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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Mount Field February 14th 2010

Fifth Day Mount Field National Park is Tasmania's oldest national park (1916) and also one of the oldest reserves in Australia. Oh and one of the few places you can ski in the Winter. Its highlight is the Giant Tree Walk - a forest walk of swamp gums (Eucalyptus regnans), the tallest hardwood trees in the world growing to 70-100 m (230-330 feet) - and plenty of cricking of necks. (Californian Redwood trees are taller, but these are softwood trees, and botanists do not classify them as flowering plants). In 1899 Tasmania was the first British colony to issue scenic stamps; they included ones of Russell Falls. Yes, more waterfalls! After this we drove up a terribly winding lumber road watching out for trucks and hoping they didn’t push us off the narrow road. We narrowly ... read more
Russell Falls
Mount Field National Park
Mount Field National Park

Fourth Day Yet another waterfall! Great big torrents of water that only seem to remind me of a toilet flush at which point I fell the need to relieve myself. I've been to so many over the past year that I find them quite tedious now - that's the downside of travel I'm afraid.Nelson Falls are nice...on the 10 minutes it took to walk to it we went through temperate rainforest - a canopy of at least seven species of fern. And when the rains come and the rivers swell all falls look spectacular... Nelson Falls here... But, I can safely say that nothing so far on this trip has compared to these that I have visited: Anisakan Falls (Hampshire Falls) in Burma/... read more
Nelson Falls
Frenchman's Cap!
Surprise River walk...

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Corinna February 7th 2010

First night in a swag and not bad, not bad at all. It had a mattress, which is luxurious when you've spent many nights with nothing but a thin sleeping bag between you and the hard ground, oh and a flap (technical word) so I could completely hide myself. Some people had complaints of claustrophobia because there's not much space in there but I was fine, coffin-wise. After tea and toast on the fire we all got our bags ready and took turns in the bathroom. I got talking to one of the Dutch girls from another trip who happened to have studied in the same department as me at King's College London. She was now working for a Dutch think tank in international relations in the Hague. Now, why aren't I doing that? It was ... read more
Savage River, Tarkine
Atop Mount Donaldson
Mount Donaldson trek

'It is acknowledged even by all the rival colonies that of all the colonies Tasmania is the prettiest… may be said of the small island that, go where you will, the landscape that meets the eye is pleasing, whereas the reverse of this is certainly the rule on the Australian continent. And the climate of Tasmania is by far pleasanter than that of any part of the mainland... Everything in Tasmania is more English than is England herself.' (Australia and New Zealand, by Anthony Trollope, 1873) This is why Tasmania was always on my list of things I definitely wanted to see when arrived in Australia. I’ve since discovered other interesting things about the place: Mainland Australians use Tassie as the butt of all jokes, namely they are a bunch of red-necked, convict-bred, incestuous simpletons. I ... read more
Cataract Gorge at Launceston
Cataract Gorge at Launceston
Cataract Gorge at Launceston

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » City Centre February 2nd 2010

New Year’s Eve As soon as I got to Melbourne I was having second-thoughts on driving along the Great Ocean Road with Doreen from Germany. Where was the rush? I'd have plenty of time to do the trip once I'd properly settled in Melbourne. So I spent the day at the North Melbourne Public Library researching an alternative trip to Tasmania instead. I sat at the back of the library keenly investigating package tours and travel partner ads on Gumtree via my laptop. Then a pretty girl wearing intelligent-looking spectacles walked in and sat next to me opening her notebook laptop. After a while of conspicuously ignoring each other she noticed my Tassie research and asked if I was going to Tasmania because she was too. We then got talking about trips to Tasmania and then ... read more
Melbourne from Southbank
Bored in the YHA
Him n Her

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » North Melbourne February 2nd 2010

Cancelled trips Road trips: Australia is great for 'em; the seemingly endless tarmac, the wind in your hair, loud music pumping from the speakers, and that glorious scenery. The fact that I can't drive nor hold a driving licence is not an issue! In fact I quite like NOT driving - all that concentration and no alcohol. Borrrrring! But, maybe I should grow-up - learn to drive... I waited for Doreen’s arrival in the foyer of the hostel, I was fully packed and it was a beautifully sunny day. Doreen arrived in tears. Thrifty the hire car company - renamed Shifty by me - refused to let her have the car. They wouldn’t accept her international drivers licence without her actual driver’s licence from Germany - for some reason Doreen hadn't thought it was a useful ... read more
Roaming about the city
House in North Melbourne
Melbourne from the South Bank

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide December 26th 2009

So I finally left Brisbane and flew to Adelaide, the third and fifth largest cities of Australia respectively. The weekend I left it rained a fair bit in Brisbane - a rare occurrence when I was there - in fact Tracy told me that it never really let up for about two weeks. Brisbane was now in the dreaded 'awful season', basically nearly 100 percent humidity; a sweaty back as soon as you left the house. I seriously chose a good time to live in Brisbane as well leave it. Adelaide on the other hand had blue skies - but an oven like heat. I arrived at Adelaide airport in the evening where H was waiting for me. That night I slept on a comfy mattress on the wooden floor of her bedroom. The next day ... read more
St Francis Xavier's Cathedral
General Post Office (1867)
Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane December 18th 2009

My last day of work was on Friday the 18th of December... The last fortnight didn’t seem much like 'work' at all - in fact the Aussies also call Christmas the ‘silly season’ - for ‘tis the season to be silly, namely endless Christmas parties, lunches, morning coffees, secret Santa’s... One particular day in mid December was the university’s Christmas lunch a three-hour outdoor event where all staff received a staff token for a meal at one of the food vendors (Greek, Turkish, Vietnamese etc.) and a beer/glass of wine - which of course was taken advantage of to the utmost effect. Oh and I was also given a free university water holder - the type you take on camping trips... how very thoughtful of them! It didn’t stop there however, earlier that morning, library services ... read more
The group shot - Mount Tamborine
Dear Austrian Franz - Mount Tamborine
The Skywalk - Mount Tamborine

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Murwillumbah December 17th 2009

G'day - how ya goin'? I'm afraid I'm rapidly turning into an easy-going Brit - compliments of Australia. But no worries, mate I still think the piss is piss and will never want to play Aussie Rules Footie. There, see? I've not gone soft - there's still plenty of bile left in this stomach. Next adventure - no time for philosophical treaties in a travel blog I'm afraid - nor am I getting paid to do this y'know. Prologue Australia is difficult to really see without a car, you don't come here to live in the city, you come here to see everything else; the views, the scenery, the wildlife, the countryside, the space and the natural environment. I've finally understood this. I am at one. Yom. I still don't have a driver's licence (at 29 ... read more
"It had better be good Tracy"
mr lizard on  mountain
The last climb up Warning

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bribie Island December 14th 2009

Here's a revelation: having a car is very useful in actually seeing stuff in Australia. Since my time in Brisbane I've been wanting to visit Lamington National Park; a paradise of waterfalls, wildlife and trails only an hour's drive away from from Brisbane. But since I don't have a car and the one person I know that does works weekends, I've had to accept that I shall never see it. I've therefore had to make do with visiting places that are reached by public transport instead. Surfers Paradise (yes, an actual place on the Gold Coast) despite the long sandy beach and gleaming high-rises is a remarkably dull place. A pedestrianised town centre and sort of Costa Del -less) feel to it - it's not Nice or nice. the weekend we visited had the V8 races ... read more
John's Women
the beach at Woorim on Bribie Island
Bribie Island

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