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4th January 2017

Cobalt glass
Lovely blog and photos. The blue diamond glass hanging in my kitchen window is cobalt glass from Bath. I'm sure you will get as much pleasure from your piece as I still get from mine, 15 years later! Xx
7th May 2015

Luxurious hotel
Going for an vacation that too in one of the luxurious hotel was really amazing. Thanks for sharing this post.
23rd April 2015

Great post and photos.
I'm a frequent visitor to Ratanakiri and it was refreshing to see this thoroughly nice read. I just posted a blog on my recent visit and trek in Virachey National Park. Thought you might be interested:
20th April 2015

We really enjoy reading along on your adventure. Sounds like you found a great place to stay. Keep the blogs coming.
15th April 2015
Lovely Building Facade

10th April 2015
Batu Cave Monkey

It is tough traveling when you are not feeling well. Glad you are doing better. This little guy is very cute.
31st March 2015

We loved our time in Vientiane. We were there during the boat festival/races. A lovely town and architecture. Thanks for the memories.
21st March 2015

Good Memories!
Thanks for bringing back some good memories for us from a couple of years back. I remember well the winding roads and people being sick out the window. We only went to Site 1, but had a nice visit with people in the town, especially at night after the towns power went out. I remember we ate at a nice little Indian restaurant on the main street. Good reading and thanks for reminding us of good times had.
3rd March 2015
Fish Sculpture on the Waterfront Promenade

Hi Deb, 2015 is the Year of the Ram. We noticed last year in China that the ram seemed to look more like a sheep in some places, other places it was like a goat. Enjoying your blogs and photos... Xx
23rd February 2015

Nice to catch up with Chris and Millie. Loving your blogs and photos…..happy travelling.
22nd February 2015

I visited this temple as a child in the mid-50's...
when it was still part of Thailand. We had to cut trees down for a portion a road for our Land Rover to get through. Thanks for the pictures. I haven't seen Preah Vihear ( we pronounced it Khao Pra Vihan) in 60 years.
6th February 2015

Hi Deb, love reading your blog, feels like one is there. happy days ahead
29th January 2015

Never saw you as the cycling type and 30km into the bargain. Keep peddling Deb.
9th June 2014

I've appreciated your blog so much! One of the rare detailed reviews I can find of the India unplugged tour, so thank you! Very honestly written, both the pros and cons of each area. Most blogs/reviews I can find are from 2007, 2008, and there are still few of them. Enjoy your travels, and thanks for keeping track of the tour!
23rd March 2014
Tashiding Monastery

Peace bell at Tashiding Monastery...
Hi there, Just to say thanks for this photo. This peace bell is one of 17 that have been placed at holy sites around the world. I have seen six of them - at Tso Pema (Rewalsar), Himachal Pradesh, India; Kushinagar, India; Bodh Gaya, India; Lumbini, Nepal; Boudhanath, Nepal; and Swayambu, Nepal. I was wondering whether the others were, and it was nice to come upon this one. Hope your travels went well... Peace and laughter, Pamela
5th August 2013

Castle Waikiki Shore
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4th July 2013
Clarke Quay

Indochine / Madame Butterfly
This is the Indochine restaurant where STA Travel had their awards ceremony when I was in Singapore. :) It is lovely inside as well!
9th June 2013

Lifestart Foundation
Hi Deb, this is where we volunteered for 3 months - run by Karen Leonard (based in Melbourne) - know her very well. Ok to take the painting lessons with Sing - we have one of his art works on our walls at home. so glad you found Lifestart - they do good work and for many years. Enjoy. Regards, Ros
9th June 2013

Inspirational & Adventurous Grandma!
So proud of you, mummy! You are doing so much and sound like a confident traveller now. I would love to come and spend a day (or week!) in Vietnam with you, shopping and eating. I hope you aren't feeling lonely at all. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. xx
5th June 2013
Hello China!

This is the bridge we walked across in January into China. Good memories...
25th May 2013

Happy Travels
I enjoyed your entries on India; I am heading there in October myself. Thank you for sharing. Happy travels!
17th May 2013
Cultural Photo Tour

This was a wonderfully written piece. I landed on it because my company (Calcutta Photo Tours) and me are mentioned in it but I so loved your style of writing that now I want to read more of them! Truly delightful.
11th May 2013

Glad to here you are doing well!
Hi Deb, our family is now back in France and reliable wifi and we are enjoying your blog. Glad to hear all is well!

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