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10th October 2021

New York City
Wow, what a dynamic city! So many new things seem to have sprung up since I was last there around 10 years ago. So good to read that you have resumed a bit of travel again. It looks like you were able to have an amazing few days in New York. Thank you for your comment on my trip to Scotland. It has given me a bit of confidence to hopefully travel further afield next time. All the best to you Siewch 🙂
18th October 2021

Rapid Change
Hi Alex. Like you, I last visited NYC about a decade ago (2012 to be exact), and I too observed that the cityscape has changed a lot. But, at street level, it is still the gritty, resilient city we all know and love (or love to hate). It is a resilient city and it certainly can teach most other cities a
3rd October 2021

Wow, this was really an interesting read for me, thank you very much for writing and publishing, Siewch. It was interesting to read that life in the time of Covid seemed pretty similar to you in Hawaii as it was to me in London. The daily routines, walks, getting to know the local parks, local people and neighbours, appreciating take-away food, enjoying tourist sites free of tourists, and appreciating the smaller things in life. I can say I had a similar experience here in London. I'm sorry to hear about Jeff's injury and hope he is recuperating well there. And good to read you are also making baby steps into the travelling life again. I feel I am beginning to do the same myself too. All the best to you Siewch 😊
6th October 2021

Variations of the same experiences
Hi Alex. Thanks for your observation that you’ve pretty much had the same experiences and routines during this pandemic. I think we’ve all had variations of the same experience as we individually figure out how to navigate this weird time. I’ve been following your travels through Scotland - well done on making it work!
23rd August 2021
Leisure and Exercise in the Time of Covid

Scenic Views
It is strange going places with few tourist. It is good also.
23rd August 2021
Leisure and Exercise in the Time of Covid

Lack of Tourists
I hope Hanauma Bay managed to recover when the tourists stopped coming. I often rolled my eyes whenever tourists waxed lyrical about Hanauma Bay, as I don’t consider it a healthy reef. The state is now charging non-residents $25 per person to access this site. Hopefully it’ll be more sustainable from now on.
22nd August 2021

Baby Steps
You described well the process all of us are going through and weighing the risk of travel and where to go. The good thing about NYC is they will start requiring vaccination proof to enter restaurants and other public locations. Keep traveling and be safe.
23rd August 2021

Weighing the Risk of Travel
Thanks for your comment. Sadly I think covid is here to stay so we each have to make our own decisions based on our own assessment of risk and our individual level of comfort. As for me, the places that follow the science will rise to the top of my list - SF is currently rising fast! If you haven’t already decided on your own level of comfort, then I hope you get there soon and travel (or not) accordingly!
8th August 2021

Yes, travel!!
Singapore is a good choice as they are rapidly coming to the conclusion that Covid is just like other endemic respiratory diseased, like the flu and common cold. They should life the quarantine requirement shortly once they have reached their vaccination goal. I wish all governments would follow the science like they do. But going from one island to another may not solve your island fever problem. I hope more countries in Southeast Asia also open up. Singapore is a hub for discount airlines.
9th August 2021

Following the Science
It does look as if Singapore is taking baby steps towards figuring out how to live with Covid from a science-based, risk management focused perspective. I wish that our own so-called leaders would listen to the science. Instead, so many of them are wading right in to the culture wars and pandering to their base - it’s a strategy for winning office in 2022 or 2024, and not much else. History will judge them harshly. As for inter island travel, the insane rental car prices don’t make it a viable option, sadly. I really do want to visit the new land formed by the recent lava flow on the Big Island.
30th October 2020
The Lows

Never been in such a place...
From Blog: Intermezzo
1st April 2020

We lived in Seattle for several years. It is a great city. I've never been to the Bonsai museum. I'll have to check that out next time I'm up there. Love the underground tour. Glad you didn't get sick. Stay safe.
1st April 2020

Bonsai Museum
I would never have known about it if we hadn’t stayed near the Aquatic Center (where a Jeff goes to hedge/referee dive meets). It’s a true gem! Stay safe.
1st April 2020

Glad you got home safe and virus-free Siewch. Seattle looks intriguing, and I like the way you got deep down to some interesting, quirky and off-the-beaten track sights there. Thank you also for the message of encouragement in these strange times, giving hope that we will indeed return to normal at some point, and will be appreciating the gift of travel again more than ever before. Take care at this time, be safe and healthy.
1st April 2020

Quirky Seattle
Seattle has lots of entries in Atlas Obscura; I would love to spend more time here and slowly check off the Atlas Obscura entries one by one. It’s a really fun city and you should visit if you haven’t already done so. Stay safe.
30th March 2020

Glad you and Jeff are ok
Glad neither of you caught the new virus. I've been home myself for a week now and I'm looking at another week ahead of me at home due to a cough and a runny nose. No clue if I caught the new virus or not but I'm following the official guidelines. I really wish they would test here in Sweden though as it would be nice to know if I actually need to keep isolated or not. I'm just looking forward to when this is all done and over with so that I can get back on the road.
30th March 2020

Actually, we don’t know if we have the virus...
We’re asymptomatic, but we haven’t been tested. There is an awful shortage of test kits here in the US. We’re maintaining social distance and staying home as much as we can. Like you, we want to know whether we have it. We don’t want to be the next Typhoid Mary. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon.
30th March 2020
Pacific Bonsai Museum

Amazing Bonsai!
This might well be the most beautiful one I've seen yet!
30th March 2020
Pacific Bonsai Museum

This was among my favorites too!
This bonsai reminded me that these are actual trees.
28th March 2020

Mermaid on a diet
Interesting to see how the mermaid got thinner and more modest over the years.
28th March 2020

Wow, you’re right...
It’s sad that even a representation of a mythical creature has to conform to an ideal body image.
8th March 2020

It stays with you, doesn’t it?
Well written, bro. I’ve traveled many places but tana Toraja will remain one of my most intense, best trips. It’s really hard to understand what this place really feel like to other, you know? Travel on, man.
12th March 2020

“Intense” certainly describes Tana Toraja
Nine months on, I still think about the amazing time I had in Tana Toraja. It certainly ranks as one of my most intense travel experiences. Thanks for your kind words. Incidentally, your blog on Flores inspired me to explore that island back in 2017. I look forward to reading about your onward travels in Java. Happy Trails!
15th October 2019

Beggars of Mount Popa
Hey, I just read your post having just ventured out this morning to Mount Popa. Unfortunately I have further information about the people you saw road side. They have been there for three years. Their village burned (or was burnt) down and the government relocated them into small “compound like” accommodations. They have no belongings and have no means of income. It is a truly disturbing site and one of those times where to good will of of passing people (all be it very impersonal and almost disregarded) have perpetuated the problem. Just thought you might have been interested in this. We have a very knowledgeable and fluent English speaking guide Cheers.
15th October 2019

Wow. Thanks for the information.
This makes it even more disturbing. Thanks for shedding light on this.

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