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March 12th 2018
Published: February 20th 2019
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Day ten.... or something .....

day at sea!

We have had a really good day at sea today. I don’t understand why people say they hate sea’s a chance to completely relax and chill.

Usually, we are up and about by six am...not quite got the hang of the time difference yet... but today we managed to stay in bed until gone seven am! Woooot wooot!!

The morning was spent in the pools and hot tubs (with mojhitos,before ten am). After the pool we looked around the shops (me in Effy’s of course) and even tried the trivia out. Sore subject though....

Dave and I initially sat by ourselves in trivia but we got invited to join a team of four Canadians..... it would have been rude to say no and so we pulled our chairs up and joined them.

Had we stayed as just us two.....we would have won trivia today. Instead, we ended up in a three way tie which we then lost. Boooooo!!!

The question which would have gotten us the extra point to avoid the tie break was,

“which of these three animals would reach human retirement age”

A) Box turtle

? Asian elephant

C) Polar Bear.

We said , box turtle right away....Asian Elephants are long living but not as much as African elephants and certainly not as long as box turtles..... the two men agreed with us but the lady who was writing the answers down shook her head and said’s Asian elephants. work!!! ????

So she wrote down what she thought and that was the difference between winning a water bottle and a three way draw.

Dave and I will go on our own next time lol....had we done so this time we would have won with 19/20. Not that we are bitter about it.... much.

We had fun at crooners this afternoon and evening and learned that ten people so far have died aboard on this cruise. Another body was taken off on the last port. Apparently, the cruise company have planned for 12 deaths. Eeep!

We met a lovely man today who, earlier in the cruise, was taken desperately ill...this was just before we joined the ship...he is one of the 60 dayers ....he ended up being rushed to hospital in Ushuaia and had emergency surgery to remove a gangrenous gall bladder...he got back on board, a week later, at the same time we did in Santiago and, to be fair, he looks well now!

He said getting insurance cover to get back on board was a bit of a nightmare...I’m glad he’s okay though, he and his travel friend Are lovely.

We had dinner in our club class section of the restaurant again and it was, as usual, excellent.

Tomorrow we will dock in Manta Ecuador and we have an overnight stop there now because the next stop has been cancelled. It should be a good town for an overnight stay....fingers crossed!

More on the cancellations tomorrow.....Dave fell asleep and I can’t remember the exact reason why we won’t get to the next port. It’s something to do with the river being too low and we need the river to float to the port.....something like that.

Anyway...night. It’s half ten pm here, half three am with you guys.



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