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10th September 2007

old fart indeed
my goodness, i haven't read such a crotchety and negative journal entry like this in a long time. you sound like some suburban SUV driving right-wing american (i know you're australian). if you're so down on santiago, i don't know how you're going to manage in the rest of the continent. santiago is the most modern city on the continent and has the highest standard of living in latin america according to the UN. one reason you didn't see as many "modern" buildings is because you're downtown. downtown is the historic heart of the city but it's not the economic or financial center of the city. this lies east, in the comunas (buroughs) of providencia, las condes, and vitacura. you're not going to enjoy south america unless you become a little more fluid and a little less rigid. you can't hold the continent at arm's length, you need to roll your sleeves up and emerse yourself more in the location. take your cues from the younger travellers, who jump head-first into any location they travel. anyway, good luck on the rest of your travels and i hope your blog's negative vibe is due to the severe jetlag. cheers! james st. james
7th September 2007

Beautiful Thai ladies
When I read your first entry I noticed the advertisement asking me if I want to meet beautiful Thai ladies. Looking forward to the the upcoming ads for Bolivian marching powder and such.
31st August 2007

Such a simple life
Great pics, especially the children - they are just beautiful eh? Read with interest your commentary (such an interesting week!) and noted the "normal" family rarely includes a mother and father. I look forward to reading about the next adventure......enjoy!

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