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15th September 2013

A chilled out tubing alternative
A new tubing place has opened up in Chiang Mai called Chiang Mai Tubing and Beach Club. It also has the only beach in Chiang Mai to play some volleyball or frisbee.
15th March 2011
This boat looks so amazing! You're so lucky to have gotten a chance to ride and play around with it! This is definitely something some people would like to construct for fun. Great post!
15th February 2011

Hi Neil and Joan, its always great to get your well-written blogs and catch up on your fascinating adventures. Whoever takes the photos has a good eye because they are always excellent. Stay safe, Radders.
8th February 2011

The unrevealed Rajasthan
Come and visit for the most authentic rajasthan with the most trustable people in the sector.
6th May 2010

Thank You
Thanks for the great blog.You really brought it all to life.Again many thanks.
29th April 2010

Thanks for your kind comment, Stanley. I did quite a lot of research before I went. If I can assist you at all with your planning, drop me a line on ''. Cheers, Neil
25th April 2010

Great Blog- Down to Earth
I found it was hard to find information on first hand travel to Myanmar and your blog filled the bill.Since all your day to day impressions were current it will really help in my future visit,especially the use of small denominations for exchange(its nice to know you need crisp dollars to pay the tax at the airport).I had a lot of doubts about this trip but your descriptions have really felt I made the right decision for a visit to Myanmar.Thanks
13th April 2010

Crikey! that leg-rowing looks to be a bit of an art. Great workout for the inner thighs I'd imagine. Luv the water views from the Sky Lake hotel but I'm guessing room service was not availabile. Another enjoyable read - Thank you!
11th April 2010

My God you're a brave boy!!
11th April 2010

Once again, a very interesting (and amusing) insight to another culture. I look forward to your impressions of Heho. All the the best Jill
8th April 2010

Don't I know a song called "On the Road to Mandalay"?
22nd March 2010

Neil Hi, thanks for the update on your travels - always interesting, always informative. Just as an update, Julanne, (3 Feb) Yvonne (31 March) and myself (30 April) - all taking voluntary redundancy as we close the door behind us at QSL. It is all good though. Cheers JIll
2nd March 2010

great pics
hey jus wanted to sya loved the pics
1st April 2009

Neil, Hello lovley! I always look forward to your Travel Blog entries and have never been disappointed at your commentary and accompanying pics which are informative and quirky. Travel safe and I look forward to further adventures - Jill :-)
21st October 2008

.............just when you thought it was safe
I have so enjoyed being a part of your journey. Such a great trip, terrific pics and a commentary that really made it interesting, taking me to places and people whose lifestyles were so different to my own. I really felt for you and Joan in this last entry as the whole thing was so unnecessary and caused distress, discomfort and distrust of a system screwed up. Great to have you home safely. As DQ passed on, in protest, Vodka will never pass my lips again. regards Jill
26th September 2008

russian trip
Hello Joy and Pete, Your trip sounds fabulous, thanks to friend Neil for a very interesting discription. love Max and Helen x
21st September 2008

Memories - Another Song Title
Hi Guys, sorry I didn't get to wish you a good trip but by the sound of it so far you're having a great time. Reading your blog sure bought back memories of my trip in the 70's - it must be facinating to see the difference. Anyway keep up the work with your enteries Neil - I come to work and first thing I do is check to see if you've written. Love to you both Lorna
21st September 2008

Midnight in Moscow
Hi Neil, Hi Joan Interesting to read your recollections and of the changes from the seventies to now. Great pics and I look forward to the next instalment - travel safe - Jillx
20th September 2008

Glad you made it safely and are enjoying yourselves. Just finished a round of golf and got my first (and possibly last) eagle. It was a short par 4 (240 yards) and I drove to about 2m from the pin then knocked it in.
26th March 2008

Great Life
Boy you lead an interesting life Neil. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back - especially the teaching gig. Lorna
16th November 2007

Have you guys missed me! I was thinking I hadn't heard anything for a while so went into your blog and found 3 new items. For some reason I didn't get a notification like I'd gotten every other time so hadn't been keeping up with the trip. Now the big news you had to say was that you'd finished your trip. When do you get home? I won't comment on the final leg of the journey as I hope to catch up with you both in person soon but it certainly sounds magical. Tell me when to start cooking Neil. Lorna
6th November 2007

spitting is a kind of habit in most uneducated ,poor society world like China and part of south asia. the spitting habit is now being banned in China and country like singapore will incur big big fine.
31st October 2007

You did well Neil. I would have gone into withdrawal if you hadn't got everything going again. It's the first thing I do when I get to work - go into the emails to see if you've posted anything else. Absolutely breathtaking scenery but Joanie, forget holding hands I'd have been clinging to his back like a limpet on that trail and Neil - I'll start cooking the minute the wheels hit the tarmac.
29th October 2007

Oh Noooo!
Don´t worry, Lorna, I´m looking at alternatives to get the ´blog ship´ rolling again. Hopefully you won´t have to wait till we get home, so watch that screen. Mind you, I do tell a better story over one of your home cooked meals!
29th October 2007

Oh Noooo!
Oh Noooo Neil, how could you do that to me. I've been hanging by my toenails waiting for you to get to Machu Picchu so I could hear every little detail and see the pics. Now I'm going to have to wait until you get home. You don't want to cut the holiday short do you?

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