able to travel the world (you look so young) oh well enjoy youth and freedom while you have it--Yours truly, Abe from Phoenix.
From Blog: Escudella
1st August 2010

looks interesting we are in berlin next week we require metal clubs and contemporary art galleries any ideas welcome
29th June 2010

jeff! my sister and i read your blogs all the time!you have travelled all over, how amazing! when do you go back to your home?
28th June 2010

I have so enjoyed your blogs! Great photo of you and Lou!
27th June 2010

Love the hedgehog cakes! See if you can find out where I can get a mold.
26th June 2010

Looks like the weather finally improved for you. Glad to read the scaffolding is gone - I haven't yet seen Notre Dame without it. Too bad about St. Chapelle - it's almost all windows. That's where your sisters and I attended a concert - an incredible venue for it. I remember the ice cream was incredible. It all brings back great memories.
25th June 2010

What can you say except Paris is beautiful even when it's cold and drizzling. The photos make me pine for a visit back. Say hello to Lou for me.
24th June 2010

I misss Paris! And you two! But steak tartare? I'm not sure I'm brave enough for that. It's HOT in NYC and I have no air conditioning. I'm such a hot mess when I get to work each morning. Anyway, hello! Come back to the U.S. soon and let's have wine and cheese :)
24th June 2010

I'm probably the kind of tourist that would buy pink metallic Eiffel tower keychains; they sounded interesting (just kidding). Grandma and Grandpa would be proud to know that you enjoy steak tartare, as they often enjoyed it. Where's a picture of you and Lou?
24th June 2010

that is all?
16th June 2010

I can't believe how expensive the liquor is - 12 euro for a Campari & soda? The food seems to make up for it. The seafood degustation looks amazing. Even the cheap eats look tasty. I was surprised the size of the cavern in Neptune's grotto - it's huge.
16th June 2010

Oh, I'm so enjoying your jaunts! Once you return to the U.S., you'll probably find the food boring! Thanks for taking me with you on your little trips via your blog!
16th June 2010

Keep it up and someone else is getting Algherese coral jewelry.
15th June 2010

OMG - was there actually some reference to a souvenir for Mom and the sisters????!!!!!
13th June 2010

13th June 2010

You forgot to mention you stopped in the poppy field on your way to see the wizard.

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