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22nd August 2009

Good luck!
Hey Jeff, best of luck, be safe!!!!
From Blog: Adéu!
4th October 2007

czesc..:) co slychac? kiedy wpadasz do polski? pozdrawiam, jarek
From Blog: Ciao, Roma!
11th February 2007

Putting the dot on the i..
Glad you liked lisbon.. It is a great city to be in, wandering around, dinning out (good and cheap) and going out till late.. Just one correction, the name of the poet is Fernando Pessoa and not Joao.. ;)
From Blog: Muito Bem!
8th February 2007

I love Warsaw too
Oh, how nice is read it, I love my city too, but actually I'm in the country, I work in small villege at therapist center and I miss a lot. I looked at net for fotos of Warsaw and I found this letter, ther are baeutifull pictures. With best wishes Joanna
27th January 2007

Little Correction
the name of the poet portrayed bay the statue in A Brasileira it's not João Pessoa. It's Fernando Pessoa :)
From Blog: Muito Bem!
19th December 2006

Thanks for love my city
I´m a Lisboa guy and I love Your photos of my city. Lisboa is not a Queen but sure is a Princess... of Tejo
13th December 2006

Oh, Jeff, How will you ever be able to eat plain food and drink Gancia after eating such exotic dishes? Don't expect wild boar and rabbit for Christmas dinner at our house.....Love you....
From Blog: Firenze!
11th December 2006

ciao love!
boo im sad i didnt see you!!! but alas i will get some serious jeff time in january!
From Blog: Ciao, Roma!
4th December 2006

Oh, Jeff, What an adventure you're on! Thanks for taking me with you. I especially loved the photos. You didn't smoke any of that intoxicating stuff, did you?
2nd December 2006

Hey no pix of Nick Lachey???? AndbythewaycanyoucallTheresabackokbye. haha no seriously.
1st December 2006

wow that all looks awesome!! very different from most the other places you´ve been obviously... but def cool!!! oh hey and fridays was a good time! see you soon!
From Blog: Into Africa...
15th November 2006

this is a very beautiful and i wish to go there someday
From Blog: Toledo
15th November 2006

tez niewiele rozumiem, ale prawde mowiac, jestem zdumiona, ze koles kocha warszawe. bo przeciez - nie ma co ukrywac - nie jest to taki super wzor stolicy. fakt, ze zabytki mamy fajne:P pozdro:*
14th November 2006

Portuguese (RL024) meets TTH 4:30...The prof is nuts, but we love her. take it!
8th November 2006

i´ll be there this weekend!!
8th November 2006

lookah the hookah
Looks like you are a big fan of the hookah, too
7th November 2006

Oh, Jeff, it's so good to hear from you! You've been gone too long. I'm anxious for December 21st, when we'll all be together -- at least for a little while. What an experience this has been. Thanks for letting me travel with you.
9th October 2006

This is a part of Spain I don't know much about with the exception of Basque terrorists movement. I didn't know there were two other co-official languages in Spain. What are the third & fourth languages? The Guggenheim Museum's architecture is beautiful - typical Gehry. In the one shot of the museum from down the street, the roof is reminiscent of the Pritzker Oudoor Music Pavilion in Millenium Park in Chicago. Anyway, glad to see pictures returning to your travel blog. Travel safe.
6th October 2006

hey you! sry i never comment on this anymore but since we talk online and stuff i dont check ur blogs as much. Mt Lydon's thrilled u got to stay with victor ( i love mr lydon!) i cant wait to see u fro christmas..u better come home before rachel kills me, i hate families of 4. bye! (ps those guys are so sweet!) ttyl xoxo
6th October 2006

Glad to see that higher education is paying off for you
6th October 2006

Hi, darling Jeff! So good to hear from you. Uncle Ray and I are leaving tomorrow for Riviera Maya in Mexico. Mexico also has bull fights, but for all the times we've gone to Mexico, we never saw one. Now, I know I've missed witnessing a bloody mess! Uncle Ray and I will be practicing our limited Spanish while on the plane. All I remember is "el bania." I think that's all I need to know! Ii
From Blog: las ventas
23rd September 2006

Ohrid photos
Hi, my name is Aleksandar and I'm from Ohrid Macedonia. If you want more Ohrid photos I can give you for free. I also have apartments for rent so if anyone need help or advise for Ohrid and Macedonia, please be my gueast
From Blog: oooooohrid!
13th September 2006

preocupada tambien
La madre de Jeff esta preocupada tambien - ese chico le gusta beber y fumar durante su tiempo en Europa!!!
From Blog: copas y pinchos!

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