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9th November 2009

Hey, thanks for keeping an eye out for fireking peach lustre! Don't forget about those sparkly stretchy bracelets.
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23rd October 2009

Loved the food photos!
Oh, what great food shots! I love the pig faces! Uncle Ray and I took photos of the food platters at our resort in Punta Cana but yours far surpass what we ate! At dinner one evening, while we were snapping photos of the food we were about to eat, we felt the stares of diners at surrounding tables. I proudly announced that we ALWAYS take food photos! We then saw flashes of cameras all around us as others did the same! Ii
23rd October 2009

I really wish they sold dried pig's faces here in Boston.
17th October 2009

où sont les apostrophes?
Did the apostrophe key on your computer break, chéri? Also, Im quite intrigued by that chicken. It looks like one of the ladies you encountered on the beach in eSpain. We are awaiting your shipment of croissants and those All-Saints little breads. Peter also requests that you send Euro. ...and Kinder Hippos. Gràcies. B
16th October 2009

OMG - get me some of that food!
1st October 2009

Looks great! Can't wait to visit!
30th September 2009

I dig it. Looks very clean. Love the fireplace! You might like drying your clothes on the line--it'll be a true mountain air scent, not the dryer sheet kind. I'd be more pissed about the electric stove, bleh. So glad it all worked out for you and you're out of the shit-hole!
30th September 2009

i'm impressed!
30th September 2009

Congratulations on the new Apartment
The apartment looks great and even comes with a bidet - how European. I'll be curious how drying clothes on the line will work in the winter, but Busia dealt with it raising 4 children so I'm sure you'll manage. You may want to get some indoor collapsible clothes drying racks. The location seems perfect - well done!
30th September 2009

Your New Home
Oh, what a beautiful home. I love the views. Are you using a hair dryer to dry your clothes? Just kidding. I really enjoy reading your blogs. It's a perfect way to share your experiences. Luv you!
22nd September 2009

Gosh... this looks amazing. I'm so unbelievely jealous. Kinder hippos=delicious.
21st September 2009

“Tipic d’Andorra”
So how was the awful looking “Tipic d’Andorra”?
20th September 2009

my next address
I want to live at the casa de formatge, si us plau.
20th September 2009

the tessa.
ina would approve the tarte tatin.
18th September 2009

Glad to hear that Andorran teenagers are as obnoxious as any other. Paulo suggesting to bring prostitutes to a picnic during your ice-breaker did make me laugh. As you get into your routine I expected you'd be reporting more about what you eat than anything else. You didn't disappoint. Pyrenees 2 sounds like a "cheese heaven". Put it on our sightseeing list. What a nice coincidence to have Kasia's cousin coming to Andorra. I'd suggest asking for Polish dried mushrooms or honey. You can make mushroom soup for your fellow Fulbrights. Save those newspaper clips for your mother. Good luck on the apartment. Love, Dad~
18th September 2009

Decapitating quails! What next?? Can you imagine playing Balderdash with those kids??!!! Hope you get that apartment!
14th September 2009

plaza 2 de mayo!! omg!! thats awesome!! hola a flora!! la has visto ya?!
12th September 2009

Hmm...It was near Moncloa at a small restaurant with a terrace outdoors. It was near Chapandas, the Leche de Pantera bar. Unfortunately I can't remember anything more specific!
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12th September 2009

Where dd you have the pastela...looked delicious.
From Blog: Oh Hey Madrid!
11th September 2009

Jeff, It seems that the food in Spain is much cheaper in the major cities than in a place like Paris. Is this true for the majority of the places you have been so far?
From Blog: Oh Hey Madrid!
11th September 2009

Döner makes me happy.
11th September 2009

Just cause I've never commented...
Send ham. You can't pull off the fur. Have fun! That's all.
From Blog: Oh Hey Madrid!
10th September 2009

So this might be a little stalker-y but I'm applying for the Fulbright for next year and was looking online for info about the program and what not. Your blog has been REALLY helpful to continue to encourage me to apply! Would you be willing to email with me about some questions I have about Andorra and the logistics of the Fulbright? I know you probably are super busy and don't have a lot of time but I would really appreciate it! And as for the residency permit, consider yourself lucky you can get it that soon! In France I applied for it in Oct and didn't get it till Jan. Yeah, you heard me. Oh France and your ways, how I miss it :) That means we couldn't leave France except to go back to our own country in that time frame! And the pastis is cheaper in Andorra than in France, surprisingly. I hope all is going well! Kim
From Blog: Visc aquí?
9th September 2009

Wow! Gorgeous! Just don't kill yourself mountain climbing before you start teaching!!
7th September 2009

Raclette machines!
I know what you can get me for Christmas! lol Sounds like a spectacular day; the mountains look amazing!

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