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21st October 2007

A guided travel over brekkie
Hi Neil, Hi Joan 7:38am QSL Brisbane. Having brekkie at my desk and catching up on your latest experiences. Can I say it was a great way to start my day, so interesting and luv the pics. Makes my Sunday at the Riverside Markets a little, shall we say, ordinary. Keep on having a fab time and I look forward to the next instalment. Jillx
21st October 2007

Just read the rest of your blog. It is really wonderful . The best part is knowing that I've been to those places and having no recollection.Alzheimers makes every day a new experience . I love the photos. Have you got a new camera or are you just particularly skilled. can't wait to see the rest of of your photos and have a chat. Jules
21st October 2007

Don't let fact ruin a good tale
Hi Guys loving your trip . Notice the accommodation is becoming more upmarket. Do you ever reply to emails. Jules
19th October 2007

Deepest canyon
Hi there, I was actually aware of the latter fact but not the former, but didn't want to let some facts get in the way of a good story! I had assumed my audience weren't too au fait with canyon depths, and would thus let it slide through to the keeper, but it is my own offspring that corrects me! No further corrections on this subject please, readers. Love to you and Sarah from us both.
19th October 2007

Deepest canyon
Actually, the Yarlug Tsangpo Canyon in Tibet is now considered the deepest canyon in the world. Also, the Cotahuasi Canyon (also in Peru) is about 300m deeper than the Colca Canyon so wins the trophy for deepest canyon in the Americas.
15th October 2007

Hi Guys, Another great part of the trip. I certainly loved the accommodation for the trip to the Galapagos Islands. Maybe you could buy one of those when you get back Neil? I'm having a real geography lesson reading your blogs. I don't know where any of these places are so I look it up and learn something new each time. When are you off to Machu Picchu? That is my dream destination. By the way, I'm glad to hear you're still talking to each other after - how many weeks? You're doing good, keep it up. All is well here and as I said last time, I can't wait for the next instalment. Lorna
2nd October 2007

Drooling with envy
Well, have I had some fun trying to find your blog address but finally worked out how to read and comment on your journey. OK Joan, how did you manage to get through the 4 hour bus ride. I hope it didn't involve any unladylike comments as occasionally heard in softball games. Your trip looks so amazing to me and as I read each entry I am more determined to get there one day soon. I look forward to the next instalment and hope you two are soaking up every minute. Lorna
25th September 2007

With regards to the above...
I concur.
12th September 2007

Good to see you finally got inside a place of Christian worship Neil. The journey looks fun - keep up the great journalism. Cheers S
10th September 2007

old fart indeed
my goodness, i haven't read such a crotchety and negative journal entry like this in a long time. you sound like some suburban SUV driving right-wing american (i know you're australian). if you're so down on santiago, i don't know how you're going to manage in the rest of the continent. santiago is the most modern city on the continent and has the highest standard of living in latin america according to the UN. one reason you didn't see as many "modern" buildings is because you're downtown. downtown is the historic heart of the city but it's not the economic or financial center of the city. this lies east, in the comunas (buroughs) of providencia, las condes, and vitacura. you're not going to enjoy south america unless you become a little more fluid and a little less rigid. you can't hold the continent at arm's length, you need to roll your sleeves up and emerse yourself more in the location. take your cues from the younger travellers, who jump head-first into any location they travel. anyway, good luck on the rest of your travels and i hope your blog's negative vibe is due to the severe jetlag. cheers! james st. james
7th September 2007

Beautiful Thai ladies
When I read your first entry I noticed the advertisement asking me if I want to meet beautiful Thai ladies. Looking forward to the the upcoming ads for Bolivian marching powder and such.
31st August 2007

Such a simple life
Great pics, especially the children - they are just beautiful eh? Read with interest your commentary (such an interesting week!) and noted the "normal" family rarely includes a mother and father. I look forward to reading about the next adventure......enjoy!

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