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12th October 2021

Ferry from Patras
Sylvia and I did a similar trip from Patras but to Venice. Even in 2012 the ship was crap. See our blog:
11th October 2021

I has been a joy following your travels...
something we could only do in our youth!
10th October 2021
Dyeing pits in Fes

Morocco is one of our favorites
Rich in history and amazing scenery this country has so much to offer. Thanks for the memories. Great blogs.
10th October 2021

Tunisia on our short list
We really would like to see Tunisia. When it opens again we may consider it depending on how much of the population can get vaccinated. It may be years for some of these nations.
10th October 2021

We were in Granada a few days ago and our blog is still on the front page. It is interesting to read your trip compared to our current one. We are enjoying Spain.
10th October 2021

Half your luck, guys! We have been in lockdown for the last 6 weeks and are finally allowed out tomorrow. As for touring Spain (or even the US), I suspect that is months away for us yet. There was an interesting article written the other day about the contrasting attitudes towards covid between Americans and Australians, with Florida being used as the US example with a similar population to us. While Ausses accept 'rules' and lockdowns, Americans want freedom. The difference is that we have had 1,000 covid deaths and Florida 57,000. I guess it just depends on what your priorities are!
10th October 2021

You story of bad experiences is the reason I avoid going to dangerous, undeveloped countries...
without being in a tour group.
10th October 2021

Bad experiences
I don't disagree, Bob, but to some degree it is a risk/reward thing. There is no doubt that travelling in a group gives you a greater degree of safety, and usually some pleasant like minded company, but the downsides can be that every now and again you get someone (or more) in the group that drives everyone crazy, and also to some degree you get a more sanitised view of some of these culturally diverse countries. Some of my best travel experiences have occurred while travelling solo (or just with Joan), two that come to mind from 1974 being the homestay we had with a Tunisian family in the Sahara and also the 6 weeks or so that I left Bob and the Kombi in Europe and teamed up to travel with some great people during that period. But there is no doubt that as you get older, your appetite for risk diminishes considerably.
8th October 2021
Coffee shops in the Plaka

One of our favorite places
8th October 2021
'Venus de Milo' at the Louvre

The Louvre
We had a hard time viewing her due to crowds but finally was able to talk a look. A beauty.
8th October 2021
Leaning Tower of Pisa

We got a very expensive parking ticket in this town a few years ago. We thought we parked legally but evidentially not.
8th October 2021

Swiss Mountains and Lakes
The scenery in this part of the world is breath taking. Grindelwald is spectacular. I'm glad your weather and health improved.
8th October 2021
Pretoria Fountain in Palermo

travel blog
Thanks for sharing amazing travel blog
6th October 2021
awesome blog
4th October 2021
Typical Cotswolds scene

It looks like you made it to Castle Combe...
one of many beautiful Cotswold villages!
29th September 2021

We enjoyed a few days there a few years back and were surprised by this little piece of land. There was more to see than you would expect.
29th September 2021
Tatra Mountains

Stunning beauty
This is why we travel... and to meet nice people and eat good foods.
29th September 2021
Tatra Mountains

You're absolutely right, MJ. Almost the major highlight for me in all my travels has been the two categories of people met - 1) fellow travellers who usually have great stories to tell, and 2) locals, who invariable have offered amazing hospitality, even though in many cases they have very little to give. Wrt the latter, I have a great 100 page photobook full of over 300 pics of the most interesting locals (usually young kids or very old people) that I have met in all my travels. I'm sure you two would love to see it. I've called that photo album 'Faraway Faces' and it is a complement to my other two 100 page albums called 'Faraway Places' and 'Faraway Spaces', showing the best scenes and particularly fascinating sights respectively.
29th September 2021

Exploring Poland
Great prices for lunch. It is interesting what you've been able to find in your notes. Bravo.
29th September 2021
Our Kombi at our camping spot in Tjorn, Sweden

Great van
Living the dream
29th September 2021

Stunning beauty of Norway
This country has a pull, an allure to it. I hope to visit someday. It seems to offer a great deal of beauty and diverse countryside.

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