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25th July 2022

Hit the ground running
I'm seriously impressed with how much energy you two tackled your two days in Berlin, specially given the night spent in Heathrow on the way there! I loved that you went to the David Hasselhoff Museum, I'm so curious about his relationship with Germany, and the fact that he still pops up on ads in Australia! That man has done pretty well from two TV shows (I did love Knight Rider very much though) :)
23rd July 2022

We love Berlin... thanks for the memories.
23rd July 2022

It’s Worth Another Visit!
Berlin certainly was a revelation! I would love to visit again, stay longer, and get a deeper understanding of the city and its people!
24th January 2022

Places and Names
Ah, you're right - we do have a bit common in terms of places we've lived and are from - Northern England and Singapore, how true! Singapore was certainly a formative experience for me, and I do hope to go back someday. We should keep in touch in terms of planning for places, it would be good to meet in a place we have in common and comparing experiences.
22nd January 2022

Lovely to read about your reminiscing, Siewch. I often think about revisiting the places abroad where I've lived, wondering how much they have changed. It must have been a lovely trip down memory lane for you, especially as Bangkok seems to have done so much in making you who you are today. Your 2017 Aircraft Graveyard blog was actually your first blog entry I read, so reading this was also a trip down memory lane somewhat for me too ?
24th January 2022

Places and Names
I suspect your experience living in Singapore has some parallels to my time in Bangkok. Perhaps we should plan on being in Singapore (and maybe even Northern England) at the same time and writing blogs from each others’ perspectives. :-)
9th January 2022

Happy Place
I loved the point about you being in your happy place, Siewch, sat eating at a makeshift table with traffic whizzing past ? It's so wonderful that you were able to get on the road again, and very fortunate indeed that you were able to visit before they reimposed quarantine. Really quite sad to read about the drop in tourism numbers for the locals, though I do imagine Thailand without the tourist hordes must be amazing.
10th January 2022

Thailand without Tourist Hordes
Thanks for reading this entry, Alex. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed Thailand without large numbers of tourists. I was especially grateful to not see any tour groups from Mainland China; they tend to be rather loud, and, because I speak Mandarin, I have a hard time tuning them out. As for eating street food with traffic whizzing past, well, I can't think of a better way to connect with a place!
31st December 2021

Well Done!
Wow, well done Siewch! I'm mightily impressed that you were able to face the bureaucracy, and get out there on the travelling road again. Very inspiring ? I too would have had a fitful night awaiting the test result, and well done on your decision to continue despite the new variant emergent. I'm happy that you are travelling again, and happy to be reading your blog entries again! Hope you had a lovely time in Singapore with your family, and I loved reading about your explorations of Chiang Mai from more of a local's perspective. The Hobbit house café looks amazing ?
3rd January 2022

Crossing Borders
Thanks for your comments, Alex. It certainly is nerve wracking crossing borders during this pandemic. In fact, both Singapore and Thailand have temporarily suspended the programs I utilized to enter those countries without quarantine, so I timed by travels just right. Hope you’re doing well as you plot your way to 100 countries!
30th December 2021

Enjoyed your blog—brought back memories!
30th December 2021

I checked out your Bangkok entry
I looked up your Bangkok blog. Thanks for delving beyond sights you saw.
9th December 2021

Thanks for reading my blogs about Thailand. As for the book, I wish it was on Kindle...not sure of the condition of 20 year old paperbacks! I have read many other books by expats, however. It is good to read other perspectives.
8th December 2021

Thank you so much for this blog...
I also grew up in Bangkok, and your reliving of your time there brought back so many memories of my own.
9th December 2021

Wow, I just dug up your blog on Bangkok. What an amazing insight into a Thailand I never experienced. You were probably there not long after Carol Hollinger wrote Mai Pen Rai Means Nevermind. It's worth a read if you haven't already read it.
6th December 2021
Wat Mahathat

Thailand has so many beautiful statues and sculptures. I'm enjoying your trip.
6th December 2021
Wat Mahathat

Thailand has a special place in my heart as my time there shaped much of my young adult life. Thanks for following me!
6th December 2021
Khao Soi

I'm glad you are traveling again, blogging and enjoying wonderful foods.
7th December 2021
Khao Soi

Speaking of Food...
Watch out for my forthcoming Bangkok blog... you're going to be blown away!
10th October 2021

New York City
Wow, what a dynamic city! So many new things seem to have sprung up since I was last there around 10 years ago. So good to read that you have resumed a bit of travel again. It looks like you were able to have an amazing few days in New York. Thank you for your comment on my trip to Scotland. It has given me a bit of confidence to hopefully travel further afield next time. All the best to you Siewch ?
18th October 2021

Rapid Change
Hi Alex. Like you, I last visited NYC about a decade ago (2012 to be exact), and I too observed that the cityscape has changed a lot. But, at street level, it is still the gritty, resilient city we all know and love (or love to hate). It is a resilient city and it certainly can teach most other cities a
3rd October 2021

Wow, this was really an interesting read for me, thank you very much for writing and publishing, Siewch. It was interesting to read that life in the time of Covid seemed pretty similar to you in Hawaii as it was to me in London. The daily routines, walks, getting to know the local parks, local people and neighbours, appreciating take-away food, enjoying tourist sites free of tourists, and appreciating the smaller things in life. I can say I had a similar experience here in London. I'm sorry to hear about Jeff's injury and hope he is recuperating well there. And good to read you are also making baby steps into the travelling life again. I feel I am beginning to do the same myself too. All the best to you Siewch ?
6th October 2021

Variations of the same experiences
Hi Alex. Thanks for your observation that you’ve pretty much had the same experiences and routines during this pandemic. I think we’ve all had variations of the same experience as we individually figure out how to navigate this weird time. I’ve been following your travels through Scotland - well done on making it work!

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