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17th February 2013

Wow what a trip so far we love to read ur stories. Can't wait for the book . Trust all is going well for u. Jac and Jo
5th February 2013
Autumn in Cambodia?

I remember the Cambodian 'snow' well! Xx
27th January 2013
Me on The Bridge

Your Hair!
...looks like it is getting lighter...! Is it the sun?
27th January 2013
Me on The Bridge

My hair...
Yep, I know, not much I could do about it. Blame 90 minutes in a tuk tuk....
26th January 2013

Still thoroughly enjoying your blogs! Lovely to see photos of you both. Hope you have a great weekend. Love to my two wonderful sisters....
26th January 2013

Everywhere you go in the world the kids are the same - curious and so open - a pity that they don't have the same advantages as western kids. And I get so mad when I see kids in Australia not taking their education opportunities seriously. Great job girls.
20th January 2013

Fascinating read
Loving the blogs! Already it is starting to make a lasting impression on you. The organisation sounds as if it is very well run.
19th January 2013

Settling In...
hang in there girls - always a bit of a shock encountering how invaluable life is in other countries - how lucky are we - but I'm sure you will make an impression - can't wait to see the mural. Keep up the blogs - great. Be safe.
18th January 2013

Bet you\'ll be a black tea convert before the trip is up.
16th January 2013

Enjoy your stay in Siem Reap
Hi Deb, welcome to Siem Reap. The city sure looks a bit chaotic at first. But if you are like me, you will fall in love with it sooner then later. ;) I would like to invite you to our Siem Reap forum in case you need any advice or just want to contribute with some posts / pictures: It should be straight forward to join. If not, drop me an email! ;) Enjoy your stay! Chris
14th January 2013

Great blogs Deb - feel like I'm travelling with you. Be Safe. Ros.
14th January 2013

Glad you arrived safely.
Love your blog! Xxxx
13th January 2013

Great blogs Deb - keep up the good work.
13th January 2013

Loving your blog already! Looking forward to reading about your time in Singapore. I hope you made it to the top of Marina Bay Sands...

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