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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake March 1st 2009

Vampires and fishermen Sorry for the lack of photos so far - no CD drives in Internet cafe's here in Myanmar The next morning John and I hired a motor boat to take us around the lake for the day. We split the cost and that is one of the boons of traveling together with someone, it mitigates the desire to go independent, which I certainly had at the time. We managed to avoid the commission system of the hotels and boatmen, mainly because the vampireish woman who ran the Teakwood Hotel was so pushy and in your face about asking you where you were going and sorting out everything for you, whether you liked it or not. Inle Lake was the most touristy place in Myanmar I had been to, but the day was rather ... read more
On the boat ride to Inle Lake
Payas on Inle Lake
Robin on Inle Lake

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Kalaw February 27th 2009

Pindaya and Kalaw-Inle Lake trek Morning's breakfast was granular 3 in 1 coffee mix, sweet bread (again) and some jam - not exactly a breakfast for kings (or for trekkers particularly) but it was free and nutrition is what it is so it didn't bother me so much.The owners of the guest house were third generation Punjabi speaking Sikhs from the Punjab, who had come with the British to Kalaw but who had never been to their homeland. The female matriarch took great delight in speaking (very good) English with me - missionaries were active in the area with schools during British rule and as it was too late in the day to do a trek she suggested we go to see the weekly market in nearby Pindaya. It was a baking hot date and the ... read more
The Buddha is watching over you!
pindaya Caves with the Buddha
Me in the hills

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Kalaw February 26th 2009

Don't worry, we didn't get arrested in Pyinmana, but I felt intimidated by the police presence. I say "I" because John G didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary that was going on. I did. First we were made to give our passports over by rather stern looking older men standing around in a very unrelaxed way, in direct contrast to the friendly experiences of Myanmar so far. They looked intently at our passports and visas as we sat nervously on some seats. Then our passports were photocopied multiple times whilst some short arsed sinister bloke arrived and asked us where we had come from, where we were going to, where we were from, what we did as occupations. No one was in uniform so we just didn't know who these people were, and they ... read more
That's the Army... btw
I'm the "external element"!
What's Myanmar for "bollocks"?

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River February 26th 2009

Train from Mandalay Sat on the dirty platform of the train station they stared, pensively at first and then excitedly: parents with children, huddles of red berobed monks, country bumpkins and the undercover police. This time at least, John and I agreed. Outside our wooden “Upper class” train compartment - he unimaginatively and literally watched us. He had the clean look of a policeman, a smooth clean shirt, even smoother face but with a blank slyness. He was doing an awful job of being ‘undercover’ - he may as well have shouted at us to “freeze, this is the police!” So we humoured ourselves with his (and our) compulsive viewing. We winked, pulled faces and offered him some fruit. He eventually turned sullen and slipped away. The teenage hawkers who prowled the train tracks below our ... read more
View from Boat to Bhamo
Boats alongside
Abodes, on the river!

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Bago February 23rd 2009

Me again, So where was I? I ended that last entry really rather abruptly didn't I? Government informers pissing me off and all of that... Anyway, we've traveled north, just about. There was no point going south toward the Golden Rock pilgrimage site because of shitty bus times we'd have had to stay a night after getting there and another after we'd visited it as it's a hike up there that mountain plus the next bus left in the early afternoon. We jumped on a bus from Bago on the main road north but only after feeling the pressure of the English speaking bus and motorcycle guys - we felt pressured into making a travel decision. Anyway, the bus north we got at around 4.30pm and b was it decrepit, the sats were ancient rusty and ... read more
Hangin' of the back of the pic-up
the pick-up truck

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Bago February 19th 2009

Typical day - shocking roads, humping dogs and Buddhist temples Yo! I'm back in the internet room, they've had another power cut, so I've not been able to have a shower at the guesthouse nor able to see anything in my room. Anyway, John and John got the bus from Yangon to Bago which is south west of the capital. We had to get a taxi from the hotel to the bus station which took nearly an hour, because for some reason, bus stations in Burma are located out of town. We were accosted with loads of hawkers and people selling fruit and snacks and drinks. Then when we waited outside the bus, people just stared at us as if we were the weirdest looking people on earth. We returned the curious smiles and stares by ... read more
Local sellers Yangon bus station
Curious hawker
Smiling hawker at Yangon bus station

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon February 18th 2009

Yangon (Rangoon) and breaking promises about hanging with Antipodeans Mingalabah means "hello" you stupid people! But you should see it in Burmese (Barmar) script, it's like Thai but with added squiggles and the number 8 sideways. Marvelously unique to match the equally weird country. Anyway, location-wise I'm currently at Inle Lake in the centre of Myanmar (Burma), in some hot internet room with people babbling in the background; I'd tell them to shut up in Burmese but I might end up saying "thank you very much, it is very hot", weird looks all round. The internet is 1994-levels slow and some sites cannot be reached because of the government. They must have been particularly sensitive around here because my guest house and other internet places have been disconnected by the authorities. Yes, this is a convenient ... read more
Colonial Yangon
Botataung Paya
Yangon Paya

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 10th 2009

All journeys have a start right? So, here's mine. The greatest thing to the start of my journey was the rain; neither heavy nor light, just constant unsettling rain whilst walking to the Tube station. It gave me that giddy sense of escape, that I was escaping the worst of the British weather. Of course it meant I had to bring along my large waterproof jacket, which I'm sure it'll come in handy on the beaches (to hide my whiteness and prevent a break out of white blindness amongst the locals) and on the hill treks I aim to take on (acting as a towel to soak up all that sweat). Who cares about weight and bulk? Everyone asks about the flight, and my reply is the following: The 12 hour flight was fine, I got ... read more
Hallway hotel
Humidity Victim

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