Steve Cassidy and Suzanne Caniglia


Steve Cassidy and Suzanne Caniglia

Well what can i say but we are off - again. Since last time I wrote, i moved to Canada, married my beautiful traveling partner and now we are off again on a second honeymoon. This time we are going to Central America, we land in Nicaragua on the 1st Feb and leave Panama City on the 31st March so by our standards quite a short trip but I'm sure will still be quite the adventure. If anyone has got any suggestions or tips on where to go it would be much appreciated as due to the short notice in planning this trip my research has been quite limited...

We will try and update this as much as possible but i'm sure between this and Facebook we will try and share as many stories as we can...

Love you all


Cass and Sukie

First of all, Thank you Costa Rica but Hello Panama... We spent our final days of our time in Costa Rica in a place called Dominical which was very nice but not much else to do but surf. Unfortunately for us the wave´s were about 6 to 8 ft high we decided to give it a miss and luckily we found a horse riding trek to some beautiful waterfalls. The horse ride was pretty uneventful and to be honest I renamed my horse ¨glue¨as i think that was his next step in life and i almost jumped off and picked him up. Suzanne quickly found her inner cowgirl and was off at full steam and all in all a very enjoyable day. Following walking funny for the evening we packed our bags and headed to Panama. ... read more

Hello Montezuma, a small surfing beach town which isn´t quite on the touristy map just yet, well not as much as Tamarindo is anyway but there are definitely a few tourists in town as you can tell when the bus gets into town and all the backpackers rush around trying to find cheap accommodation when there are only a few to choose from in the first place. After walking around a while ourselves with our heavy backpacks we settled on the hostel with no name, apparently that is what it is called... A few other people were in the hostel as well so we enjoyed a few card games and drinks instead of paying the bar prices... i have also just read Suzanne's email from this week so i will let you read it for yourselves... ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica February 24th 2010

Bye Bye Nicaragua, we will certainly miss the people and of course the cheap prices (and beers). So hello Costa Rica after a fairly easy boarding crossing using the Tica bus to cross to get to Liberia which we used to connect to Tamarindo, the first thing we noticed after getting off the bus was the fact that Burger King, McDonalds and every other yankee fast food place were here, considering there were none of these in Nicaragua we were a bit disappointed. After one night in Liberia we caught the bus to Tamarindo, or at least we thought we caught the bus to Tamirindo. Luckily after we noticed the bus turning away from Tamarindo and we managed to jump off at a junction and catch the right bus so eventually we made it after a ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Nicaragua February 22nd 2010

Well this should be an easy week as we pretty much just chilled out all week in a place called Little Corn Island off the coast of Nicaragua. To get there we had to go back to Managua and then fly on a wee puddle jumper to Big Corn Island where we caught a boat to Little Corn Island. Little Corn itself is pretty small and there are no cars, very few paths and even fewer TV´s and is all about chilling out and scuba diving. The beaches were great and we met some great poeple to chill out with, i realize i am using the word ¨chill¨a lot but believe me thats what we did. After a couple of days of chilling and being walked home by the local dogs as the paths were just ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Nicaragua February 9th 2010

Wow, time is flying by already so i guess i had better make an update on how we are doing. We landed in the capital of Nicaragua (Managua) last Monday and haven't stopped since. We stayed only one night in Managua as it is pretty rough and not the best place in the world, its one of those places you dont even go out at night and the visit is purely for the purpose of connecting further transportation and going someplace else but boy is it hot here, we have gone from almost -30 to +30 in one day... As for us, the next destination was a place called Leon, just north of Managua, and why were we heading to Leon - to board down the side of an active Volcano, yep a 2 hour hike ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England July 31st 2006

Hello one and all - although it's been a while since I updated this so it's probbaly just one person by now and i've no excuse but i'll get it updated ASAP Currently back in England now trying to get a job Watch this space Cheers Cass... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 9th 2006

How hot - in case your wondering - it's very hot, I'm not sure I’m going to actually write about Dubai as I might let the pictures do the talking about our favourite parts... Oh why not, when we arrived we didn't know where we were going to go so we jumped in a taxi and asked for a "cheap" hotel downtown, ha ha, as if there is such a thing as a cheap hotel in Dubai - so where do we end up - in a hotel/brothel, mmmmmmmmmm not exactly what I had in mind so the next morning we checked out and found some where without the assistance of a taxi driver... Our next hotel, which did not rent rooms out by the hour, did however have shuttle buses to the beach and to ... read more
Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Toasting our evening meal
Steve and steak

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo May 3rd 2006

Well after missing our express train from Kandy to Colombo, and then standing on the platform watching the next train go past in slow motion as we didn't think it was our train, we eventually managed to jump on a bus... Oh the joys, to be fair the bus was air conditioned and pretty clean but the music was shattering on delicate ears... A few hours later and we're dumped off at the bus station in Colombo so after a few taxi driver haggles later we’re hurtling down Galle road to South Colombo and the Mount Lavinia Hotel for our last night in Sri Lanka. Wow - we arrive and it's pretty posh, I don’t see too many backpacks put it that way. Our room matches the rest of the hotel and we're not disappointed as ... read more
The pool
I believe I asked for a large salad
And another sunset

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Kandy May 1st 2006

So we arrive by taxi and not public bus as we once again wus out as we were offered a pretty cheap deal to our next destination - Kandy. A little while ago you may have read we were in the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean, and while we were there we met a great kiwi couple called Leigh and Gail from Auckland. As it turns out one of their good friends lives in Kandy - and also lives in a large house and had some spare room for a couple of wondering souls and very kindly offered us a roof over our heads while we were in Kandy - Danny you’re a star. So after we’re dropped off at the pub it’s not long until we meet our new host and then it’s a ... read more
Elephants bathing
Steve and elephants
Elephant family hug

Asia » Sri Lanka April 30th 2006

On our way to Kandy we decided to stop off at little town called Nuwara Eliya which has a reputation of being just a little English, white picket fences, rose bushes etc, so we thought why not stop for a cup of good old tea... Once again the scenery was very green and hilly and we managed to find a very nice English hotel which was just beyond our budget - I really have forgotten what a hostel looks like never mind a dorm bed but we tell ourselves it's just for one night... And as it's only for one night we decided to live it up and eat at the most expensive place in town, at "The Hill Country Golf Club". Only one snag, we have to find it first. Now on the map the ... read more
Suzanne at the "club"
Steve propping up the bar...
Suzanne enjoying a cocktail

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