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7th March 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your blogs. I particularly liked your coverage of central Asia.
19th March 2017

Thanks Bharat. That's not what I write them for, but appreciation is always nice. I returned last night from a visit to the Middle East so over the next 2 weeks will be forwarding posts on Oman, Israel, Jordan and Qatar if you are interested. Cheers.
18th February 2017

Hi there! I'm planning on a trip to EBC, and would like to know which CPAP (?autopap or bipap) machine you used..other than electrical outlets, problems you encountered, etc. I know this article was written in 2015; maybe you know of something superior to what you were using then? Kinda hard to find reliable info.. Have seen the Transcend model, but don't know how reliable.. Anyway, any insight you might have would be great! Thanks! Tim
19th February 2017

Hi Tim, The machine I used on that trip was a DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Auto Adjust, which is the same machine I use regularly at home. I used it every night on my Tibet trip without any concerns, with the only slightly amusing incident being at the HomeStay near EBC where I think I used the only powerpoint in the whole house. This unit is pretty flexible as it operates off both 240 and 120 volts, and while I live in Oz, I actually bought it in the US (about half the price!) so it has that plug, which is much more universal than ours. Not sure I can tell you much more. Enjoy your trip. Cheers, Neil
13th November 2016

Final Stop
We have just begun our research for our trip. We might contact you for some additional details. Enjoyed the blog.
13th November 2016

Enjoyed your blog
We will be visiting Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan next August. We are still trying to decide if we want to see any of the other stans. If we did which was your favorite? I need to go back and reread your previous blogs now that we are going on this trip. Did you experience any safety issues?
13th November 2016

Central Asia
Great to hear from you, guys. Unfortunately, while our visit was classified as a '5 Stans' visit, it was to some degree just '2 Stans' as we spent most of our time in Uzbek and Turkmen. In saying that, our small amount of time in both Kyrgyz and Tajik was interesting - I don't think I have a favourite as each has its enjoyability factors, along with the occasional frustration in view of its ex-Soviet background. But one thing I can say is I never had a single concern about safety, and nor did any of the ladies on our trip. I'm more than happy to assist with your planning, but yeah reread my blogs first. Cheers, Neil
26th October 2016

Amazing Condensation
Reliving the trip through your blogs--nicely condensed--while dealing with the far too many photos I took--trying to coax them into a video I can foist on the unsuspecting who ask, How was your trip? All is well here preparing for our next Chamber Music Concert in November. Cheers!
26th October 2016
Arch of Neutrality

Interesting structure
Strange that the people are not in the parks.
24th October 2016

Silk Road
A trade and cultural bridge....full of history and so many stories. Guess you have to estimate correctly at the ATM. Yikes. Love the stack of currency.
24th October 2016

Silk Road
Hi guys, I'm pleased your still enjoying my blogs. I'm trying to keep them light and breezy, but that's not always that easy. I have 3 more to go in this series. Cheers, Neil
15th October 2016
That's no escalator - this is an escalator!

You would not want to tumble down that one.
25th June 2016
Lobster Shop is Wiscasset

Maine is marvelous
I love these kind of places.
18th November 2015

Enjoyed your blog
We planned to go to Tibet a couple of years ago but were unable to get a visa at the time. Really enjoyed following along with you. Hopefully we will get there.
19th November 2015

Good to touch base!
I'm really pleased you have made contact guys, because similar to you both (I think!), as well as enjoying travelling, I enjoy reading about other people's travels, both to places where I have been (which are many) and to places I haven't yet been (which are few). And you have certainly provided me with plenty of material for exactly that, so I thank you for it. We are regular visitors to Maryland, where our son now lives, and while Florida is not on the immediate radar, one never knows. If we make it down, I'll get in touch. Cheers, Neil
15th September 2013

A chilled out tubing alternative
A new tubing place has opened up in Chiang Mai called Chiang Mai Tubing and Beach Club. It also has the only beach in Chiang Mai to play some volleyball or frisbee.
15th March 2011
This boat looks so amazing! You're so lucky to have gotten a chance to ride and play around with it! This is definitely something some people would like to construct for fun. Great post!
15th February 2011

Hi Neil and Joan, its always great to get your well-written blogs and catch up on your fascinating adventures. Whoever takes the photos has a good eye because they are always excellent. Stay safe, Radders.
8th February 2011

The unrevealed Rajasthan
Come and visit for the most authentic rajasthan with the most trustable people in the sector.
6th May 2010

Thank You
Thanks for the great blog.You really brought it all to life.Again many thanks.
29th April 2010

Thanks for your kind comment, Stanley. I did quite a lot of research before I went. If I can assist you at all with your planning, drop me a line on ''. Cheers, Neil
25th April 2010

Great Blog- Down to Earth
I found it was hard to find information on first hand travel to Myanmar and your blog filled the bill.Since all your day to day impressions were current it will really help in my future visit,especially the use of small denominations for exchange(its nice to know you need crisp dollars to pay the tax at the airport).I had a lot of doubts about this trip but your descriptions have really felt I made the right decision for a visit to Myanmar.Thanks
13th April 2010

Crikey! that leg-rowing looks to be a bit of an art. Great workout for the inner thighs I'd imagine. Luv the water views from the Sky Lake hotel but I'm guessing room service was not availabile. Another enjoyable read - Thank you!
11th April 2010

My God you're a brave boy!!

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