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March 13th 2018
Published: February 20th 2019
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I’m so lost with the days.....let’s say day nine as we started on. Sunday!

Day nine - Monday Trujillo.

As you know, we were struggling to dock yesterday because of the fog. Eventually though, we were in and met with scenery very similar to San Martin ..... it actually looked more like a slag heap....we couldn’t decide if the mountains were man made products of a long ended mining industry of if they were natural sand/rock dunes.

It was an eerie looking place with the fog surrounding us....Dave mentioned something about lepers coming out of the fog, I was convinced he said leopards....this lead to a period of utter confusion on my part. ?

Little little and Pew went into hiding until i convinced them that there were no leopards in the fog.

A complimentary shuttle bus ran us to the town of Trujillo and it took around thirty minutes to get there. We were lucky and got on the first shuttle and so were in town nice and early.

At first, I wasn’t seemed as though we were walking but not finding anywhere which looked like a nice town. After asking directions though, we were soon at the main plaza which had several, very long, streets running off each edge. It was a very authentic little town.... not so little really....

The main plaza was immaculate and the streets running from it were also well kept and pleasant to walk up...the side streets were a lot more iffy and we tried not to stray too far up these.

Dave got me to try Inca cola... nasty stuff which tasted like bubblegum. It’s huge in South America though...

They probably don’t get too much in the way of passing tourism, the shops were authentic to the town and not full of junk and souvenirs....we liked this a lot. Dave found a cool sports shop selling genuine local team footy shirts and they were quite reasonable too. He ended up buying two shirts and I got one too.

We discovered that trying to cross the roads was a test in bravery. Zebra crossings meant nothing.... if you are on one when a car comes... they speed up and turn their wipers on. The police presence helped a bit... a bit... I took video to show the dangers!

We stopped for a bite to eat in a cafe....again, not touristy and we had to muddle through ordering with our lack of Spanish....the food was lovely though. I was a bit dubious with the loo being directly behind me!!

Trying to find a place which would sell us a beer was a little more tricky. It didn’t seem like the kind of town where you sat out for a drink.... eventually. We found another cafe on our way back to the shuttle bus and David got his beer. I had a really nice frozen lemon drink.

There had been no fog at all in town, it was another gorgeous and hot sunny day. Back at the port though.....there was the same wet mist we had left behind some hours before. It was actually a relief from the sun.

A small market had been set up next to our ship and we mooched around looking at the products for a while. I eventually bought a cool alpaca jumper, a bargain at 60 sol or just under 20 bucks. It is really nice, warm and soft. Perfect for this blazing sun!!

Back on board we chilled with drinks at crooners and even ventured into some of the other bars....nothing is as good as crooners though. We both went in the hot tubs and soaked up the afternoon fog.....perfect.

Another ace meal in the restaurant, followed by more drinks ended a really good day. We got out of port fine, despite the captains worried and are now well on our way again. The sea is a it has been this entire journey.


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