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11th April 2018

Temple Stay
What a unique travel experience, great to read about. I think my own trip will not allow me such a retreat this time, but I'm already thinking that Japan may be one of those countries which will warrant a second trip for me. I love the picture with your neighbour, Totoro :)
10th April 2018

A wonderful and very inspiring read. I'm planning to visit a number of the temples and sights you mention here. Great to have a heads up on the more and less touristy ones, as well as the bus routes between them. Thank you :) Shame about the rain (and hail!) for you guys, but it seems you didn't let it spoil your visit there. I look forward to reading about your trip to Koyasan as you mention :)
8th April 2018

Kitty Island!
Aw, how cute! All the cats look very much at peace in your presence :) I loved reading this entry, about off-the-beaten track travel in Japan. I was thinking about visiting Lake Biwa on my own trip, but I think time will not allow it for me this time. It was great to read about your visit there though :)
From Blog: Isle of Neko
9th April 2018

It’s Worth A Diversion...
But if there is one place I went to this trip that you really shouldn’t miss when you go on your trip, it is Koyasan. Check out my blog on my stay there...
From Blog: Isle of Neko
3rd April 2018

Japan is on our list
We always enjoy following your blogs. Love sushi breakfast. Sorry you were to early to see the full blooms. Mother Nature does not always cooperate.
3rd April 2018

Japan is one of my favorite places. There is so much history and culture, the people are great, and the food is amazing. For a non-English speaking country, it is shockingly easy to get around... easier than some English speaking countries even.
30th March 2018

Koyasan and Jokiin
When I think of a trip to Japan, I picture experiences very much like this one! I had assumed that monasteries that offer lodging had historically done so, but you've made me rethink that assumption. We had a vegan lunch at a nunnery in Vietnam almost 10 years ago and we still talk about that meal... but the cold tempura makes me agree with you that the food was most likely brought in. Love this post :)
30th March 2018

It was a neat experience!
I’ll need to find out the name and location of that nunnery next time I go to Vietnam!
30th March 2018

I'm going there in August
I'm going to Koyasan in Augst before I go on my Kumano Kodo Pilgrimmage. :)
30th March 2018

It’s an amazing experience!
I loved it so much there. It seemed to attract a different demographic, and it was refreshing to not have to deal with crowds.
29th March 2018

Fat cat?
I thought that was a cute fat cat with tiny paws... until I read your caption and looked again at the statue. Not a cat. Not paws. I've always thought of Kyoto as a small tranquil old-world place too, had no idea it was so large. Hope the temple stay had more comfortable beds, but I doubt it :)
29th March 2018

Nope, not a fat cat
If you haven’t already, watch Pom Poko. It’s a charming, yet sad tale about tanuki trying to adapt to a their physical environment as humans encroach.
25th March 2018

Japan Revisited
Oh wow, how good it is to read about more of your travels in Japan, much closer now to my own planned visit to the country. Tokyo looks an amazing city to experience. I remember your Robot Restaurant visit from last time! I look forward to reading about more of your travels in the country :)
24th March 2018

I need... visit one of these islands someday. I don't think I'll manage it on my next visit to Japan but on the one next year I should be able to do it. :)
From Blog: Isle of Neko
26th March 2018

Definitely worth a visit.
It took a little bit of effort to get to Okishima but it was worth witnessing a slice of life away from the main tourist sights.
From Blog: Isle of Neko
22nd March 2018

It all sounded good until...
...purple cola! I can't imagine how that would taste with cheesecake, chocolate and lemon sorbet... did it work? I suppose it's an ice cream spider (ice cream float) for grown-ups, but it still sounds weird :)
4th March 2018

Seattle Snow Day
I always think of Frasier when I think of Seattle. Great to read about the attractions which the city has to offer - the Bonsai Museum in particular looks amazing! Glad the snow didn't seemingly cause many issues - we are just recovering from a week-long deep freeze, which has pretty much brought the country to a standstill! Sounds like you had a lovely time in Seattle :)
From Blog: Snowy in Seattle
13th March 2018

Up Next...
Thanks for your comment. Up next: Japan! Hopefully you can get some tips from my forthcoming blogs.
From Blog: Snowy in Seattle
3rd March 2018

Thank you!
Thank you! I do hope to be able to visit Hawaii at some point :0)
1st March 2018
Rhododendron Botanical Garden

But what gorgeous icicles! I remember reading about the people you met on the slow boat on the Mekong, how lovely that you got to catch up at home :)
From Blog: Snowy in Seattle
1st March 2018
Rhododendron Botanical Garden

I handle cold pretty well, actually....
... as long as my feet are dry, I'm happy! It was certainly quite a treat catching up with my Laos travel companions!
From Blog: Snowy in Seattle
25th February 2018

Amazing trip and photos! Hawaii looks really beautiful, and what an amazing experience to be able to see humpback whales so close! I do hope all sorts itself out for you on the next step in your career. All the best.
1st March 2018

Come Visit!
The humpback whales are certainly a treat, and they are the most interesting whales to watch as they are pretty active.

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