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South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 15th 2018

Manta part two! Okay so the port of Manta is a working area.....see by the photos, mainly tuna fishing. (i don’t think it’s really fishing when you dredge with a net though). There doesn’t seem to be a, line caught, fishing policy here yet! The ships and lorries are just outside our balcony and they worked all day yesterday and are starting up again now. Once Dave recovered sufficiently from his pass out spell, we headed out again. The artisan market was really nice and I bought an ivory nut necklace. As before, the nut is as hard as ivory, looks like ivory but is completely made from the seed of a plant. Once dried, the ivory nut seed is hard enough to drive coaches over without damaging them. It can then be dyed, carved and ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 14th 2018

Day 11 - Manta- part one. Dave causes a medical emergency. (He is fine panicking please Barbara)’s 10:45 am here and we are back on board with David safely tucked up in bed after a frightening experience (for me!!!) in town. We were up bright and early and off the ship before nine am....everything seemed fine...... though David did comment a few times about the intensity of the heat in Ecuador this early in the morning. We took the short, two minute shuttle ride out of the port and, once we disembarked, started the mile or so walk toward the main town and artisan market. It was hot.....nine am and already mid eighties and, on the seafront, there was no shelter from that heat or the sun. Again, I thought everything was fine....Dave seemed ... read more

South America » Peru » Trujillo March 13th 2018

I’m so lost with the days.....let’s say day nine as we started on. Sunday! Day nine - Monday Trujillo. As you know, we were struggling to dock yesterday because of the fog. Eventually though, we were in and met with scenery very similar to San Martin ..... it actually looked more like a slag heap....we couldn’t decide if the mountains were man made products of a long ended mining industry of if they were natural sand/rock dunes. It was an eerie looking place with the fog surrounding us....Dave mentioned something about lepers coming out of the fog, I was convinced he said leopards....this lead to a period of utter confusion on my part. 🙂 Little little and Pew went into hiding until i convinced them that there were no leopards in the fog. A complimentary shuttle ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 12th 2018

Day ten.... or something ..... day at sea! We have had a really good day at sea today. I don’t understand why people say they hate sea’s a chance to completely relax and chill. Usually, we are up and about by six am...not quite got the hang of the time difference yet... but today we managed to stay in bed until gone seven am! Woooot wooot!! The morning was spent in the pools and hot tubs (with mojhitos,before ten am). After the pool we looked around the shops (me in Effy’s of course) and even tried the trivia out. Sore subject though.... Dave and I initially sat by ourselves in trivia but we got invited to join a team of four Canadians..... it would have been rude to say no and so we pulled our ... read more

South America » Peru » Callao March 11th 2018

Santa Rosa Day seven /eight- i lost count. Day in port -unsafe adventures. The ship remained in port last night and lots of people stayed late in Lima..... not us, nothing to see but a big mall. (Unless you took a taxi). Today we decided to take the shuttle van out of the port just to the entrance. The plan was to walk around the port town of Callao.... the reason you take a shuttle to the gate is it’s not safe to walk as it’s a working port with lots of heavy machinery moving everywhere. We reached the gates, disembarked the van and started to walk away. Almost immediately shouts of “no!! Not safe! Not safe!” rang into our ears... Several taxi drivers surrounded us and said it wasn’t safe to walk outside of the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 10th 2018

Day eight, day at sea. Up at the crack of dawn again yesterday and had our own little table tennis tournament. We then checked the basketball court but, of course, it was being used by the paddle.....or pickle ball players. To be fair, they acknowledged us and said they just would finish that game so, an improvement! It’s so hot here, I think we did a lot of intense exercise in a short period with very little shelter from the sun. I got a touch of heatstroke I think. Felt quite unwell for the last part of the day but feel much better this morning. There was another basketball competition yesterday....more people attended and i came second by just one basket. Boooooo Dave came third! Which is good too. We are loving our club class status. ... read more

South America » Peru » Piura » Piura March 9th 2018

Day seven (a day late as was too tired). A close encounter of a sea lion kind. Palomino Islands. Our sea lion tour didn’t start until around 11am and, by that time, we were both nervous and excited. The boat was much like the one we went on the day before, several rows of two seats and a capacity of just over 30 people. We were blessed with the weather too, hot and sunny with calm waters. The guide explained that, just last,week, they hadn’t been able to get out to the protected rocks where the sea lions live because it was too rough. Once we all piled off the coach, 28 of the thirty people on board decided they needed to go to the bathroom. O-o. Ridiculous really as the coach journey was around 4 ... read more

South America » Peru » Piura » Piura March 9th 2018

So this is seven am day six..... I wasn’t going to say anything until we were back safe but I’m too excited. Today I’m going to jump in the water with the sea lions. We are going on a trip to see them and, apparently, if the sharks are not close, we can jump off the boat to say hello. How cool is that?!! Dave is worrying about sharks but I’m not. I will wear my go pro so, with any luck, will get some brilliant video and photos up close. Catch up later! Hopefully... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Paracas March 8th 2018

Day four/evening and day five. Surprises in the restaurant and expectations exceeded in Peru. Starting off with last night’s formal do. We booked a 7:30 pm slot at the restaurant as we had the night before. When we arrived the greeter pulled us to one side and said “ Sir, you don’t need to book, you are club class.” Turns out being club class (which was a free upgrade princess gave us) not only secured us the mini suite but means we get priority service at the restaurant. We get our own cordoned off area with our own wait staff and, best of all, a chef who cooks one item for us not on the menu or available to anyone else. Talk about upgrade! It was awesome and we thoroughly enjoyed that as a totally different ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 7th 2018

Day four Sea day Revenge is sweet ( and early). Poolside sun and formal night. We must still be on UK time because we keep waking up at the crack of dawn! The clocks went back again last night and we were up bright and early at 6 AM. We decided to head to the basketball court immediately to see if we could beat the old wooden bat tennis players to it. And we did! (Just) We were there for just a few minutes before they all arrived and The look on their faces when they came up to the court and saw us playing basketball was priceless. We both said “morning!!” In our brightest, most cheerful voices lol. We were only using half the court ( we play fair). So, after some discussion with themselves ... read more

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