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20th June 2006

miss you
you look super cute!!! sometimes i worry about your safety, given how attractive you are. so yes im being a mom when i say this, but be careful and make good choices on your adventures, but also have loads and loads of fun. (esp watch out for unique hair colors, i will not stand for your getting caught up with a group of rainbowed haired poles(?) and returning with any color hair besides your God-given blonde locks)
15th June 2006

Safe travels!
Hey Jeff, have a wonderful wonferdul time. Be safe. Looking forward to your stories.
15th June 2006

Don't Forget
Hi, darling nephew, Don't forget to take your rosary that I brought you back from Medjugorje! That way I know you and Kasia will be safe. I'll miss you much.
15th June 2006

DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!!!!!! I like how I am so distraught about you leaving when I would not even really see you anyway. I guess I just like knowing you are only in Chicago or Boston so I COULD see you... Have so much fun, I will miss you :(
15th June 2006

Bon Voyage!
This is so exciting! If I see you keeping up your blog, I'll have no excuse when it comes my turn to do the same. Have a good flight!
15th June 2006

I think the title pretty much explains it all... I can't believe your leaving already. And I can't believe I won't see you again until January. This saddens me immensely. Who will I get to watch make a drunken fool out of himself? I miss you terribly already!
15th June 2006

We will miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a safe trip!! We will miss you! I can't wait to read about your adventures. Be safe! I love you! Love, Jani
15th June 2006

Almost there
You can't fool me, that backpack needs a little more. I'm glad I saw you recently and got to wish you a wonderful time for your great learning journey. I look forward to getting updates and hearing how your journey is progressing. A chance of a lifetime. Bon Voyage!!!! Love, Uli

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