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26th June 2015
If You Like It, Put A Ring On It

Love this photo!
And a massive congratulations to you and Jeff! :)
26th June 2015
If You Like It, Put A Ring On It

Hopefully Australia will be the next to pass marriage equality!
22nd February 2015

Hungry now...
Loved looking through these photos, but wish you'd given them a rating so I could pick the best ones for my next trip to Singapore :)
23rd February 2015

Haha, consider this payback for all the food pics you posted when you went to Malaysia!
17th February 2014

Good Blog
Thanks my friend - wow, a lot of flying for so short a stay! One of the things I love about living in Florida is the access to the Caribbean!!
18th November 2012

Siewch, Great Blog! Loved the pictures of Gigi. How is Hawaii Treating you?
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