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4th July 2013
Clarke Quay

Indochine / Madame Butterfly
This is the Indochine restaurant where STA Travel had their awards ceremony when I was in Singapore. :) It is lovely inside as well!
9th June 2013

Lifestart Foundation
Hi Deb, this is where we volunteered for 3 months - run by Karen Leonard (based in Melbourne) - know her very well. Ok to take the painting lessons with Sing - we have one of his art works on our walls at home. so glad you found Lifestart - they do good work and for many years. Enjoy. Regards, Ros
9th June 2013

Inspirational & Adventurous Grandma!
So proud of you, mummy! You are doing so much and sound like a confident traveller now. I would love to come and spend a day (or week!) in Vietnam with you, shopping and eating. I hope you aren't feeling lonely at all. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. xx
5th June 2013
Hello China!

This is the bridge we walked across in January into China. Good memories...
25th May 2013

Happy Travels
I enjoyed your entries on India; I am heading there in October myself. Thank you for sharing. Happy travels!
17th May 2013
Cultural Photo Tour

This was a wonderfully written piece. I landed on it because my company (Calcutta Photo Tours) and me are mentioned in it but I so loved your style of writing that now I want to read more of them! Truly delightful.
11th May 2013

Glad to here you are doing well!
Hi Deb, our family is now back in France and reliable wifi and we are enjoying your blog. Glad to hear all is well!
10th May 2013
The Ghats

Hi Deb, You took a photo of the guesthouse we stayed in! The cream building behind the sinking pile - we were very close to the action! Love the blog - bought backlots of memories. Xxx
9th May 2013

Love the photos.
Hi Deb, I'm so glad you got to see the Taj Mahal, it is beautiful, and I hope to see it myself one day. Glad your having fun.. and we thought Cambodia was hot.
8th May 2013

Great blog...
Loving your blogs - and you're doing a great job keeping up with them as soon as you've visited. Especially as you are moving pretty fast. Keep having fun!!!
8th May 2013
The Oberoi Villas

The trees are much higher now than when we visited! But it was a beautiful peaceful place to sit and contemplate. Glad you enjoyed it... xx
5th May 2013
Pushkar Street Scene

What a wonderful photo
You've really captured the essence of India in this one.
5th May 2013

We enjoyed our time in India
Really enjoyed your photos. They brought back some nice memories.
1st May 2013

Indian rum
I'm not a rum drinker but love an Indian rum called 'Old Monk'. Very cheap so grab a bottle and pop it in your bag for nightcaps. ;-)
30th April 2013

Your photos bring back so many memories. I can even place the hotel you stayed in in Jodphur. So pleased you're enjoying yourself. Love you heaps.... Xx
25th April 2013

Looks So Cool...
Hi Deb, just read your blog and feel envious that I'm not with you to see the wonderful sights, it actually feels strange reading your blogs (to see what we've been doing) and not being part of it. You sound like you are having a wonderful time and India so far looks intriguing, mystical, romantic, and full of surprises and colour. Keep the camera clicking, and your little pink and purple sticks a tapping. Glad all is going well, wish I was with you. Love you heaps. Ginny. xxx
22nd April 2013

Wish i was with you...
Hi Deb, It all looks so interesting, if not abit overwhelming. It feels strange reading your blogs, about what your doing and I'm not doing it with you. I love all the photos,and you write beautifully, and make it very interesting to read. Will look forward to your next report. Keep having fun, stay safe, and keep on writing and taking great photos. Love it.xxxxxxx
21st April 2013

Well Done!
... on getting out and about, it must have been quite daunting. Sounds like you enjoyed your few days in Delhi. Tell us more about your fellow travellers and room mate! x
15th April 2013
The Vertigo Bar

Love this photo....
8th April 2013

Great photos and family fun
Great to see you all together - amazing memories I guess of this tie together. Angkor has always been on my list of "must see" and your blog and photos are calling me.......looking forward to your next adventures. Are you going to Nepal at all? as, of course, I have just a few contacts there if needed. Safe travels. Roslyn
7th April 2013

Great blog as usual!
Travel safe Deb.. Enjoy! Xxx
11th March 2013

Very informative Deb. You should be a writer, nice and easy to read and comprehend.
24th February 2013
The Mural Wall

Love the mural......

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