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17th November 2019

Thanks for taking us along
You've introduced us to a new location to add to our list. That bridge is a beauty. Glad you've having a great time and good to see a photo of your love.
21st November 2019

Glad to hear this location is on your list of places to visit 😊
8th October 2019

Happy Birthday Mum
Great spending time with family in a warm and beautiful place. Lovely waters and food.
10th October 2019

Ha ha perhaps a little too much time with the family :)
6th October 2019

Caribbean Cruising
What a wonderful way to celebrate your Mum's 60th birthday! A lovely family holiday. It seems taking a cruise is a really good way of seeing so many Caribbean islands in one go. A very inspiring read, thanks Alan 😊
10th October 2019

Thanks! Yes definitely the best way to see lots of Caribbean islands and I know which ones I'd like to go back and see again :)
23rd November 2017

The perfect host
What a great host you are Alan. Stefano must have had a fascinating time. I am intrigued by the Round Table. If it was based on the legendary King Arthur is there any reason it was built some centuries after the legend began? It is beautiful.
From Blog: Hosting Stefano
27th November 2017

Round Table
It's a good question. I think the honest answer is nobody actually knows. Winchester is linked with a 9th century King Alfred the Great and some people believe there could be a mix up between the two given the timeline is closer.
From Blog: Hosting Stefano
20th November 2017

You had me at 400 year old pub
Glad Stefano had time to visit. I know you enjoyed his hospitality. Sounds like a great itinerary... I would especially like the ships. Great job. Keep those blogs coming. Love to know more about your area for our next trip to England.
From Blog: Hosting Stefano
21st November 2017

If you guys like your ships, then you definitely need Portsmouth on your itinerary. Probably best if you visit in the summer time though as more daylight for sightseeing. You could even take a little wonder to Southsea and visit the amusement park, or catch a hovercraft over to the Isle of Wight. Would love to see you guys again :)
From Blog: Hosting Stefano
19th November 2017

British Travelling
An enjoyable read, thank you! What a great idea to become a traveller and tourist in your own country! Wonderful to see Britain from a traveller's perspective :) And well done on becoming a home owner, in the south east! A very satisfying and worthy investment :)
From Blog: Hosting Stefano
21st November 2017

Thanks Alex for your kind comments. Britain has so much to offer and so much beauty, I like to take advantage of being a tourist in my own country :)
From Blog: Hosting Stefano
9th September 2017

Good German beer and food!
Good idea to do a weekend city break, though I also understand the differences between travelling solo and in a group... Glad to hear you made the flight, though that must have been stressful - 2 minutes to spare!! Good German beer and food to greet you on the other side though :) Sounds like a lovely weekend :)
23rd September 2017

It was so stressful, especially when I am so used to arriving at the airport early. Just glad I got to have that lovely weekend after all :)
8th September 2017

Run, run, run
Even though I suspected you made the flight I was cheering you on. Did you go home and continue to shop for Beemers? Glad you had a new travel experience. Sounds like it went well.
8th September 2017

Thanks! I was really worried I'd miss the flight. I didn't shop for Beemers once home, as quite like my Volkswagen :)
8th September 2017

Welcome to my home town
Hi! I hope you enjoyed to visit to my current home town. I think, you had a good itinerary. Best regards, Thomas
3rd June 2017

Road trip
It is good you keep your promises. Looks like you had a great time showing them around your country. Great stuff.
4th June 2017

Road trip
You guys are always welcome for a road trip around England :)
29th April 2017

An opportunity not to be missed!
The Antibes Marina looks lovely. I'd love to go on this trip. Monaco would be fun as we are big James Bond fans. Stafano is a marvelous host. I'm glad your paths crossed. Now back to reality.
2nd May 2017

South of France
Hope you guys get yourselves down to south of France someday and explore Antibes and Monaco
18th February 2017

Travel bonds strangers
Miguel sounds like a great guy. We long to see more of South America and love your blog. Always be open to new people and new adventures. Happy travels
21st February 2017

South America
If you guys haven't visited Argentina, then you should. I am sure Miguel would be happy to give you a tour of Cordoba :)
18th February 2017
Inside one of the churches


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