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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane December 2nd 2009

Brisbane in the late 19th Century It's 'hello!' again from 'Stralia! Remember my previous blog entry (Slave to the wage: A pom at work) describing a work-place idyll? Well this one's different, describing routine, boredom and Brissie. My job here finishes at the end of December and despite being offered a job at UQ I've decided not to stay on. I've hit some luck again, what with the job and the house etcetera. Instead I'm flying to Adelaide, South Australia on the 20th - which is currently going through an oppressive heat wave unusual even for Australia. Somebody took pity on my singularity and so I've been invited to spend Christmas with Hannah and her family. This should be quite a cultural experience; a classic Aussie Chrimbo involving lots of merry making a... read more
View from Brisbane City Hall Tower
Her Majesty
Queensland State Parliament

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane November 20th 2009

Hello again! - It's been a while hasn't it? Don't worry, disaster hasn't struck me (yet) nor have I run off with a Jillaroo into the outback; But I have been taking a breather from writing after laying my hat down in Brissie. So, what the hell have I been up to? When I wrote last I'd managed to find a job and a house-share in pretty quick succession. It seems like aeons ago now but you'll be glad to know that I still have that job and still have a roof over my head. I've been working here for two months already and although the job itself is not exactly arduous it is rather repetitive and it's very easy to be distracted (read into that what you will). It's data entry for the university's assessment ... read more
At a desk again
Pizza and Games morning at work
Playing Wii (Tennis)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Mt Coot tha October 21st 2009

What’s Going On Brisbane seems to have a festival going on every week. And the good thing is it’s usually free. Since I’ve been here there has been the broad-ranging cultural Brisbane Festival, the 150th Brisbane City Anniversary, Brisbane Writer’s Festival and this weekend starts the Valley Fiesta. I managed to be around when the most spectacular festival of all climaxed occurred: the RiverFire spectacle, basically a massive fireworks display on the Brisbane River. I reckon a couple of hundred thousand people were camped up and having picnics along the river that night waiting for the massive show to begin. And boy what a fireworks display...probably one of the biggest I’ve ever seen with fireworks off barges in the river, off Story Bridge, even off the skyscrapers in the CBD. The river’s reflection complimenting all of ... read more
Me, Tracy and Marie (Frenchie)
The Brekkie Creek
Meeting the locals...

Settling in So, I was staying at the Billy Tin Backpacker Hostel on George Street and like other backpacker joints I’d previously stayed in there were a lot of-long termers. In amongst all this were the other the transient folk from Germany, France, Korea, Taiwan who were working as slave labour in fruit picking. Or the Germans/French who were out here and were so bloody young it was painful. It was a strange environment to be in; half-student house, half-hostel, with everyone cooking in the kitchen of an evening and DVDs/TV being shown constantly. You then saw the same people on a daily basis, either coming in from work or just waking up and making some lunch. Getting to know Brissie As you can probably imagine I was rather keen to sort myself out with a ... read more
Brisbane and river in day
Brisbane and river at night

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton October 8th 2009

Rocky and Reaching my Destination Towards the end, I couldn't wait to get off the good ship Whitehaven. The Kiwi skipper fulfilled his job description with an awfully trite speech: "I hope you had a great time because I know we had a great time!". We all just stared at each other blankly but he kept going wihilst I wanted to jump overboard... it was excruciating... I've never wanted something so bad to end. Escaping the boat and back on shore Heather, Anne and I were more than ready for lunch. We stopped off at the Magnum B and had, (it never ceases to amaze me here) fish and chips - yes those fish ‘n’ chips and even served by an English lad. Anne soon left to catch her flight to New Zealand so Heather and ... read more
Rockhampton's The Criterion pub/hotel
Rockhampton’s historic Customs House

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays September 27th 2009

Hear My Train a Comin’ I now left sunny tropical Cairns and its hostels which seemed to be brimming with German backpackers and headed southwards along the South Pacific coast. This time it would be different: no more catching lifts with random strangers; no more endless hours of driving, filling up at the gas station or more sadly camp sites. No, over here on the east coast there was the novelty of a railway line, several in fact - which after all of the road travel I had done since Perth seemed very appealing. I briefly considered taking the Greyhound bus but then I recalled the long overnight journeys in Burma and the Deep South (New Orleans to Washington D.C.) - a vicious losing fight against boredom and sleeplessness. Oh, and the slightly unnerving fear of ... read more
Welcome sign as we sail off...
Some spit...
Aboard the good ship Whitehaven

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City September 23rd 2009

"Ladies and gentlemen: welcome to paradise I mean Cairns" - pilot of Jet Airways Flight JQ 58 from Darwin to Cairns. I know what the pilot meant as I peered out of the window; from the air this place is paradise, with an glimpses of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest reef, bigger than the UK and the only living thing visible from the Moon! I’ll add loads of various facts of the bloody thing later because it’s one of those things that you are sort of ‘required’ to do if you are a sensible breathing living human being. Apparently. Arriving at Cairns airport (at something like 8 am) I telephoned the Bohemia Central hostel to arrange a pick-up - the driver was on his way. However, twenty minute later and I’m still waiting outside ... read more
A slice of Cairns - look roads!
Vessels in Cairns Harbour
On the way back to Cairns form GBR

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kakadu National Park September 13th 2009

Catching another lift Before I left Darwin, I had to do one last thing and that was to see Australia’s largest national park called in a typically Australian way, Kakadu. Not only is it chock-full of wildlife unique to Kakadu alone but it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site, containing ancient rocks as well as aboriginal rock art - truly a must-see. Of course I didn’t have transport or a driver’s license to rent a car to go so I put another poster up around hostels asking for a lift from anybody going that way. Enter Kathrin and Tine from Germany and Belgium who was on a working holiday visa in Australia and who wanted to go to Kakadu. Result! We both happened to be at the Mindil Night Market (I was coming back from the ... read more
Welcome to Kakadu!
I'm where?
Aboriginal rock art

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin September 11th 2009

Getting into Darwin We left Kunnunurra in the morning, joining the Victoria Highwayand shortly afterwards entering the state of the Northern Territory, commonly referred to as the "Top End". It literally is the top end of Australia and with a population of only 200,000 yet a land mass of 1,400,000 square km (around the size of Mongolia). So, very sparsely populated and very big. It was also a big old way to go until we got to Darwin, it's capital. We first stopped at Gregory National Park named after Augustus Charles Gregory, an Englishman who explored this coast in the 19th Century and who left an impressive inscription of his arrival on a huge boab tree. That night we camped nearby, ... read more
Border into NT
The Gregory Tree
AC Gregory's inscription...

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome September 2nd 2009

Welcome to welcoming Broome Broome: population 14,000 We were driven around Broome by our tour guide - who helpfully pointed out all of the pubs and bars that we should go to. I’m not entirely sure if anyone was really listening either because they were still pissed (the juvenile clique on board) or tired (the rest), or as in my case - just skeptical. The places all looked like large boozers on quiet tidy streets and not Greenwich Village as she made it sound, but then this was her hometown. Aussies are often very matter-of-fact and in the case of Aboriginal Australians don't seem to see the peculiarities of their country: “If yer see the black fellas kicking the shit out of each other…whatever you do - don’t get involved and try to split ‘em up, ... read more
The red Aussie dirt on my Tevas
My umbrella and Cable Beach
Looking for a ride...

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