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Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante September 6th 2016

It feels like all i've said for the last 8 weeks is “i cannot wait for the end of August” and lo and behold, that moment has finally arrived! Those who have read my previous post will understand my reasons! Honestly, it was like a mass exodus from Santa Pola as soon as it hit the eve of 1st of September, and all of a sudden there was a beautiful row of empty parking spaces outside of our house… And the noise has diminished to less than half it's previous levels. This is the time when we can enjoy the beach and the pleasant temperatures without being whacked with sun umbrellas or lilos as you walk by, or have to listen at mama screaming at little Jose on the beach who is crying because, well, just ... read more
Outdoor cinema
Dive bomb!
Bit cold!

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante August 2nd 2016

Where have you flown from? And where are you staying? And what's your name? I seem to be repeating these words in my sleep we've been checking in so many customers of late. In fact, we're seeing about 8,000 guests a week! Our usual quiet Tuesdays have been replaced by a barage of flights all landing within 10 minutes of each other. Ad then there's the missing prams and damaged suitcases to contend with…. All in a day's work! The rising temperatures and increased number of passengers means everyone is starting to get a little cranky, not least the bus drivers. I can understand when they are having to lump heavy suitcases all day, but some of them can be particularly moody and take it out on us when it's not our fault! Greg professed to ... read more
The new 'lady'

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community July 6th 2016

Last year we knew summer had arrived when the very first day in July we were exposed to temperatures of about 38-40 degrees. And that lasted EVERY DAY for 34 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. I was pleasantly surprised when the first day of July came and went and it was still a comfortable 25/26 degrees. I held my breath, but even a few days later it still remained the same. Heck, I was even still sleeping underneath the sheets on the bed! But then, queue the 6th July and it was like the little man upstairs who regulates the temperature woke up and suddenly realised he had forgot to crank up the thermostat. And here we are. Back to being eaten alive by mosquitos, being on constant cockroach watch, not being able to sleep at night and taking ... read more
The parents in Calpe
The McWhinnie's
18 bloody euros!!

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante April 1st 2016

As much as I have adored living in our little one bedroom apartment in Playa San Juan in Alicante, we both knew the time had come to start looking for somewhere bigger to live, especially now as we have increased in numbers by an extra 1. I must admit I've been dreading the process because last time we had to do it it took us nearly 8 weeks, and we kept getting rejected for every flat we went to see, leaving us rather deflated (it was so bad I even wrote a full blog entry about it). At least this time we are in a bit more of a stable position with the fact we can at least show we have already been renting here for a year. And we are both working too but that ... read more
The beach promenade
Visit from Stephanie
Greg's new uniform

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante December 22nd 2015

Twas the month before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…. We’ve celebrated Christmas in many different countries now, and they’ve all been special in their own little way. Nothing quite competes to having a white Christmas surrounded by tons of snow in the French Alps, skiing down the slopes in our santa hats and then celebrating in style with lots of traditional food and drink. Australia was another epic party, celebrating this time on the beach (in our santa hats) whilst cooking a ‘barby’. A bit different in the scorching heat, but the beach was awash with a wave of red and white everywhere. China was probably the least ‘Christmassy’ we felt when being away over the festive period. It’s to be expected of course based on ... read more
My new toy!
Feliz Navidad

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante November 1st 2015

So last month we were left wondering what was wrong with our little rescue dog, but thankfully after a few more days of worry and trying to figure it out, we manage to trace it back to the type of food that he is on. Under recommendation from the vet, we try him on a diet of rice, carrots and chicken, and immediately his stomach seems to get better and the diarrhoea stops instantly. It turns out that our wee dog has a sensitive stomach and therefore we need to put him on a special diet. So now he is on a dog food which is gluten free- and they say dogs are like their owners indeed!! We’re just glad to have got to the root of the problem, and everything seems to be plain sailing ... read more
Cosy as a cucumber
The dogs, Bianca and me
The in-laws are here

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante October 5th 2015

Now we’re quite settled in Spain and after the intensity of working so much over the summer period, we feel we are in a good space to start thinking about adopting a wee doggy. It’s been hard to see the adverts in the local newspapers and online and not run out and get one straight away. We finally arrange to go and see a man about a dog on the Wednesday afternoon, as we are both off work and so it seems the best time to do it. We’ve already bought a lead and a collar so are definitely hoping we can take our newest member of the family home with us today J We have absolutely no idea what to expect when we arrive, or even an idea of what we are looking for. We ... read more
Looking for guidance
The first time on his bed!
Feeling pretty comfortable

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante September 29th 2015

Being a traveller can have its downsides sometimes. It takes moments like seeing a friend’s event on facebook, or photos from a night out you could have been at to realise it. And then there’s skyping your mum, aunt and sister one Saturday afternoon and thinking how much you miss being able to see them face to face and being part of the family birthday celebration meals. It’s these moments you miss and sacrifice as a fidgety, adventurous and care-free traveller. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t swap our new lives for anything, and I also know when I’m back home I am bored within a matter of days. But there are still days when I’d love nothing more than to have a night out with my longest standing and bestest mates and just be myself, ... read more
Greg's mum and dad come for a visit
The troops are here
The pirate ship

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante June 14th 2015

It’s now been a few weeks since we both started working in our new jobs and what a difference. It’s much more relaxed, and there’s little worries to deal with so we’re both happy. We feel the most settled we’ve been since we moved over in January and it feels like things are finally coming together ‘poco a poco’. We’ve kept in touch with and meet up regularly with our friends (the clique!) and have joined a gym and are doing classes regularly each week (now we can afford it). It just shows that it IS possible to be an English speaker working in a Spanish city (as long as you are prepared to search for it and make compromises). We’ve even been to the town hall to get our padron and are now recognised as ... read more
the folks have arrived!
Hogueras statue
Burning the statues

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante May 5th 2015

So, our initial excitement, relief and gratitude at finding work rather quickly when we first arrived in Spain has now turned to regret, dread and slight anger. Did we start work in haste without really fully considering the terms and conditions? It’s kind of like when you have been house hunting for a long time in search of your ideal home, and then you spot something with promise and you want it so badly you are blind to the cracks on the walls and the damp patches on the ceiling. Did I miss the warning signs? Why was I so taken in by false promises and expectations? Things certainly weren’t going right at work. It all started about a month ago. Up until then I was still dazzled by my boss’s painted on smile, air kisses ... read more
BBQ time!
Dinner with Gordon and Nikki
With my favourite 1 year old Lewis

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