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South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Coquimbo March 6th 2018

Day three, day at sea! Jack makes 100!! A lesson in selfishness And pool side chilaxing We have had a relaxing day at sea today on route to San Martin in Peru. We have another sea day tomorrow, love em! This morning we attempted to go play basketball but the court was in use by some guys playing paddle ball. We waited patiently.... we waited and waited. One guy then suggested we come back later as they always use the court.... oh really???? I asked him if it was a planned event to which he said no... so then I said well you don’t have sole right to it then? They continued playing, there were a number of them taking in turns to play. We initially left but then my indignation got the better of me ... read more

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Coquimbo March 5th 2018

Day two Coquimbo. Football, dogfights and spectacular views. See photos and video! The only good thing about having to use facebook to post my blogs is the speed I can upload photos and now videos too! Enjoy! The one of Dave almost getting savaged by a dog is a good watch. We docked in Coquimbo early morning and, after breakfast in the dining room, headed out to explore. 🇨🇱 Chile is long and thin, the top end being desert and the lower part more lush with varied weather. We are close to the top third so the signs of desert were everywhere. The land itself is sand coloured and dusty. Even the tarmac roads had a thin layer of desert dust atop and cactus 🌵 were absolutely everywhere. It was hot but not at all unbearable. ... read more

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